My Vampire System Chapter 2062

Impress Me (Part 1)


The students had been told about the big day, the day where all the leaders would arrive and see if there were any talented students a while ago. The thing was, it was before the attack, and while many of the students were counting down the days to the big event, Minny was more worried about a number of things.

For one, she was busy wondering if her new sibling would be a boy or a girl. She was hoping maybe a girl, as she thought the two of them could then go and talk about interesting things together.

She then wanted to be the big older sister who would show her how to do things and protect her. Excitement wasn’t the only feeling she was feeling though, at times she was worried.

Concerned that her parents might start to forget about her more when the new baby arrived. In the first place, this would be a real child of Quinn and Layla. Not like her, who was adopted, so it only made sense for them to treat the new child better.

It was because of all of these thoughts, that she had completely forgotten, nor was she interested in the big day. Regardless, as a member of the school, she needed to take part.

Once again, the students of the entire school were all gathered in a single place. It was the school field where the practical lessons would take place, but it looked different compared to before.

There were three large platforms, square-shaped on the ground around a metre high off the floor. Each of the platforms also had stairs leading to them. On top of that, the stadium had been pushed slightly forward, so the students could get a good look at what was going on.

Not that it mattered too much, as a vampire’s eyesight was great anyway, and even from far away they would be able to see plenty of details. There had been another adjustment to the outside seating area, and that was the fact that no one was allowed in the first three rows, and there appeared to be amended seats.

They were larger than the others, spread apart and had side tables for drinks and more to be put out. It was clear who the seats were designed for.

“Alright everyone, here are our seats.” Miss Bedford explained, as she sat at the end of the row and the rest of the students sat down as well. Of course, Minny was sitting next to Abby, who had also allowed Tobi to sit next to her as well.

Originally, Tobi had attempted to sit next to Minny, but she had forced Abby to get in between the two of them.

“When everyone has arrived, they will soon explain the rules to you all.” Miss Bedford said.

All the classes from different grades had gathered, and Minny had even caught eyes with Hebe and Jared. Hebe gave a nice little wave and smile, whereas Jared seemed to more or less give Minny a stare.

‘What’s his problem?’ Minny thought, but she politely waved back to Hebe.

Mr. Cripe stood on the centre stage, and looked to be a little nervous but now that he could see everyone was sitting down, it was his cue to start.

“Ladies and gentlemen of Roland V. I welcome you to our first grand event!” Mr. Cripe said, whose voice was being projected through some strange crystal powered speakers that were placed everywhere in the stands.

“Today is your day to shine! It is your day to show off your talents and be selected to be taught under the wing of our great leaders! It’s a path straight to the top!” Mr. Cripe excitedly said. “Today I want you to show off your talents, your skills, your perseverance and your smart minds. There is more than just physical strength in a battle and I hope many of you today will be able to see that.

“So before I go ahead, and explain the rules, let’s give a loud welcome to our leaders!”

The whole crowd started to clap, but there were no cheers. These weren’t celebrities, although at times they were treated like so by the public, but respected people. Which was why the vampires only clapped, and didn’t say a word to each other as they came out.

Hikel, the fourth family leader, Grenlet the third, Edvard the 9th, and Magnus Muscat, the 6th family leader as well. Of course, there were the others but they didn’t seem to have as much of a presence surrounding them.

On top of that, it looked like these leaders were the only ones that had acknowledged the students as they waved to the crowd, whereas the others had ignored them, sitting down in their seats.

It felt like this was more of a chore for them than anything else.

“I’m sure there is no need for an introduction of our wonderful leaders!” Mr. Cripe said. “Everyone should know them well, and it is your job today to impress them. Now to go onto the rules. There are three stages set up, allowing for three consecutive fights to occur at the same time.

“Anyone can volunteer to step onto one of the platforms, after that they are to select someone in the crowd to fight with, and they are free to choose anyone they wish. If they have a name in mind they may call that name and they are to come to the stage.

“If they have no one in mind they may select someone from the crowd that has their hand up. Please be aware though, that if you are to select an opponent that you believe will be easy for you, that will also be a judge of your character.

“It is encouraged to select opponents that you believe are around the same level as you. If you are brave, maybe someone stronger than you. At the end of the day, the leaders are looking for potential. Now do we have any volunteers?” Mr. Cripe asked.

A lot of vampires had put their hands up, which wasn’t a surprise at all. Nearly all of the vampires still only cared about who was strongest. It was almost as if it was in their DNA to compete with each other in this way.

Where the leaders were seated, both Edvard and Grenlet had an inward smile.

‘This is good, if Quinn’s daughter, who is called Minny if I remember correctly, was to take part there is a high chance that all of the leaders would be interested in her, but then either myself or Grenlet would have to try and take her under our wing before the others.

‘There would be a battle amongst the leaders as to who would teach Quinn’s daughter, but the best outcome would be for no one to find out about her. I’m sure she is smart enough to know not to take part in this.’ Edvard thought.

“Will you be taking part, Minny?” Abby asked.

“As I said before there is no point.” Minny crossed her arms. “There is no better teacher than my father, so why would I want to be taught by any of these?”

Although Abby had seen her father’s strength a little when stopping Sonia, Abby still couldn’t help but giggle, because it seemed so crazy. A vampire that was not too far from Minny had overheard what Abby said and it saddened him a little.

‘Minny doesn’t want to take part?’ Tobi thought. ‘But she’s so strong. She’s probably one of the strongest vampires in the whole school. If she doesn’t take part, then the leaders and others will never know her true skill.

‘I know Minny is saying that she doesn’t care, but she has to care. Every vampire cares, and if she does get selected, her father and mother that she really cares about will be so proud of her.

‘That’s it, if Minny takes part, and gets scouted, her parents will praise her. Which will make her happy, and then I’m the one that’s made Minny happy, so she will be happy with me again! No matter what, I need to get Minny to take part in this event!’ Tobi thought.


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