My Vampire System Chapter 2069 Pick A Name (Part 2)

For a long time, Quinn had been thinking of a name. It was important, it was what he would call his own flesh and blood that he and Layla had come together to create, and would be an addition to the Talen family.

When thinking of names, he didn’t want something too common, he didn’t want something too old either. He wanted something that wasn’t commonly used a lot, but that also had some type of meaning.

“Quinn, it’s okay.” Layla said. “If it was a girl, I honestly wanted to name her after my mother. I never got to connect with her, and I thought maybe it would be a way for me to connect with her, but since it’s a boy, I will give all the power to you.”

“Really!” Minny shouted out. “Even if he picks something stupid like Buinn?”

Layla didn’t say anything, but she was praying to anyone out there that he wouldn’t be as ridiculous as Buinn. Due to the worry that was placed in her mind by Minny, she decided to make a few suggestions of her own.

“What if you picked someone who meant a lot to you. Someone that’s no longer around?” Layla suggested. “There was Arthur. I know there was a strange period between you two, but in the end, he gave you everything that he could to help you, that helped you in all of this.”

“Arthur?” Quinn repeated.

It was a name that was strong and had been given to many great people in the past. On top of that, it wasn’t a name that was used too often, but something just didn’t sit right with Quinn.

“I did think about that, Arthur, Leo, or Nate. To honour them, and not forget them, I thought about naming our child like that, but in some way, I feel like giving their names to our child is slightly wrong.

“They were great people, all of them did great things and are names that I will remember forever. I don’t want their names to be lessened or remembered differently in any way. And, how could I pick one person over the other? I promise to all those that did help me, that one day I will do something to honour them all.”

The struggle continued in Quinn’s mind, as for some reason his head kept going to names beginning with the letter B.

“I have a suggestion!” Minny said with a smile. Since Quinn couldn’t really think of anything, he was happy to hear it.

“Okay, well it was a word that we learned today in school. Galen!” Minny suggested. “It’s meant to mean Calm, peaceful or healer, and I think Galen matches our family name as well.”

“Galen Talen?” Layla repeated. “It certainly has a ring to it. I think it’s a good suggestion. What do you think?”

When thinking of the name, Quinn started to think of the system. There was a quest on there, one that had been on there for a while now that still hadn’t been completed. Find out the truth about the Talen family?

After discovering his great ancestor Ray, he thought it would be over, yet it still continued.

‘I remember what that woman, Bliss said as well. There is something special about the Talen family. Maybe there is a reason why strange things happen around us.’

“I think it’s a good name, Galen.” Quinn said, rubbing his son’s cheek. “I hope this name means that during your time it will be peaceful, and I wish that you live a peaceful life, and bring peace to us as well.”

“Well, now that you’ve gone and said that, it means you’ve just jinxed us all.” Layla said and the whole family began to laugh together.


After a few hours, and a few final checks were made on both Layla as well as the newborn, at the same time the official name was registered into the settlemnt’s database.

Seeing Balen instead of Talen, did upset Quin a little, but it would have to do for now. What had come to a surprise for Quinn, was the fact that the hospital stated that they were free to go.

According to them, the vampire baby was fine, and it would continue to do fine. There was no need for the hospital to take care of the baby for a while longer.

‘I guess vampire babies are stronger than human babies.’ Quinn said, as he was holding onto Galen at the moment. He lifted him in the air slightly to take another look at him.

“And you’re definitely just a normal vampire, right?” Quinn asked, as if the baby could reply, but it said nothing.


In the end, after the school event had been completed, the students were originally meant to hear the results of who had been scouted, and by what family. However, due to them not being able to get in touch with a certain someone, they had decided to leave it for now until all matters were resolved.

Which was why Edvard had ended up taking Minny to the hospital, which also meant that all of the leaders were on their way home.

In the 6th family castle, Magnus had finally arrived back. The door closed behind him as he stood on a piece of the ground that lit up, slamming the door shut.

Now alone to himself, he couldn’t help but smile.

‘That small vampire was certainly an impressive one. It would be nice if she was to join my side, but it matters not if she doesn’t. The other two boys were equally as good for what I need them for anyway.’ Magnus thought

His staff, as usual, greeted him as he was on his way, but he wasn’t heading to the throne, or to the top floor where his sleeping chamber resided, instead he was heading to another location.

An area that he had built himself, something that he had finished just recently. Eventually, Magnus came to a large double arched door. It was around 4 metres in height and had a circular lock.

He spun the combination until it clicked and the door began to open on its own. As he walked through the door, several circles lit up, but they did nothing, because they were made by his own ability.

They were traps that he had set up for anyone that would attempt to come into the place. His ability was strong, and when a trap was set up, it was placed there permanently.

It was one of the things that made Magnus so dangerous when it came to war. With plenty of preparation, he was a hard person to get a hold of.

After going through the special door and his traps, Magnus started to head down a staircase. In the past, the tombs of the old vampire leaders were placed under each castle, but now they were all kept with Jim Eno.

Still, Magnus wanted to use the space for something else anyway.

‘Who would have thought… After being put into Eternal slumber, I thought I would never get woken up. Yet here I am once again.’ Magnus smiled.

Eventually reaching the bottom, the place was pitch black until Magnus snapped his fingers and crystals started to light up. It lit up the dark large empty space which was a carefully crafted walkway, which eventually led to what could only be described as a statue.

Magnus stood right in front of the statue as he looked up.

“You have guided me in the past, so I will ask you to guide me once more.”

The large statue that Magnus was talking to, it was made out of completely black substance. It was large in size, in the centre was a carefully crafted eye that had red centred around the iris, then on top of it, there were two large wings.

“Immortui, tell me what you need me to do!” Magnus knelt down on his knees, and continued to pray, and soon, the statue started to light up slightly, and a connection was made with the other plane.


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