My Vampire System Chapter 2064 Impress Me (Part 3)

For a while now, Tobi had been cooking up his plan, a way for Minny to show off her skills. In his mind she was just a little shy and needed a little push to get out there, and thanks to him he had done just that.

‘I am the best friend in the whole world.’ Tobi thought, smiling to himself.

Meanwhile, Minny was tensing her fist, imagining the things she would do to him when the two of them were alone. What she had in mind and what Tobi probably had in mind were very different things.

According to the rules, what Tobi had done was absolutely fine. Even if Minny hadn’t volunteered herself, Tobi could select her as an opponent and she was able to participate.

‘What do I do? I’m not even sure if you’re allowed to just forfeit these matches?’ Minny thought, as she sat there. Even though her name was being called out by Miss Bedford, she had yet to leave her seat.

‘I could lose the fight on purpose, but then won’t people find it strange. Everyone in the class, no, everyone in the school, knows about that incident. If I lost to Tobi, they would know it was on purpose, why did he have to put me in such a tricky situation.’

The children from Minny’s class were all whispering to each other as they heard Minny’s name, and soon something unexpected had occurred.

“Minny, go on show them your skills!”

“Show them how strong you are!”

More and more people, those that she hadn’t even talked to before, were cheering her on, to take part in the event.

“You look suprised.” Abby said with a smile. “I guess you really didn’t know. After you sacrificed yourself for everyone in the class back then, you are kinda everyone’s idol. Including mine!”

“Idol?” Minny’s face went red. Someone her age, of course she would enjoy the praise, but the thing was, due to the kids shouting out her name quite loudly in her class, more attention from other classes and grades was appearing.

“Minny, that’s the girl who broke that kid’s legs in the playground that time right!”

“Yeah, and the one with the really handsome dad!”

“I guess she’s quite strong and her classmates seem to think so as well.”

The gossip about this particular vampire had travelled so far, that the leaders had even heard of all of the rumours.

“It looks like there is quite a popular vampire among them.” Hikel commented.

“It seems like they just can’t stay away from the limelight.” Edvard mumbled, quiet enough so the other vampires wouldn’t understand what was being said.

“It’s quite nice to have a female taking the lead, and quite the young one at that. I will be excited to see her talents. Even if she is unskilled, it seems, she is a hit with the vampires which could have its own uses.” Bianca said.

These words from the 5th family leader were worrying Edvard quite a bit. Even if Minny didn’t display a strong set of skills, one was already interested in her regardless.

In the end, Minny had to stand up, and as she did there was an even louder rumble and cheer from her classmates, as she walked down the stairs towards the stage she was conflicted and flip flopping all over the place as to what she should do.

‘Forfeit, how could I forfeit when everyone is watching me and expecting big things from me, and besides if I show a bit of my strength it won’t be a big deal right?’ Minny thought. ‘No, we can’t take any more risks, the best thing to do is to win the match against Tobi, but make it look a little hard. After that I’ll lose the next fight bringing all the attention to the next student. I can’t let this get to my head.’

When the two entered the stage, they both looked at each other fiercely. One looking at one with anger, while another set of eyes had another emotion all together. Even though there were other matches going on, all eyes were on Minny.

“I guess you’re letting me have the first move, ‘ Tobi shouted, as he ran forward.

He was running at top speed, and for his age it was impressive for a vampire, but he had seen the speed Minny was capable of, no matter what he knew he had lost this fight, so the only way he could make her look impressive was by showing everything he could do.

When Tobi was within striking range, unlike the other students who would have attacked straight away, he had suddenly stopped and changed direction, coming in from the side and leaping off the ground, cracking the floor slightly.]

He came up in the air and went to strike Minny, who manged to dodge to blow by sweeping her two feet.

“The boy is fast and agile!” Hikel said with excitement. “He is talented for his age.”

“Yes, and did you see, that girl still managed to avoid it.” Bianca commented.

Tobi continued to throw punches and Minny was avoiding each blow as if it was on instinct, she moved out of the way of them all, but then when a hit was coming straight for her face, she thought it was best not to avoid this one. She gritted her teeth and bared the hit, moving her head to the side.

It was a move that looked like Tobi’s preservereance had won out, to those in the crowd, but to the leaders, they found the movement odd and none of them had commented on it, because it was clear to them all that she got hit on purpose.

‘NO! Why are you getting hit on purpose!’ Edvard was screaming in his head. ‘That only makes you look more suspicious and even stronger! Just win the fight, just win the fight!’

“I guess my little practising has worked out.” Tobi said to Minny. “But, I still haven’t shown you something, something that you taught me.”

From around 3 metres apart, Tobi’s hand was glowing red and when he swung it next, a blood swipe came out aiming straight toward Minny.

“A blood swipe at that age and so early on in the year!” Magnus was clearly pleased. “He is one that has good control over his emotions or a large amount of blood aura.”

Avoiding the blood swipe was easily done, but in this sense, Minny thought of what the best thing to do was, and decided to use blood aura as well. The teachers already knew what she could do.

If both of their attacks hit and she lost out, but she won through her fighting, then she would look equal or less than in potential, so she threw out a blood swipe of her own, but when it left her hand it had done so at an incredible speed.

They both collided, cancelling each other out and bursting into particles. Once again, Minny’s plan had worked on the general people in the crowd. They assumed these were just two talented students using blood swipe at a young age controlling their blood aura, but the leaders saw something else.

‘I’m afraid it might be too late now to hide your talent. You not only produced a blood swipe, but did so effortlessly, in a time so quick that it allowed you to counter your opponent’s. Without knowing it, you just showed how much control you have over your aura and at such a young age as well. Quinn, I know you don’t want to hear this but your daughter is extremely talented.’ Edvard thought.

The match had come to a conclusion, after the blood swipe, Minny had rushed in, grabbing Tobi by the head, she then threw him onto the ground before stepping on his back. It seemed cruel, but compared to the last time the two fought, coming out with no broken bones, the outcome was a much greater one.

“I would say this generation isn’t as weak as you first thought.” Grenlet stated, looking over at Magnus. So far, there were three extremely talented students they all had their eyes on, but a leader could only select one, and the day was quite short.

Over at the other stage, Jared had just finished his match as well, with relative ease, and he was looking at the leaders to see if they were watching him, but instead their eyes were on another.

‘I thought this might happen, I guess I have no choice.’

Jared raised his hand at that moment, as he had a request to make.

“I would like to fight Minny Balen, next.” Jared declared.


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