My Vampire System Chapter 2073 A Big Change (Part 1)

It was the first time Quinn had heard the name Jim Eno for a while. In the last six months he had continued to live his happy life, he hadn’t gotten involved in trying to find out what he was doing nor finding any of his past friends, for the sake of normality and the way everything was.

Everything was fine, in terms of the vampire settlement and those on Earth, so it left Quinn to try to get on with how things were as well, but now he had heard Jim Eno was coming to the vampire settlement.

In the past, he would have made some grand plan, to perhaps catch him, and Edvard and Grenlet had always promised the next time he visited they would attempt to get information from him as well.

‘Why is Jim Eno coming back now after all this time? What does he have to do in the settlement? Is he just coming back to rule this place, to be the leader. No, that can’t be the only reason. What I’m more worried about, is what exactly has he been doing this whole time as well. Perhaps, he is finally ready to act out whatever it was he was planning and doing.’

“Really!” Ronkin said in excitement. “We get to see him after all this time. He’s been so busy, I heard. With running a universal cruise line business and visiting Earth frequently.”

The Marpo Cruise Line was something that was still operational Quinn had learned, most of this information was gathered by Russ, since it was heavily advertised on Earth. It was a way to advertise Earth on a universal scope. For them to interact with other species was a good way to also collect income to improve the life of those from Earth as well.

As the Cruise was also used to transport goods and rich customers from other races, they were paid in plentiful crystals that could practically be crafted to be made into anything for everyone to use. The standard of life was getting better for the people all over.

“Well, it seems he might be busy with a few other things as well.” Nell said, finishing his drink in one go and wiping the liquid away from his mouth. “You know, I have kept in touch with the scouting team that survived with us that time. I speak to their leader often and he has been telling me a few interesting things.

“There are some things I’m sure you already know, but the Green Liquid has been spread out to more and more vampires. It’s becoming more accessible and even the public are drinking it to power themselves. Heck, soon they might be offering it to our kids at school.”

The Green Liquid, at first the vampires were all relecutent to use it, as they wished to use their own power, but as time went on, and as supplies of it, as well as higher grades of the Green Liquid, were past around it became almost a dependency for vampires.

Even for the normal worker when building construction, a vampire would use it to increase their work flow by double. The vampires seemed to have no shame in using its power.

Quinn could only imagine that his blood replacement he had created a long time ago, was finally being used, and he was sure Jim would be happy to hear about it.

“What you talked about is an important point as well. More and more vampires are being called out for scouting missions as well as for guards for the Marpo Cruise. Before the assessments were stopped, I heard they were nearly accepting anybody who wanted a position on the scouting team.”

These words had hit Ronkin quite hard. After working to improve himself for so long, he wanted a position he could be proud of, but if they were giving them out to anyone that applied, he would feel like he hadn’t changed at all.

“Lastly, they have been encouraging vampires to have children. I’m sure you have heard of the settlement support programme. It has only become more generous and the more children one has, the more they are entitled from the programme. What do you think this all means?”

Ronkin thought about it hard, and how it all linked together, and so did Quinn but both of them looked at each other as they weren’t entirely sure.

Nell shook his head.

“All of these things are a sign of war!” Nell claimed. “Increasing our numbers, increasing our forces, and increasing our strength. I don’t know against who or what, but it’s all clearly a sign and now Jim is coming to see us. It seems like preparations have been completed.”

Now that Nell had put it out like that, it did seem that way, but a war? Against whom? The Dalki were no longer enemies. The celestials had kept their word and hadn’t interfered with Earth’s business, and Immortui, there was no way for him to get to this place.

Apparently Quinn was some type of link, but he didn’t see that.

“If a war really is on the way, then we better drink up!” Ronkin said. “We won’t be able to enjoy peaceful days like this.”

Now, there was quite a bit for Quinn to think about.


At home, Minny had just arrived home from school, Layla and Galen had gone to pick her up, but when entering the room, she was startled for a few seconds as she saw someone sitting at their dining table.

“Ah!” Layla jumped, holding her hat on top of her head.

“Sorry.” Edvard replied. “I let myself in as I needed to talk to you both. I hope that’s okay.”]

“Uncle Edvard!” Minny said running over and giving him a big hug.

At times, the leaders would visit each other, and Minny would go to visit Tobi. Through this she got to meet Edvard quite a lot, but she only started to call him uncle when he began to give her a few juice boxes.

According to Hikel, he had learned it was the easiest way to control her. If only they knew then they could have convinced her relatively easily to become one of their disciples.

“If you’re looking for Quinn, he’s out at the moment, but he usually comes back in an hour or so.” Layla stated. “If you don’t mind waiting, I can prepare something to eat. When he comes back we can all have a meal together.”

From the air that was surrounding Edvard’s head, Layla could see that it was an important matter. Which was why she didn’t want him to leave it until later and offered him to stay.

“I can help!” Minny said.

In the end, Edvard was left awkwardly in the dining room with Galen, while Minny and Layla were cooking something in the kitchen. Galen was sitting on a booster seat that allowed him to match the height of the table.

“It’s been a long time since I interacted with someone so young, can you speak?” Edvard asked.

The expression on Galen’s face was blank as he just stared back at him.

“I guess not.” Edvard replied. “Why don’t I show you something a little magical?”

Putting his hands together, Edvard started to gather his red aura, then pulling his hands apart, Edvard had created what looked like a rainbow in the air from his blood aura. It had a lingering effect as it stayed in place.

After that, Edvard started to fire off small amounts of aura from his fingertips trying to imitate small fireworks made of blood aura as the energy disappeared. It looked fascinating, and magical, at the same time.

Even for Galen, he seemed to be paying attention to the movement of his fingers and everything else.

“Nearly all vampires have a certain amount of blood control.” Edvard started to explain. “But I have lived a very very long time and have perfected it to the point where I can do something like this. Maybe one day you can too. I’m sure you can since you were born from two talented parents.”

In the end, Edvard needed to go to the toilet and left Galen on his own for a few seconds. When he did, Galen started to put both of his hands together, a few moments later and there were sparks of red aura appearing, as he moved his hands, he too had created a rainbow out of his aura.


When Quinn later arrived home he was surprised to see Edvard. Everyone at the table had a nice meal together. When the table was cleared, Edvard was quick to get to business.

“I have some news that I wanted to tell you. Jim Eno is returning, and it looks like he’s planning to start a war.”


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