My Vampire System Chapter 2068 Pick A Name (Part 1)

The situation was one of the most tense that Quinn had ever suffered in his entire lifetime, and that was a lot when someone of his calibre was saying this. Saving the world, fighting an 8 spiked Dalki, for some reason none of those were giving him the same feelings as he had now.

Currently, Quinn was in the hospital waiting just outside of the delivery suite. Here he could see that he wasn’t the only one that was nervous, there were a lot of soon to be fathers that were restless.

Biting their nails, shaking their knees up and down, some even looked to be asleep. Which for a vampire meant they had to be completely exhausted, and Quinn was one of the many nervous fathers.

For him, he was pacing back and forth. He was doing so at such a fast speed that some of the vampires watching him were thinking he was running. It wouldn’t have seemed so odd as they had seen others do this, but for Quinn, he was doing it at such a speed they would believe he would tire sooner or later but he still was going at the same pace as before.

‘What if something goes wrong? That happens to humans right, so it means it can happen to vampires. Just because vampires are stronger, doesn’t mean they can give birth easier!’ Quinn was panicking in his mind. ‘This is the first time for Layla as well, I bet she’s worried sick that I’m not with her. Why can’t I be in the delivery room as well?

‘I mean, I have absolute blood control, maybe I could use my powers to help deliver the baby or something?’

It was a strange thought with a strange imagery appearing in his head, but right now his mind was a mess.

‘I shouldn’t think like this, if I think bad things, then bad things will happen. Everything will be okay, everything will be okay, so why is it taking so long!’ Quinn thought.

Just then, the sound of the double doors were heard opening, many of them expected a midwife, a nurse or maybe a doctor to come walking in, but when they saw that it was neither, they quickly continued doing whatever it was that calmed them down, this was the same for Quinn, until he did a second take and raised his head again.

“Minny!” Quinn said.

“Daddy!” Minny came running over, and jumped up into Quinn’s arms. “Is it Mummy, is she having a baby? Is she finally having the baby? Does this mean I have a new brother and sister, where are they, where is she?”

“Mummy is currently in the hospital, we just have to wait here for now.” Quinn answered. “Soon we can see her, and our new family member.”

Looking up, Quinn was looking at the person who had entered with her, because Minny hadn’t entered on her own. Honestly, he hated to admit it, but he had somewhat forgotten about Minny.

Originally, the plan was that Layla was going to pick her up, but he had rushed to the hospital as soon as he heard the news. He didn’t even know what the time was, but now she was here and she had come along with Edvard.

“It was a good guess.” Edvard said. “Ronkin reported you were out, so I assumed you were here for this reason.”

Edvard didn’t go further into explaining. The truth was they were trying to get in contact with Quinn which was why they had contacted Ronkin in the first place. There was a lot to tell him about Minny, but on a big day like this, and already with a lot of worry on one’s mind, Edvard didn’t want to upset him.

“I’ll let you be a family man for the day.” Edvard said. “This is not my place to be here.”

With that Edvard left. Minny and Quinn stayed together and with her now with him, he decided to sit down. It was good for his legs and everyone else in the room who were sick of looking at him. When one was really nervous, it just made the rest even more nervous.

Because Quinn sweating was something that Minny hardly ever saw, she saw it as a sign she should be quiet. Her wounds were already healed up and just like Edvard, she didn’t want to worry her father, especially since there was nothing for him to worry about… yet.

The doors had opened a few times, with midwives coming out, and calling out family names, but Quinn hadn’t heard his. This was making him more anxious than ever… until finally.

“Layla Balen?” A midwife called out, looking at her tablet, when she looked up she jumped back as there was someone right in front of her.

“I’m here!” Quinn answered.

“Your wife, and your new child are ready to see you now, everything went well.”

Those words were relief to his ears, and looking at Minny as he held her hand, he smiled. The three walked down the hallway until they reached the right room. The midwife pushed the door open, allowing Quinn to walk in first and there they could see it.

Layla was lying there on a hospital bed, she looked tired, and slightly paler than usual. Her horns weren’t covered up this time, it looked like her hat had been ripped to shreds for some reason.

“Quinn, Minny come here, come quick!” Layla said as she saw them.

Rushing over, Quinn hopped Minny onto the corner of the bed, while they both looked at the baby that had been cleaned and was wrapped up in a blanket.

“Say hello to your brother, Minny!” Layla said.]

Minny went close to the baby, and she held out her hand, before she knew it, the baby started to reach out and grab onto it.

“He’s so cute!!!” Minny almost squealed, she felt like she was about to faint from cuteness overload. “And he’s so small, why is he so small?”

“He is really small. I never knew baby’s were this small.” Quinn commented. “Is he okay, there’s nothing wrong with him right? Like more toes, wings or anything like that?”

When looking at him, he had small amounts of curly black hair, his eyes, as they opened, were a red colour.

“Your boy is a special one.” The midwife said. “From what we can tell, he’s just a vampire. I know Mrs. Balen was a subclass, but none of the traits seemed to have passed on. However, when a newborn baby vampire is born, usually their eyes don’t glow red like that straight away.

“They are faint, and only get their colour after a week or so.”

Looking closer, Quinn could see it, the baby, no… his own son, was looking directly at him, with such beautiful glowing red eyes. Not only that, rather than an odd blank look, they werevquite clear, almost as if the baby really could see him.

“I guess, even vampire baby’s can’t walk.” Quinn smiled and chuckled, and for the first time in a long time, Quinn felt a well of emotions come out, and tears were rolling down his face.

“Dad… why are you sad?” Minny asked. “Did you want a girl instead of a boy?”

“No, it’s not that.” Quinn replied. “I’m just so happy. With the war going on, the troubles that we have had as a family, I just never thought a normal life was possible. Until I met you two beautiful girls.

“Thank you so much for giving me this life. I now really understand why you didn’t want to mess it up.”

For a while, all three of them just continued to stare at the baby, as they attempted to talk and make hand gestures. It was the most peaceful the family ever felt.


At the same time, in the celestial space, Mundus had been given word of something.

“That’s certainly strange? But didn’t we have a promise?”

“I understand, but if we break our word with one, then it will mean our words will mean nothing with the others. It could very well destroy the relations between us and all of the other celestials.” Mundus stated.


“Thank you.” Mundus replied. “But, I will look into the matter.


“Have you thought about it?” Layla asked, as the baby was finally peacefully sleeping away.

“You mean a name?” Quinn replied. “Yeah… I have.”


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