My Vampire System Chapter 2065 Impress Me (Part 4)

The fight between Minny and Tobi was over, and as the boy got up off the ground and could see all the eyes on her, he had the largest smile on his face. When looking at Minny though, her eyebrows and facial expression were telling a completely different story.

‘I didn’t do anything wrong did I?’ Tobi thought, as he walked past her, limping and holding his arm. He wasn’t that hurt, but felt like faking an injury would do him well in this situation if he didn’t want to be hit again.

‘Yeah, I’m sure of it. I’m sure when her parents find out she’s one of the students scouted by the leaders, that she will thank me for it.’ Tobi continued to smile.

Making his way back to his seat, that’s when he heard that Jared had asked for a match, but not with just anybody, but a match with Minny.

The crowd’s reaction to this was interesting, as there wasn’t cheers, or excitement and instead a little bit of confusion as they talked amongst each other.

“Why would Jared ask to fight someone who’s like four grades below him!”

“Yeah, isn’t Jared like the most talented student? Is he just jealous that someone else is getting all of the attention?”

Hebe hearing these words wanted to correct them all, but it was hard to do in this situation because if no one knew the truth, then it would certainly seem like it was a petty action.

With the challenge set up, the match was underway, but before it began Hikel had suggested something.

“Let’s have them on one stage.” He said.

Jared was already fighting on one stage, and Minny on the other. With two talented students, he honestly doubted if anyone would be paying attention to the others. So the two had walked over to the centre stage.

“I wonder… that was the strong kid from before, do we know more about him?” Magnus asked.

“Jared, I do know a bit about him.” Edvard stated. “He was on the list provided to us by Xander. Although a teenager, he is already a vampire noble, and on top of that he was a core member of the Red vampires.

“According to his file, he took part in missions and more since he was so skilled, so this Jared has a lot of experience.”

It explained a lot to the other vampires why he seemed different to the others, and there were only a few classmates that were aware of this fact. In the first place, most of the Red vampires would wear masks when taking on assignments, so even between other members, they didn’t know what he looked like.

“That is interesting, but I’m still more interested in the little girl.” Bianca claimed. “The good thing is, now that she is fighting a good opponent, maybe she will show her full potential rather than hiding it.”

Edvard wasn’t so sure about that, he had guessed that the reason why Minny was faking the hits she had taken from before, was due to an order from her father and mother. Most likely she would do the same in the fight.

Although the leaders had already seen enough to take an interest in her, it was best to stop here before they saw too much.


On the stage, the two were now standing opposite each other and Edvard’s guess was right. Minny was planning to do just that, to be slightly slower than Jared, to take all of his hits, then be defeated completely.

She could even slow down slightly saying she was a little tired from the fight before, she felt like her plan was perfect until she looked directly at Jared who looked as if he wanted to speak.

“You plan to hold back don’t you?” Jared smiled. “Or do you plan to lose the fight on purpose, but I’m afraid I can’t let you do that. For the first time, someone younger than me, who shows true talent, is in front of me.

“People have always asked, what makes me different from them, and this time I want to know, what is so different between me and you.”

Minny really didn’t care about Jared’s reason for wanting to fight her, she had already made her decision regardless.

“I hate to use this, but I think it’s the only way.” Jared sighed. “The school attack, a couple of days ago, in this very place. There were a lot of things I saw that day. When I am disappointed by my expectations of someone, my mouth tends to get a little loose. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Immediately, Minny’s eyes glowed red, and the aura around her body nearly exploded, but she had kept it down at the last second, before anyone had noticed.

‘Mother trusted you, Minny trusted you. I thought you were a good person, and now you do this… you are a bad person.’ Minny thought she wanted to say the words out loud, but didn’t.

Her chest was hurting, as she felt like she had been betrayed again, too many times, had she felt like she had been hurt by those she was starting to trust.

“I won’t let you!” Minny said, as she rushed from her position, and unlike in the fight before, Minny was the first to attack.]

She was incredibly fast, and seeing this, Bianca stood up from her seat in excitement.

Still, Minny was doing as her father said and kept her power at ten percent.

“You’re fast!” Jared said with a smile. “But I’ve stopped your hit before.”

His hands, both were covered in red aura, and in that moment, Jared had stopped Minny’s punch with one hand, and went to throw the other. When he did though, it had hit nothing but the air.

Soon, he could see that Minny had jumped off from the floor below, and now was directly in his face, her eyes glowing. Throwing punch after punch, Jared was blocking them one after another, and as he blocked them all, he noticed his arms were starting to get numb.

‘I can’t just keep blocking, I have to do something!’ Jared threw a fist back, and once again he had hit nothing but the air, Minny had also completely disappeared from his sight.

A pain on the back of his leg, caused him to jolt slightly, and he soon realised that she was behind him. Lifting his arm he could sense that another kick was going toward his head, and he was right, but it was stronger than the punches and sent his body skidding across the floor.

“This little vampire, she really was holding back!” Binaca said. “Why is she showing us her strength now!”

Edvard wasn’t so sure either. Did the two in front of them have a history that they didn’t know about? It certainly looked that way.

At the same time, Minny wanted to end the fight as soon as possible, in order to shut up the other so he never said anything. She dashed from her position after Jared, but several blood swipes were seen coming out towards her.

They were coming out in sets of five rather than a single long line, because Jared was using his aura and splitting it with every single one of his fingers. It made it almost impossible to avoid, so Minny had no choice as she covered her hand in red aura, and slashed right through them, breaking all of Jared’s blood aura attacks.

“Seems like she was hiding her blood aura strength as well.” Hikel commented.

This was just making Edvard scream in his head who was sitting by his side.

“This isn’t what I saw back then.” Jared said. “Does this mean, you still are holding back even after what I said.”

Minny threw out her fist, this time covered in a red aura strike. She knew Jared could block a normal hit for her, which was why she was adding extra power.

Something was strange though, Jared stood confident, his eyes glowing red, and when Minny looked at her fist as it got close, she could see her red aura was being sliced apart, but it was by a force she couldn’t see.

When her red aura broke down, it was then her skin that was being ripped apart, hurt as if being attacked by hundreds of slashed by a very sharp blade.

For the first time, Minny pulled back, and when she did her hand was a bloody mess.

“What was that?’ Minny thought.

For the vampires watching, they were thinking the same thing, but for the leaders they knew this well.

“That boy.” Magnus commented. “He has the ability of the first family, does he not?”


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