My Vampire System Chapter 2067 Impress Me (Part 6)

The first ability was always something that was best used with a sword, and it was why Bryce Cain always had one on hand, and was one of the most skilled users of the ability. Minny avoided the strike once again, but another cut had appeared on her face.

She tried to jump back, to figure out why she kept getting hurt, but the sword slashes continued and small cuts were still appearing on her body all over the place.

“I know you can move much faster than this!” Jared said. “Do you really not care!”

A large strike downward that produced a blood strike along with the sword had hit the ground, breaking it and chucking pieces of rock up in the air. Once again Minny had managed to make distance between the two.

‘This is okay…I’m getting hurt, but it’s not a lot.’ Minny thought. ‘I just have to stay calm. If the fight continues then I can win this when he runs out of blood aura, stamina or MC cells. I will definitely win this fight and keep the secret.’

Looking towards Minny, Jared felt like he could almost read her mind, he could tell what she was thinking and feeling, which made him let out a big sigh once and for all.

“Fine, listen up, everybody!” Jared let out a big sigh. “There is something you all need to know about Minny!”

‘What… what are you doing!’ Minny thought, her heart was beating, both her hands were shaking as her entire body was being overcome with adrenaline.

“The truth is-” Jared continued.

‘No, I can’t I can’t let him say those words!’

Pushing off from her legs, Minny had powered herself with Qi. A power that was hard to detect by vampires. She had been practising it ever since that day, and with her current 10 percent power it made her move faster than before.

Naturally, Minny, wanting to stop Jared from speaking those words, had made a fist powered with Qi and blood aura. Something that Quinn had to learn over time, in this tense situation, Minny was doing it naturally.

Even though she could feel Jared’s ability cutting her body all over, with the Qi running through her body, it was hardly doing any damage. Throwing out her fist, Jared turned and raised his sword, but it had smashed through the pure blood sword breaking it into nothing but energy particles, then her fist had hit his face.

The punch had shattered his teeth, and Jared was sent flying through the air at such a speed that the other vampires found it hard to keep track of him, but soon he had crashed into the bottom of the stadium and smoke and dust was seen everywhere.

Only Minny could be seen on the stage, standing in a punching position.

‘Did I break the rules… Minny only used 10 percent of her vampire powers still… this should be okay right?’

Soon though, a great pain was felt in Minny’s body. Qi was in some ways the natural enemy of vampires, and there was a particular way one had to use it, and it had to be focused at all times, otherwise there was a large pay back. All of her muscles were starting to twitch. A shooting pain all over was felt, and it was so painful that Minny had passed out, falling onto the floor.

“What… just happened?” Grenlet asked, surprised himself. The power at the end… there was no rise in blood aura energy, and yet, suddenly she had moved faster, and delivered a powerful punch that had broken through Jared’s attack.

The other leaders also were amazed about this, and for sure, they without a doubt felt like Minny was a 1 in a million talent.

‘Your family is going to cause me more headaches than ever.’ Edvard shook his head.

Both Jared and Minny were taken to the nurse’s office, which was a tent set up on the field not too far away from the rest of the vampires. At the same time, the event continued on. Eventually, Minny had woken up and it was the same for Jared. After they had been given some blood, most of their wounds were healing well, although Jared’s were healing a little slower than usual.

The two of them were in hospital beds next to each other, and it was safe to say that Minny wasn’t pleased with Jared. When the two made eye contact, she immediately looked away.

“You are really strong, you sure showed me.” Jared said, still finding it hard to speak as his jaw was still a little messed up. “I know why you’re upset, and I’m sorry, I would never tell anyone about your secret. I already promised you and your mum.”

Minny quickly turned her head.

“Liar, why would you say that now!”

“I just wanted to fight you, properly if I could, but now I know my place. You can beleive me or not, but I promise I won’t say a thing. Minny, you are a special person, one that is even more special than me, and I hope you continue to grow, in strength and as a great person. Maybe one day, I’ll be serving you, and if that’s the case, I really don’t think it will be all bad.” Jared smiled.]

From his words, Jared seemed to be sincere but she still wasn’t happy. What was with all these boys that were making it hard for Minny to live normally.


Eventually, the event had ended, and the teachers were in charge of taking the students back to the class. Meanwhile the leaders would decide who they would want as their pupils and an announcement would soon be made in an hour or so.

The field was now empty, and the leaders were all standing on the main centre stage where Minny and the other had fought.

“Well, let’s make things clear!” Bianca said, with her hands on her hips. “I want the little girl, and I’m sure you know which one I’m talking about. Since I was the first to say this, I think I should get her.”

“I don’t think that’s fair.” Hikel commented. “I’m sure every single one of us has claimed interest in her when we were watching the fight. Is there anyone else interested?”

Immediately, all of the leaders there raised their hands, including Grenlet and Edvard.

“This is going to be diffcuilt, if we all want her.” Edvard said.

“I agree.” Hikel repleid. “There should be a fair way for us to decide between us all.”

“I have a suggesttion.” Grenlet spoke up. “In this case, if we all wish to train her, wouldn’t it be right to ask her guardians, to ask thier parents who they think is best to train thier daughter?”

Edvard was inwardly smiling, he thought this was a great suggestion, if they agreed to this, of course Quinn would pick him or Grenlet.

“Hmm… I don’t think that’s too bad. I can be quite convincing, does anyone know who her parents are, or which family they are in?” Bianca asked.

“They belong to my family.” Edvard answered, and the other leaders noticed that he had answered a tad bit fast. “I can check now to see where they are so we can get this matter resolved.”

Edvard walked off, as he went to communicate with his family while the rest of the leaders were thinking of ways they could convince the girl’s father to pick them. Depending on the position and type of person they were, there were many important factors.

Eventulley though, Edvard had returned.

“There might be a slight problem. The girl’s parents are currenlty at the hospital, and they might be there a while.”

“Hospital?” Hikel replied. When thinking about it, the leaders thought there weren’t many reasons for a vampire to be at the hospital, or both parents for a long time. In their mind it was quite obvious the reason, they had to be having another child.

This only spurred them to get on the family’s good side even sooner. If they had created one miracle child, perhaps there was a chance another one was on the way.


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