My Vampire System Chapter 2066 Impress Me (Part 5)

Seeing Jared use the first family’s ability, a lot of the leaders were conflicted. The first family vampire original was one of the strongest originals that the group had, but a long time ago, he had been executed by Arthur himself.

The originals still did not know the truth about how the whole thing had originally been a trap set up by Richard Eno. Although it was true that the Cain family opposed the idea of the Punishers, they never went as far as to attack Arthur’s people in return to oppose the idea.

As for why the leaders were conflicted seeing Jared, it was for a different reason altogether.

“It is a bit of a shame.” Magnus stated, as he leant on one arm pressing his hand against his face.

“I know what you mean.” Hikel added. “The boy has another power. It would be great if he was… what is the right word, fresh. That way we could teach them our own powers, he has a lot of talent.”

“Yeah, and it would be strange, don’t you think? Teaching someone that has another family’s power.” Bianca added.

The originals were proud of their family powers, it was why they had originally set up the vampire settlement like they had done in the first place. Where only those they closely trusted, that were talented, or shared the more of a pure blood line close to theirs to learn their ability.

It was safe to say that the leaders were also all quite arrogant in thinking that their powers were better compared to the other leaders. It was the first time the school was holding such an event since the settlement had been rebuilt and the leaders were expecting to find someone they could bring in from the ground up.

‘This isn’t good, this isn’t good at all!’ Edvard thought. ‘Now that Jared has revealed his ability, their interest in Minny will rise even more. With one so young, I doubt they would think she would have an ability right? If you do, girl, it would be best if you use it now so they can also be disinterested.’

While looking at Minny in the fighting arena, after getting hurt she hadn’t approached Jared, and he too was just standing there, as if he was waiting for her to attack. She looked at her hand for a second in a certain way, and that was when a thought had crossed Edvard’s mind.

‘Wait a second… her father’s ability is the shadow… don’t tell me that he taught that to his daughter as well. If that’s the case, and she shows her power here…’

“Don’t you think you are all being too rash!” Edvard said out loud, as he started to chuckle. “This is great! The first ability is a strong ability, and due to the loss of the first family there are not many that practise it anymore, even though it is incredibly powerful.

“You leaders are living in the past. The families are not like they were, our families that we have now are a mixture of vampires with all sorts of different abilities. What matters most is having someone who shows a lot of talent, and without a doubt this person does that!”

Grenlet had quickly caught on to what the other was doing and decided to join in.

“You are right!” Grenlet enthusiastically said. “Think about it as well. If one had that child, one would cultivate the power of the first family. It would be like combining two families’ greatness into one. Without a doubt I will be thinking of taking him on.”

The other leaders couldn’t deny these facts and they had made good points, but in the end, they could only pick one student, and perhaps the outcome of the match would dictate who they would pick.

‘Is that an ability?’ Minny thought. ‘I can see why he wasn’t worried when I hit him. He has a strong body as well, since he got up after I kicked him. I want to use my powers, I want to use everything I have but…’

Judging from the look on Jared’s face and from what he said earlier, he still wasn’t happy at all. If Minny didn’t start upping the tempo and such in her fight, then he would reveal her secret.

Both of Minny’s hands were glowing red, and just like Jared had done, Minny used her blood aura in the same way, producing blood swipes, but with each individual finger making it look more like a red claw mark going through the air.

When it got close to Jared, the red slashes started to get cut, and before they could even reach Jared they had become nothing.

‘There has to be somewhere I can attack!’ Minny started to move around Jared while throwing her hands and each time she would produce a blood slash heading straight for Jared.]

Due to her speed the entire stage was filled with blood slashes, that were all heading toward Jared in different directions. The vampires in the stadium couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“Tobi… I think Minny was going easy on you.” Abby couldn’t help but say.

“Yeah… I think, even when she broke my legs that time she was going easy on me.” Tobi replied.

Even for the students that were in the higher grades, they had never seen anything like this, they weren’t even sure if Jared could do something like this. If it wasn’t for his ability, then they were sure this match would have already been over.

‘There is no crack in his ability, wherever I attack, he keeps destroying my blood slashes!’ Minny thought angrily.

“What are you doing, are you just going to stand there!” Minny shouted angrily as she stopped her attacks.

There was one way to get through his ability, and that would be to use a stronger attack. She was also sure that if she covered her body in a strong enough blood aura she could get through it as well, but that would be going against her fathers orders, so the best way was to get Jared to do something.

“If you just stand there and use your ability, eventually you’re going to run out of MC cells!” Minny shouted.

“Your right, but won’t you soon run out of blood aura, you have already used a lot.” Jared replied, although he was sure she could go on for a long time, he thought it was best to change things up a bit.

The red aura covered his hand once again. There was a reason why Jared focused so much on using red aura, and why his control was quite good. As his entire arm was covered from his shoulder down to his fingers, it started to condense and form something in his hand.

Finally, it had finished forming and now they could see it, it was a sword made out of blood aura. Now it’s my time to attack, Jared said as he ran forward.

Minny could see his movements clearly, she would be able to avoid him easily, and that’s what she did as she dodged to the right, and was ready to attack his side, but even though the sword had missed, a cut had appeared directly on her cheek.

“If you don’t use your full strength this match isn’t going to be easy for you at all.” Jared commented.


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