My Vampire System Chapter 2061

Did I Forget Something?


The school had resumed shortly after the vampires had paid their respects to those that had lost their lives, and on the first day they had decided to go through some drills, at least for the first half of the school day.

After what had happened last time, they realised that at any moment the settlement could be under attack again, so they had the students go through several different routines. On top of that, there were permanent guards placed outside of school, not just the roaming type that dealt with small disputes like Quinn and Ronkin.

The head teacher Mr. Cripe thought for once the leaders were thinking about the future of the vampires and it was a nice change. Unknown to him, this was a push that had been asked from only two of the leaders, Grenlet and Edvard.

The other leaders were confident that, just like the time before, that they could help protect the settlement if need be. There were minimal deaths and putting guards to protect a few here or there, wasn’t as important as protecting other places.

Due to them not caring more or less, Edvard and Grenlet got thier way, as they insisted it was important.

The others found this a little strange for them to be caring about the young vampires so suddenly, and of course unbeknownst to the others there was an ulterior motive to it all, to protect Quinn’s family at all costs.

School had soon enough returned to normal for Minny and she was doing her usual swinging her legs on the wooden log, with her friend Abby arm in arm with her and drinking her juice. Soon she had gotten to the bottom of the cartoon and started to slurp away.

“Here you go.” Another carton was shoved right in front of her face.

Minny’s face had lit up for a second, but seeing the detail of the hand, she knew who was the one offering it.

“Why is there a disgusting thing on my juice box carton?” Minny asked. “You can leave the carton, but you go away, Tobi.”

Tobi looked defeated and placed the carton on the wooden log next to her.

“I’m sorry Minny, I’m sorry for what I did, but I’m going through a hard time myself as well… still, I will carry on doing everything I can to look after you. I will deliver all my juice boxes every day to you until I starve!” Tobi shouted.

His voice was so loud that those around them started to turn their heads for a few seconds, which was embarrassing Minny.

Minny, rightly so, was still annoyed at what Tobi had done, it was because of him and his family that her father had gotten so mad. Although everything had worked out in the end, there was a good chance that it wouldn’t have.

Another thing that she had to remind herself was that Tobi’s memories had been returned to when they had just arrived at the castle. To Tobi, everything that Quinn did hadn’t occurred, and he and his family just had a special meeting with the leader on their own after arriving there.

In the meeting, Tobi’s family were given three choices, and they had chosen for Sonia to be banished. She was no longer living in the settlement. It was hard on Tobi and his father tried to make it as easy as possible for him, but for a child his age it was hard to understand.

In a way, Tobi wanted forgiveness from Minny, because he felt like he had already lost an important person in his life, and he was going to lose Minny as well.

“Let’s not be so hard on him.” Abby whispered into her ear. “You know what happened right, and you remember that he told us to run. Think, if you were in his shoes, if your parents asked you to do something for them, what would you have done?”

Thinking about it, when Minny did try to put herself in Tobi’s shoes she couldn’t imagine it. Would she have gone against her parent’s orders if she felt it was the right thing to do?

Folding her arms, she hated the fact that Abby actually made it so she could see some sense into Tobi’s action, and was now finding it hard to be angry at him. She then picked up the juice box, taking a big slurp and placed it back down.

“Half.” Minny said. “You only have to give me half of your juice boxes, I don’t want you to starve.”

The biggest smile appeared on Tobi’s face as he grabbed the juice box and started to drink away.

‘Haha, Minny also put her lips on this drink and now so did I, so technically the two of us are kissing!’

The stupid smile on Tobi’s face had caused Minny to raise a fist but Abby quickly held it back down.

“Those three seem awfully relaxed today.” Hebe said, watching far off in the distance up against a wall. The area was tense for most of the students.

“They don’t have to worry as much like us older students do.” Jared replied. “The younger ones can worry about this stuff when they get older.”

“But didn’t you say Minny was a big competition for you?” Hebe asked. “I mean, is there even a contest after we saw her do what she did.”

Jared just smiled as he looked at his fist.

“Your right, but you heard what her mother said right. There proabably hiding her powers for a reason, so I don’t think she’s in the contest. Besides all of that, most vampires at her age still won’t have an ability, even if we were to go up against each other, I’m sure I could find some way to beat her.”

Just like in the past, the abilities of the original families were highly sought after. So many of the children had yet to learn one, even if their family had a good ability because today was a big day for them all.

When the break had ended, all of the students returned to their classrooms, but they would quickly be leaving them all as well.

“It’s a big day today, so I hope you are all ready?” Miss Bedford asked.

Tilting her head to the side and placing a finger on her lips, Minny was confused as she wondered what could be happening today that she had forgotten about.


Several large carriages were heading towards the school. The pathway had been blocked by guards as they made their way, because those that were inside were important figures, they were the leaders and the originals of the families.

A crowd had already started to gather outside of the school, and more guards than usual had been placed there, because they knew there would be vampires wanting to witness what was going on today.

In a carriage, four could fit inside, and in one of them there was Grenlet, Edvard , Hikel, and also another leader.

It was a big day for the school, because today was the day where the leaders would watch sparring matches between the students. They did this with the aim to select talented students to train under them

Whether it was for show or not, or just a tradition they wanted to set up for a bit of fun it was hard to say, but one thing it did do was motivate the students into training, and becoming the best they could.

Any parent would be over the moon to have their student picked and placed under the wing of one of the originals. At least most of them would.

Grenlet and Edvard shared a look at each other. Today was an incredibly important day for them, because they knew no matter what, they had to either get Quinn’s family under their wing, or make sure no other leader was interested in her.

‘The daughter of the Punisher.’ Edvard thought. ‘Maybe… she won’t stand out, that would be easy for us, but for some reason I don’t think this will be easy at all.’

Nodding at Grenlet they both knew what they needed to do as the carriage had stopped just outside of the school.

Meanwhile…. As the normal school day was coming to an end.

“What!!! Ronkin, I have to leave now, it’s an emergency! It’s my wife, she’s having our baby!”



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