My Vampire System Chapter 2071 Grenlet Panicked!

“Is that…a threat?”

When Quinn said these words, it sounded like there was almost an underlying growl. The words from Magnus had infuriated him. Everything Quinn had done was for the sake of his family living in the settlement and now they wanted to remove him?

‘If they didn’t want me here then what’s the point of keeping up this act?’

Although Quinn wasn’t showing a rise in vampire aura, they could tell that he was angered. Most of the leaders could tell when their words annoyed someone. The difference was in the actions. Either they would hold their tongue, beg for mercy, or see their wrong doings.

In this situation, Quinn would have to bite his tongue, because in this settlement he had no power, and all of it belonged to the leaders.

‘Such a fool of a father.’ Magnus thought. ‘If we wanted to, we could take her with us by force, and I’m sure she would see our ways. Why is a nobody guard suddenly acting up like this?’

The leaders were suddenly distracted as they heard a thud to their side, and could see of all people it was Grenlet who had fallen to his knees.

“Please no!” Grenlet said, his whole body was shaking and he had come down in a vicious sweat. He looked beyond ill.

“Is everything okay?” Binaca said, rushing to his side.

“Please no… no… Not again…” Grenlet mumbled to himself.

The words that were spoken to Quinn, it was a deep scar in his mind. It was reminding him of the time, where he had been completely smothered by Quinn’s vampire aura alone. It had triggered a traumatic experience for Grenlet.

“He nor any of his family will be kicked out of the settlement.” Edvard stated, walking forward, Quinn’s back was still turned and he could tell he was holding it in. Perhaps due to the newborn that was in the area.

“Quinn is a guard of the ninth family. I will talk to him about reconsidering the matter with his daughter. Give me at least a day to talk to him about the advantages of having a member of his family as a disciple.” Edvard asked.

“I think that’s a little unfair.” Bianca stated. “Since he is a guard from your family, you already have an advantage and leaving him with you and with your ability. I feel like all of this is in favour of him picking you.”

“That might be the case but I have a solution.” Edvard said. “I will pull out of taking Minny as one of my disciples, and instead ask that for the child known as Tobi.”

The leaders looked at each other, seeing if any of the others had a complaint, but to them it was quite the fair deal, so they would allow it. With that, the leaders quickly went off, back to their castle duties, but not before there was a final word from Magnus.

“A decision needs to be made by tomorrow.”

The last one left was Edvard as he let out a big sigh.

‘None of them know how close they were to losing their lives, just leaving like that.’

“Thank you Edvard, for looking after us so much.” Layla said.

Quinn then turned around. His face, rather than angry, looked saddened more than anything. He was saddened by the fact that those around him, in this situation, had the power to force him and his family to do things that they didn’t wish.

Was this the life he wanted, the freedom he fought and asked for, to comply with the current leaders orders?

Everyone had gathered in Quinn’s living room. It certainly was a small space and a little cramped now that they were all inside.

“I’m sorry.” Edvard said. “I should have given you a bigger place so you could enjoy your life as part of the ninth family more.”

“Its okay.” Layla replied. “It would have been strange for a guard to have better treatment and living conditions than the other guards. So I understand why you did what you did, but about Minny, what are we to do now? I’m sure you have a solution when you suggested that.”

“The solution?” Quinn said. “The solution would be to put the leaders in their place. Then they will stop bothering us.”

“That won’t work.” Edvard said. “You start fighting the leaders, you beat all the leaders and then what. That would be sending a signal for Jim Eno to come here, along with Jack and his Dalki army.”]

“He’s right, and the Dalki aren’t like they were before, thanks to Jack Truedream they now have abilities as well. I’ve been contacting Russ quite frequently, to try to gauge their strength, but it’s been difficult for him.” Layla replied.

“There are two things that you need to figure out before taking on Jim Eno. The first is how he is able to alter the memories of everyone in the settlement. As a return for your favour, when I next meet Jim Eno I will try my hardest to find an answer for you.”

“What about Jack Truedream, isn’t he an option as well. If we get to him, can’t we learn about Jim?” Quinn asked.

Layla was the one that shook her head this time.

“And what? You plan to take your whole family with you to Earth. How are you going to sneak in, for one, and find him? On top of that, there was one thing Russ mentioned. At all times, by Jack’s side, there is a Dalki with him.

“Without a doubt, Russ stated that he believes that this Dalki is their leader, and he has powers beyond his imagination. Russ couldn’t give more details, as it was just an impression he had gotten.”

“Unfortunately for you, this is also a problem for Jim.” Edvard stated. “It seems like the ones that you have to worry about are not Jim, and Jack, it’s the two around him. When we met Jim Eno for the second time we had done so off this planet.

“At the time, there was a person standing by his side. None of the originals felt like they could even look the said person in the eye. Quinn, you are strong, so perhaps you can take on both of these guards without much of a problem, but if you don’t learn the secret of that power, will you really be okay with everyone having forgotten about you?”

If Quinn was honest, he wasn’t, but he knew it was a selfish thought. As long as the settlement, and Earth were in a safe place, there was no need for him to act out and cause trouble. These were the words he had to keep reminding himself.

“So the best situation is the current one we are in while waiting for information. No one is getting hurt… but what about Minny then? How does this resolve that situation?” Quinn asked.

“My suggestion is letting her become one of the leaders disciples.” Edvard suggested. “A bond between a direct disciple and the teacher can grow into a strong one. It’s similar to a family member, especially for us originals.

“3 months, 6 months next week, who knows when Jim Eno will return. When he does, like I said before, it’s best to have as many people on your side as possible. For now you have two of the leaders?

“Just imagine, do you think Jim Eno would ever suspect that you have 3 leaders on your side rather than his. Your position is getting stronger without him even knowing about it.”

Quinn understood what he was saying, but based on his words, it meant handing Minny over to a new leader, rather than Grenlet who was under his control.

“I would suggest Hikel, the fourth family leader.” Edvard said. “He is a strong leader, and on top of that he was also part of the Punisher’s convent. Still, it is best to not reveal yourself to too many people, the more people that know, the more likely your secret is to come out, but these are the reasons for my suggestion.”

The suggestion didn’t sound too bad to Quinn, but there was one other thing on his mind. Minny would be away from him from time to time. So it would be best to use the upgrading crystal to give her a godslayer weapon.

Yes, Quinn had the shadow but he had learned in the past that there were times when that wouldn’t work either.

Since it looked like a decision had been made, it was time for Edvard to leave.

“Enjoy your time with your new family and raising your new son while you can. I hope I can keep your wish for as long as possible.”

Little did everyone know that the next 6 months would be the last peaceful moments of Quinn’s family.


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