My Vampire System Chapter 2063 Impress Me (Part 2)

The teachers that were in the stand, selected those that they thought were not the best choices. This was done on purpose, as they felt like if they showed some of the worst, it would then make the more talented vampires look better.

After all, this event was as much for them as it was everyone else. They wanted to show that they had talented students, and were doing well in guiding them as well. Maybe, even they would get noticed for their talents.

What also seemed to be done on purpose, was students near a similar grade, if not the same grade, were selected for the first fights. This allowed for a nice spread of students on the three platforms to be shown.

It also gave the children a good chance to see where they were at, compared to others that were the same age as them.

In the first stage, there were children who were incredibly young, younger than Minny and Abby, but not by much. They used next to no blood powers as they chased each other. They showed impressive speed and strength, but the first match was practically over as soon as one caught the other.

There was no sign of technique or fighting skills between the children of this age, and it was more like watching a game of tag. In the centre stage, this was where the older children were fighting.

Those that were closer to Jared and Hebe’s age. Teenage vampires who knew how to use blood aura. The thing was, as vampires got older at this age, this was where there was an increasing difference in terms of level and skill that could be seen.

One of the fights had ended as one person threw out a blood slash. The other tried to gather blood aura to throw out a slash of his own, but when he did, it vanished after travelling less than half a metre.

The blood slash from the other participant had ended up hitting the vampire, blood was spilt and it was clear who would win the match.

Finally, there was the third stage, which was a mix of students, those who were around Minny’s age and weaker older students. These vampires didn’t know how to utilise blood aura, however, they were quite skilled when it came to combat.

While watching, there was something that the students noticed, and that was the fact that the winner of the fights had to remain on. There were less volunteers as they noticed this, and felt like it was better to raise their hand when an opponent was near the end of their strength. At least, if they felt like they were unable to beat them.

“Oh, well this is certainly a waste of time.” Bianca Kent said with a yawn. She was the original of the fifth family, and had a strange creature around her neck that looked almost like that of a snake. Although its scales were constantly changing colour and the next second it had vanished as if it wasn’t even there.

“They do say that the vampires do get weaker every generation.” Magnus commented. When he spoke, his words lingerd on towards the end. Out of all the originals that were there, Magnus was the most pale. Some guessed because he must have already been as white as a ghost before being turned.

Another trait that made him stick out was his hair. His hairline was receding quite a bit on the side of his head, making his long black hair in more of a V like shape. Lastly, there was the clothes he would wear.

While it was normal for vampires to have an attraction to the colour black as they were creatures who travelled in the night, in this case, Magnus preferred a dark green.

“This is expected… Peaceful times, no enemies to push them further.”

“Peaceful times?” Hikel repeated. “From what we have heard, the vampires have had anything but peaceful times.”

Mr. Cripe, who was close to the teachers, could hear the leaders talking, and because of this, he gave a signal to the others. The next opponent was quickly selected for the centre stage and it was none other than Jared.

When the teacher called his name, some of the students that were close by gave him a little cheer, including Hebe.

“Don’t get too big headed and trip before you reach the stage!” She shouted.

Jared didn’t reply, but just smiled as he made his way down. It was time… time for the teachers to show some of the more talented students and what a way to do so than by showing their very top student?

When Jared entered the stage, his opponent looked to be slightly tired, and it looked like his opponent also knew who he was.

“Don’t worry. I need to impress the others, so I will fight this match, without using any blood aura.” Jared stated.

“You cocky b*stard, I never did like you!” the student said, as he rushed forward, and swung his arm out, releasing a blood swipe across the ground.

It was an aggressive and strong swipe, but calmly Jared went off to the side, he then stared straight toward Jared and the aura in his hand looked to be preparing another blood swipe, but before the vampire could release it, Jared quickly knocked it to the side.]

He then kicked the back leg of the vampire causing him to fall off balance, and at the same time with an elbow and a knee, Jared swung his elbow down and lifted his knee hitting the vampire in the stomach and back at the same time.

“It looks like there is an interesting one that is here after all.” Magnus smiled, and so did the other students as well.

“It’s a little too early to say, but he is the most impressive so far. We will need to see his blood aura skills and if he has an ability.” Hikel commented.

All eyes were naturally now glued to Jared, and they couldn’t wait to see his next fight. Which made them fail to realise something.

“Ah, Tobi, you want to take part sure, head over to the third stage.” MIss Bedford said with a smile.

Hearing the name, Minny, Abby and some of Tobi’s old friends had turned their heads.

“Tobi, you’re taking part!” Abby asked.

“Of course, I am a strong vampire!” Tobi said, pounding his chest as he made his way.

Tobi wasn’t completely wrong. Due to his position he had access to private teachers and so on who had taught him how to fight. Tobi perhaps was one of the better ones in his grade. With someone they knew now down on the stage though, Minny didn’t know whether she should cheer for Tobi or not.

A few moments later, Tobi gave a respectful bow to his opponent before the fight was to begin, but Tobi was confident for a few reasons. For one, his opponent had already fought twice, even if he hadn’t, from what he saw he was confident he could win.

On top of that, he had something that was driving him to win, he had to win this match.

When his opponent charged in, with a punch, Tobi almost screamed at the top of his lungs as he threw out a punch of his own. When the two hit, the other child fell to the ground, before he could get up, Tobi had his foot placed right above his throat.

“Hey, Tobi is actually really strong.” Abby said surprised.

“Strong, you call that strong? If I was fighting him then he would be shaking in his boots!” Minny claimed.

Now that Tobi had one his fight, it was his turn to pick someone, he could select one from the crowd, or state the name of anyone he wished.

‘This is for you.’

“I choose Minny Balen as my next opponent!” Tobi called out.

Hearing that name, the students from their class turned in their seats. They knew of the history between the two so thought this was crazy, and at the same time, Grenlet and Edvard almost jumped out of theirs.


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