My Vampire System Chapter 2070 Leaders Or Beggars

It was still their first day with Galen, and many things had been set up at home already. For a while now, they had been preparing a space in their room for him to sleep in. Minny actually also slept in the same room as well but was promised that she would soon get her own room.

However, it didn’t even seem like she was actually bothered about her own room, and preferred being in the same place as everyone else, to the point where she had even requested that the whole family would sleep together.

‘I wonder if Minny is worried that we will start forgetting about her, now that we have Galen. Either way, me and Layla need to make sure that we don’t neglect and forget about her. I’m sure looking after a child is hard, but when you’re a superhuman who can do things ten times faster, then it shouldn’t be a problem, besides I’m a quick learner.’

In some ways, Quinn was excited to experience life as a father. He couldn’t remember much of what his own father and mother had done for him growing up. At the age where he could remember few memories, he just remembered them leaving to go and join the war.

In some ways, Quinn just wanted his father or mother to be there. He had done all of this, for those around him, including his friends. Yet, there was no one quite there to say he had done a good job, to guide him, or to tell him what he was doing was right or wrong.

With Galen, Quinn wanted to be the one there for him, and stay by his side.

“Yay, we’re finally Ho- ” Minny had paused midway through her sentence and slowed down. When Quinn and Layla caught up, they soon understood why, and the wrinkles on Quinn’s forehead soon appeared, as he was ready to go into fight mode.

‘What is this…why…are the family leaders? Why are the original leaders waiting right outside my doorstep!’ Quinn thought.

It wasn’t just Edvard and Grenlet, who were also present, but it was every family leader that existed, including Magnus, who Quinn had recently learnt to look out for.

‘Did they find out my secret? Did they find out about Layla or Minny? Are they all here, to try and take me out? Right, when our child is born?’

Seeing the look on Quinn’s face, Edvard was quickly shaking his head. Making it clear that it wasn’t the case here at all.

“Congratulations on a new child!” Grenlet said. “Today certainly is a joyous occasion, don’t you think? Today we discovered the talents of Minny Balen and I’m sure that this new child will grow up to be just as talented as her.”

Grenlet was trying his best to give hints about the situation, but the problem was Quinn, nor Layla had any context of what was going on, and the first one to figure this out, wasn’t Edvard or Greenlet, but Hikel.

“It appears that Minny has yet to tell you the good news?” Hikel asked.

“Good news?” Layla repeated as she looked down, but instead of being happy or proud, Minny was grabbing onto Quinn’s leg and attempting to hide behind it.

In the end, Hikel went on to explain what had occured at the school today. The big event and what Minny had managed to accomplish. He went into quite the detail as to how well she had done, and explanation of her powers.

In a way, both Quinn and Layla found it hard to be upset with her, and they were just thankful that Minny didn’t transform into her celestial form, or use her shadow powers.

After the tale had ended, Bianca then went on to clear her throat and step forward.

“As explained, the event was to allow the students and honorary position of becoming our direct disciple. They wouldn’t have to join our family, but will be taught everything that we know, and form a disciple and master like bond.”

Seeing Bianca being one of the first leaders to express their interest, soon the others had moved in as well doing the same.

“I believe our family’s ability will suit her best, and she will become one of the strongest vampires there is.”

“Your home, it’s too small now that you have a new child. If you agree to allow Minny to join us, we will provide you with a manor inside the family quarters and increase your wage by double.”

All of the leaders were using their positions and powers to try and convince Quinn. They were speaking so fast that Edvard and Grenlet didn’t even have a chance to make their offers.

At first Quinn was worried that the leaders were here to attack him, and yet here they were begging him, and almost grovling at his feet. What did they see in Minny that had attracted them so much?

“Wait!” Quinn said. “All of you are talking at once that I can’t even understand what’s going on. If I am to understand correctly, each one of you wants Minny to be your disciple, correct, and I guess you are saying that I have to decide?”

Quinn looked back at Layla who somewhat shrugged her shoulders. She didn’t know what was the best thing to do in this situation. Picking Edvard would perhaps be the simplest way to resolve the matter, but for some reason she felt like Quinn didn’t want to do that either.

“Minny, has her own life to lead.” Quinn said, rubbing her hair. “At the end of the day, the decision is up to her.”

Minny looked at all the leaders, the way they were acting was scaring her a little, and then looked up at Quinn before asking her a question.

“If I become their disciple, does that mean that I will spend less time with the family, and less time with dad?” Minny asked.

“Most likely.” Quinn replied.

“Then I don’t want to. I don’t want to become any of their disciples!” Minny shouted.

The leaders almost let out an audible gasp as they heard this.

“Little girl!” Bianca said. “Don’t you understand? There are vampires that would do anything to be taught by one of us, this is a great privilege.”

“For you more so than her it seems like,” Quinn replied. “You heard my daughter, she doesn’t wish to, and my decision is the same as hers.”

The initial shock that the original vampire leaders were experiencing was starting to turn into anger. They were rejected, and not a single one of them was picked.

They could understand the child not understanding the situation, but what about the father.

“Are you really not going to comply?” Magnus asked, stepping forward, and he wasn’t being shy about the anger that was fueling him.

“I believe we let things slide a little because of our wish, but you have been treating us with a bit too much disrespect.” Magnus stated.

A situation that somewhat Edvard was expecting, and he needed to calm things down, but the question was how? Sticking up for Quinn a bit too much in this situation would make things obvious.

At the same time, there was a reason why none of the other leaders had said anything because they agreed as well. Whether it was their greed for wanting the child on their side, or truly them believing they were above every vampire in the settlement, he wasn’t quite so sure.

At that moment, both Grenlet and Edvard were thinking the same thing, they wondered if they didn’t know Quinn’s power, his situation, would they be acting the same way? If that was the case, it would have been a quick way for them all to get splattered.

“We can still solve this situation peacefully,” Edvard said. “We are asking to take a family member away from him for a significant amount of time. No matter who we are, he has a right to be annoyed after refusing.”

Edvard decided to speak out, either way, it was the best thing to do.

“Your right,” Magnus said. “There is another way to solve this situation. As the Original vampires, and leaders of the settlement. You are to choose one of us to be your disciple or leave the settlement.”

At the time, Quinn was still holding onto baby Galen, and he soon passed it on to Layla turning his back…

“Is that…a threat?” Quinn asked, his back facing away from the others.


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