My Vampire System Chapter 2060 A Name?

A few days had passed since the settlement had its large attack. There had only been few losses, but still there was a day of mourning for those that were lost the next day. The leaders had even come out and made a speech to try and calm down the worries of the vampires.

They claimed that the matter was resolved and it was the doing of a demon tier beast. At the same time, the survivors of the scouting team were all brought onto the stage along with Edvard to be congratulated, even though they had no memories of what occurred.

To them, they could only remember right up to the moment where they were about to set off for their journey.

After that, the vampires had got on with their lives as normal, the few scout teams that were sent out as tests managed to come back all well, a lot of it of course was due to Quinn, and once in a while he would communicate with the two beasts that were still out there in the forest infected by his shadow infect skill.

Right now, Quinn was doing his duty, his duty as a guard and was walking around the place with Ronkin.

“Man, I just can’t stop thinking about that day.” Ronkin said. “I mean we must have been really close to death right? The beast must have been right up in our faces to use its ability and let us survive. Well, I guess we have Edvard to thank for saving us. We really are in debt to him now.”

If possible Quinn would have liked memories of him even having joined the expedition to be removed, but there were details and records of Quinn having gone out on that mission, so it was the best thing he could do.

“I mean, because of him, I get to see my family everyday. If I see him, I should really get him a gift.” Ronkin declared.

“Maybe your gift should be doing a good job.” Quinn joked.

“Yeah, I guess it’s crazy for us guards to meet with him again. We would need to climb the ranks if we really want to meet him. I just have to train harder. Your still okay with training me, right?”

Quinn didn’t mind that Ronkin thought that Edvard was the one that helped them out. In his own way, seeing him so happy was very rewarding for Quinn. In the past, with a lot of what he did, it was hard to see how much good it did, or how much it was helping the lives of others, but here he could see it directly.

“Of course.” Quinn replied. “But why do you need to fight? Isn’t your son okay now, you don’t need the money anymore right?”

“Don’t need money?” Ronkin waved his hand right in front of Quinn’s face like he was talking crazy. “What if one of us gets sick again? What if whatever it was that had affected my son, starts to affect my wife and even me.

“On top of that, my little Pea is going to school soon. I’ll have to get him a private instructor if he does well.”

Pea was the name that Ronkin had given to his son. Quinn had heard it before and couldn’t ‘t believe someone would be so cruel to name their child such a thing, but it did make Quinn think… what would he call his? He still hadn’t even thought of a name yet.

“My son starts school today, but he’s not in the same grade as your daughter, he will be joining the older kids and will be a bit behind. Still, wouldn’t it be great if we could all go out some time, you know… our two families?”

It was strange, Quinn never remembered being so close to Ronkin. In his mind he should have just recently started training him. Other than that, and the talking they did with each other on a day to day basis, it was hard to say they were close.

So why was it that after the events of what happened with the beasts, did it feel like Quinn was closer with Ronkin than he was before.

“That sounds nice.” Quinn said.

“You know, I don’t know why, but for some reason, it feels a lot easier to talk to you than before. You don’t have this barrier up against you like you did before. It’s nice, I like this Quinn.” Ronkin said.

It seemed like Quinn wasn’t the only one who felt this way.

‘Perhaps, one can remove the memories from one’s mind, but the connection is still there. What the hell am I talking about… getting all sentimental.’ Quinn thought. ‘Maybe this short peaceful life has made me go mad.’

“Hey, speaking of families, you should consider going for that promotion. Don’t you need more money as well?” Ronkin asked.

Quinn actually had plenty of money, and he could always just hunt for beasts if he needed more. If it was something drastic in the first place, he was sure either of the leaders would help him out.

“Why would I need more money?” Quinn asked.

“Duh, don’t you have another kid on the way. Kids are expensive, you know. I only have one, but soon you will have two of the little devils running around all over the place.”]

“Running around? Can vampire baby’s run from birth?” Quinn asked.

Ronkin couldn’t help but laugh at the stupid question.

“You already raised your girl, so surely you should know the answer to that?”

Quinn didn’t tell people that Minny was adopted, he thought it would lead to all sorts of questions, and in the first place he had spent so much time with Minny and he cared for her so much, he truly treated her like his own.

The only problem was, the appearance of the two weren’t so alike, but since most would either see just him or Layla and not both at the same time with Minny, the vampires just assumed that she mostly looked like the other parent.

“Erghh, yeah.” Quinn rubbed the back of his head, but he was still really curious. Could vampire babies walk from birth? They were stronger than humans, even from a young age, so it wouldn’t be too far fetched.


At home Layla was sitting down and had the sword hung up on the wall in her house. If she left the house, she would always take it out with her, but worried that it might affect the baby that was growing inside her, so she tended to leave the sword up on the wall when she could.

Edvard had happily returned the weapon after what had occurred and thankfully there weren’t too many questions asked about it.

‘That was a really close call back there.’ Layla thought as she stroked her belly. ‘But I can’t help but think I’m being a little foolish. Is it inevitable that Quinn will one day have to get involved in the troubles of the vampire settlement, or that of Earth? Russ hasn’t contacted us back in a while, but from Earth and the vampire settlement’s points of view there has been no movement.

‘I just can’t help getting this feeling that things won’t be like this forever, and soon something big will happen, a big change.’

Not only were the matters on Earth worrying, but since hearing Edvard’s warning, she was now worried about the vampire settlement, because Quinn wasn’t the only one with the shadow power.

Minny had already used some of her powers in front of others, but she still hadn’t used her shadow powers. If eventually Minny was going to get caught anyway, she would prefer if it was Quinn, since she felt like he would know how to deal with the situation, but Minny on the other hand…

Getting up from the seat, Layla noticed the time. It was time for her to pick up Minny from school. She stood up and soon felt a sharp pain coming from around her stomach area, and then realised that it wasn’t her stomach, but it was coming from her womb.

The pains were sharp and sudden, and that’s when, looking at the floor, she could see droplets of water. Her water had broken, and the baby was coming.


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