My Vampire System Chapter 2058 Quinn’s Rage (Part 2)

When vampires used blood aura, and when people in general used certain abilities, they could make it form certain shapes, appearances, and images.

Through the many years Grenlet had lived, he had seen a number of different things and the shadow power was something he had also seen used many times on others.

What he was looking at right now though, wasn’t the same as anything he had seen before. The shadow dragon that was hovering over the back of Quinn, it didn’t just seem like an image formed out of his power, it looked more alive.

There were different shades of the shadow, lighter in some places and darker in other areas, almost giving it eyes that were staring down at Grenlet.

“Please!” Grenlet shouted. “I’ll never hurt your family again, I can do anything you want!”

Standing by the side, still being protected by the sword’s strange power, was Layla and the others. At the moment they were all thankful that they were here and not where the leader was.

‘What do I do?’ Layla thought. ‘If the leader is dealt with and the memories removed of the others the whole settlement will be up in chaos. It would be impossible to make everyone forget about the original leader, we don’t have that power.

‘Even worse, it could make it so Jim Eno starts to investigate and becomes hands on in the settlement, which he hasn’t done so far.

‘At the same time, can the original really keep this a secret? The originals have stronger resistance and powers, so not even the influence skill tends to work on them. The other original leader had kept it a secret so far, but no two people are the same.’

Layla at this point was truly conflicted. At the end of the day she just didn’t want others finding out and she needed to decide which one was the better option.

Right now she was better off flipping a coin to make a decision.

At that moment, still with movement from Quinn, the shadow had started to move. The shadow dragon above started to fly, heading straight toward Grenlet.

It opened its wide mouth and with its strange teeth, it had grabbed Grenlet at the side of his ribs with the top and bottom of its jaw.

Grenlet started to scream in pain but it seemed to be a more physical type of pain as blood was dripping down his sides.

Just then, Layla felt a strong force hit the door, it was a sudden burst of power and with her concentration in two places, her telekinesis powers weren’t enough to keep them shut.

One of the large double doors had been slammed open and in a position of just having thrown a punch, a Hawaiian shirt wearing vampire could be seen.

Edvard had arrived and the whole scene was far more intense than he imagined as he was hit with a wave of aura, cutting parts of his clothes.

“Damn it, I’m going to have to get some more clothes after this!” Edvard stated.

Moving forward, Edvard lifted his hands to cover his face and had no choice but to activate his aura to get closer to where Quinn was.

The door once again was shut behind him due to Layla’s powers.

“Quinn listen to me!” Edvard shouted. “I know Grenlet can be an arse at times but he is a useful person to have. We can use the originals to our advantage for your goal!”

It was hard to know whether or not Edvard was getting through to Quinn or not, especially since the red aura was still bursting everywhere.

The shadow dragon was still moving, attempting to crush and devour Grenlet. The shadow eater skill was a skill that only really worked on either those that were weak or weakened.

Although compared to Quinn, Grenlet was weak, he was still one of the strongest vampires, so he would have to be weakened a bit before the shadow eater skill could work.

“Alright, it’s decided then!” Layla had made her decision as she picked up the blade in her hand.

“I will protect these people, use my sword to stop Quinn’s shadow!” Layla shouted.

She then threw the sword over at Edvard and he could see it in the air.

‘This… it’s Quinn’s wife, but is she mad? She wants me to try to get in front of that. If Grenlet can’t do anything, what makes her think that I can?’ Edvard thought.

When looking at the sword in the air though, he noticed that the red aura, when touching it, wasn’t affecting it at all, it wasn’t knocking it back or anything like that.

‘She is his wife, so she should know him best!’ Edvard jumped and grabbed the weapon and as soon as he did, he realised that the red aura covering his arm had disappeared, it was as he had expected.]

Layla, still needing to protect the others, summoned her Qi, pushing back the aura. Luckily, it was only Quinn’s aura and it wasn’t direct attacks coming towards them, so she was able to deal with it.

She wasn’t worried about herself or Minny. Quinn would never forget about them or do any harm to them, but Layla felt like she needed to protect the other people.

Running forward, Edvard leapt in the air and started to cut the aura, and he could see the dragon attached to Grenlet.

“Me and your wife are trying to talk to you, so can you listen!” Edvard shouted as he swung the sword down, cutting the shadow dragon right by the neck.

The sword had gone through and the head started to disappear. Quinn, seeing who was in front of him, started to put the shadow away.

“Daddy stop, please listen to mommy!” Minny shouted.

Instantly, after hearing his daughter’s voice, the rest of the aura that was filling the room and surrounding Quinn had gone back inside.

“Edvard, I don’t want to hurt you.” Quinn said. “But it’s too late now, he knows my power and about my family. The only thing I can do is get rid of them and try to run away from here, but I will come back… when my family is safe to find out the truth and deal with Jim.”

“Run away!” Minny shouted, almost crying. “But I don’t want to run away daddy. I like it here and I was just starting to make friends as well. Why do we have to run away?”

It was painful hearing these words. The reason why Quinn held back, didn’t cause a scene, even though there were so many questions and answers he needed, was because of Layla and Minny… because he knew this was the life the two wanted.

“You don’t have to do that.” Edvard said. “Those in the room we can make them forget that this happened, like the others.

“And you kept your aura to this room so we can make something up. As for Grenlet, he can help us. Your ultimate goal is taking down Jim Eno. Trust me if you wish to take him down, then you will need the help of the originals. You will need them on your side when the time comes.

“I know you’re strong, stronger than I can imagine, but Jim Eno is a man that has a lot of tricks up his sleeve… Even you should know that.”

Quinn stopped for a second to think, Grenlet had threatened to use his family to find out the truth. However, why did he care who Quinn was?

It didn’t make sense, unless it was just out of boredom.

“It’s because of me.” Edvard stated. “Grenlet was just curious about me, he wanted to know any secrets I had. It was the same back then, the originals were always trying to one up each other.

“It was how the creation of the large vampire families even came to be in the first place. It’s a stupid old habit, but I assure you he would never have done anything to hurt your family.”

Edvard wanted to see the look on Grenlet’s face when Quinn revealed his powers, but he never expected it to go this far.

Nor did he expect it to be this hard to stop him. Still, he managed to get his revenge for being hit in the face, it seemed.

“How can I trust he won’t tell Jim Eno or any of the vampires about this?” Quinn asked.

Edvard then hit Grenlet on the back, for him to answer himself. His sides were still bleeding, but he got on the floor, kneeling and begging in front of the other.

“I, Grenlet Toppy, is a member of the Punishers Convent. I would never go against Arthur or those he trusted.”

“Punishers Convent?” Quinn repeated, confused.


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