My Vampire System Chapter 2059 Punisher’s Convent

There was a reason why Edvard was never really worried about Quinn, and that was because he believed he had a trump card. The trump card he had, was the very thing that Grenlet had spoken of now, it was the Punisher’s Convent.

However, it was clear by the confused look on Quinn’s face, that he had no clue about the words that Grenlet had just spoken.

‘It seems I was the only one that thought this was a trump card. Either way, Quinn seems to have calmed down for now.’ Edvard thought.

“I thought with you having his powers, and at an even stronger level, you would have known?” Edvard said.

Searching through his many memories, Quinn couldn’t think of anything, but could only guess it had something to do with the Punishers due to their name.

“The Punishers was only something I came to learn about because of Arthur, and a few vampires of the past.” Quinn wouldn’t go into great detail, it was still a sore memory in his head. “I was never officially a Punisher.”

After saying those words, the title ‘Leader of the Punishers’ he had in his system came to mind, which made him correct himself.

“At least I wasn’t one during the time the Punishers existed.” Quinn explained.

Both Edvard and Grenlet looked at each other, wondering what their next move was to be and that’s when they all turned their heads in the room, because footsteps just outside the door could be heard.

“Don’t enter!” Grenlet shouted at the top of his voice. “This is an order from your leader. Don’t worry I am fine, I was just practising with a few things. I will let you know when you can enter.”

Conversation could be heard by those outside the door, and it sounded as if nearly every fighting vampire in the castle was being utilised and was ready to burst through the door, but that hadn’t happened due to Grenlet’s orders.

“What is the Punisher’s Convent, why would I need to know this, and how do I know that means he’s on my side?” Quinn asked, a little frustrated.

“The vampires, after the first king, Richard Eno, went into slumber and the Punishers had come into power, a new king was selected, the 6th family leader, Magnus Muscat. I don’t know how much you know of our history, but considering your past I had imagined you would have known a lot.” Edvard explained.

“I do know.” Quinn replied.

He remembered that the vampires had gotten into a civil war after Richard Eno had gone into a slumber, due to the second official king, who wished to rule over the humans.

“You are talking about the second vampire civil war?” Quinn guessed.

“Correct, as you know a big war took place, and it was the Punishers against the king at the time. The vampires had chosen sides, and after the war the Punishers had decided to leave the planet.

“I don’t know if you know this about us originals, but even if we were in eternal slumber, there were many times where we would be woken up. When an enemy was too strong for the settlement to face, or…”

“The Civil war.” Quinn answered. It made sense for the Originals to be woken up, and naturally they would support their own families.

“Correct, but you see not all of us agreed with our family’s decisions, but things were extremely heated. There were those that took the side of the Punishers, and those that were for the current king. I, Edvard, was one of those that sided with Arthur and became quite close with him.

“However, due to members of our own family being split as to who to side with at the time, there was a group that was created. The Punishers Convent who supported Arthur and the Punishers, in secret.”

“On the surface, the third family supported the King.” Grenlet went to explain. “But I myself was part of the Punishers Convent.”

“It isn’t an exaggeration to say that thanks to Grenlet’s help that the war had ended as peacefully as it did.” Edvard added. “When the war ended and before Arthur left we had made a pact to always help the Punishers, but of course what happened to the Punishers, and Arthur’s people, due to us being asleep we had no way of helping them.

“I have to admit part of the reason why I helped you was because of the shadow power.”]

Quinn didn’t know the finer details of the vampire’s past, only bits here and there from Vincent, Richard and Arthur himself, but it didn’t seem like any of them were lying, and now Quinn understood why they were more likely to believe his truth, compared to what Jim Eno had told them.

“I don’t know about the Punisher’s Convent since I wasn’t around during that time, but I do know a lot about Arthur. I guess if he trusted you, you can’t be all that bad.” Quinn said, wondering if he was making a mistake, but trusting Edvard so far had worked out for him.

“Sir!” Grenlet said as he bowed down. “Thank you, thank you for sparing me. I promise, on my own life, and as a member of the Punisher’s Convent I will serve you however you see fit. What would you like me to do?”

Quinn looked over to the others in the room, Tinat and the others had seen everything that Quinn had done, but just like the others, the memories of what had occured could be rewound so it wasn’t so much of a problem, but Sonia would still have a deep grudge over what had happened.

“Please!” Tobi shouted, as he spread his arms wide blocking him and protecting his family. Tears were running down his face as his whole body was shaking after seeing what Quinn could do. “Please don’t kill my family.”

With a little child like that, so determined to protect his family, how could Quinn do such a thing?

“The most important thing is protecting my family and giving them a normal life, what do you think is the best decision?” Quinn asked, looking at Grenlet.

The leader thought about it for a few seconds before finally coming up with an answer.

“From the report, and what I know, the only one that was involved in ordering the attack was Sonia herself. The family members had nothing to do with it, and the son… seemed to be told what to do.

“I think the safest option is still what I had offered before. After their memories are removed they will have two options. Either to all be banished and leave the settlement, or for only the mother to be banished from the settlement. It was her choice and her decision alone, so she should at least receive some form of punishment.”

No words were spoken by the onlookers there, because they were all happy to just get off with their lives. When the leader asked them to make a decision again they would have to decide, and at least Tobi would know his mother was still alive.

“I trust that you will clean up and come up with an excuse for what happend?” Quinn asked, but was also somewhat ordering Edvard when looking at him.

“Don’t worry. You can enjoy your days at the settlement. Any news about Jim Eno, or the days when he will return I will inform you immediately. Enjoy your time with your family.” Edvard said with a smile, but there was one more thing he had to say.

“Quinn… be careful about showing that shadow power to anyone. Right now, I have been able to cover it up. I also let you get involved with Grenlet because I knew about him, but not everyone will be happy to know that there is still a member of the Punishers.

“Remember Magnus Muscat, the 2nd official king. He to is an original one of us, and is the current leader of the 6th family. No matter what the truth is, whether you truly are a hero or the past king, he would side with the other side. When the time comes, there are many vampires that will go against you regardless, due to your powers.

“Which is why it is important to build up allies, but remember this. Even if our memories were removed of you one day and replaced with something else, whatever is removing our memories can’t remove memories that they don’t know about. As long as we see the shadow power that you hold, and the words ‘the Punisher’s Convent’, we will always help you.”


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