My Vampire System Chapter 2057 Quinn’s Rage

Quinn’s back was still turned away from the original leader, and even though there was an immense amount of negative emotions, Quinn was keeping his power in. He remembered well what the beasts from the forest had told him.

That his aura could be sensed by even them, and if he spent even a second not suppressing it, he was sure that every vampire would be able to feel that he was currently in the settlement.

“What a spiteful whisper!” Grenlet smiled. “Threaten you? There is no need for me to do such things. Let’s just say that bringing your family here is more of a method to convince you. A way to get those that are reluctant to say anything to speak up a little.”

Both Tinat and Sonia, standing by the side, could see the profile of Quinn’s face and at a glance one could tell that he was angry. To them it made sense, to be put in a situation like this.

‘I am ashamed.’ Tinat thought. ‘It is because of someone that I chose to be part of my family and look after my future, that your future has been affected. Right now though, your anger will do nothing, bite your tongue and hold back, for the sake of your family.’

Meanwhile Sonia thought, finally she would see justice, leaving the settlement, that was fine, as long as she was able to witness a worse end for the one in her mind had caused all of this mess.

‘Fight back, fight back!’ Sonia thought in her head.

“You idiots!” Layla said loud and clear so everyone in the room was able to hear. “I… was trying to hold him back.”

[Nitro accelerate activated]

Suddenly, behind Minny, Toby and Layla herself all of the guards fell to the floor. They had collapsed with a pool of blood growing beneath them, and there was now someone else standing behind them, but they were wearing different clothing compared to before.

Grenlet stood up from his seat, as he had only just blinked and the guard, Quinn Talen, who was in the centre of the room was suddenly behind the others. He didn’t see it, but based on the position of where Quinn was now, he could only assume he was the one.

“You fool, you are attacking my vampires in my own castle!” Grenlet shouted.

However, looking at Quinn he could see the look in his eyes from a distance. All the cells in his body were shaking, it felt like they were trying to move out of his body when looking at this man.

This fear, Grenlet had only felt it when looking at a few people in his lifetime, Laxmus and…Arthur. Immediately, he went to grab the green liquid by his side, it was by instinct as he felt he needed every inch of strength he could get to survive out of the situation.

Picking up the bottle, ready to pour it in his mouth, Quinn was already right in front of him and had slapped the bottle out of his hand. From the onlookers at the side, it looked like he had teleported from one location to the other, but he had simply just ran.

With the bottle out of his hand, the only thing Grenlet could do was rely on his ability and blood aura. It was rising in him, as it normally would and now with a simple flick of his fingers, if he could hit Quinn in a certain spot with his blood needles, it would stop his movement.

A few flicks of his finger, and the blood needles went towards Quinn, but something strange happened. Grenlet couldn’t sense his blood needles inside of Quinn, even though he had thrown them and even though the two of them were so close.

“You threatened my family!” Quinn shouted, and blood aura erupted out from his body like a tornado. It was destroying parts of the ground, and was going off in all sorts of different directions, like a tornado in the room.

“Dad!” Tobi shouted, as it looked like him and his mother were struggling to just stand.

Picking up Tobi and Minny, Layla quickly rushed to both Sonia’s and Tinat’s side.

“Sword protect us!” Layla ordered, as she stabbed it into the ground and it looked like a barrier had been created by the sword.

All of the blood aura that was in the room was diminishing as it got close to the sword and the group of people.

It was hard to tell for Layla at the moment, whether Quinn was in control or out of control. Was only the room filled with this deadly aura, or was it the entire settlement?

The red aura was mostly concentrated around Quinn, and without him lifting a finger or touching Grenlet, the aura was starting to gather around him. He tried to fight back with his own aura, but it was doing nothing.]

As the two powers clashed, one was vastly superior than the other. A tornado of the aura started to lift Grenlet in the air, and soon pushed him against the wall, causing a large crack. He was being smothered by the aura, and his entire body was hurting.

‘This is crazy, I’m doing everything in my power just to not get smothered by this aura… and that’s all this is, blood aura. It’s not shaped into an attack, it’s not solidified at all… who is this man?’

For a second, the words of Edvard ran through his head, about how he would regret this. There was no doubt in his mind now that Edvard knew this about this vampire.

“You threatened my family, brought them here just for a simple question!” Quinn asked. “So now it’s time for me to ask you a simple question. To all of you in this room!”

When saying these words, a lot of the aura in the room was directed towards the group off to the side, toward Sonia of all people, but the sword continued to protect her well.

“When did I ever bother myself with your lives? When did I ever stop any of you from doing what you wished?” Quinn shouted and the aura ran even more rampant, destroying more of the room they were in.

Seeing this, using her telekinesis powers, Layla made sure the door was slammed shut. As long as there were only a few people that saw this, then maybe they could get out of this… but all of that was hopeful thoughts right now.

“I…I…” Grenlet tried to reply but the aura was suffocating.

‘Am I really seeing this?’ Tinat thought. ‘This is not just any vampire leader, but one of the Originals and they are unable to do a single thing against this person.’

“I… don’t know who you are… I’m sorry.” Grenlet finally managed to get out.

“WHAT DOES IT MATTER!” Quinn shouted, pushing him further into the wall, and inching his aura into the leader’s body a little more.

“I never got involved in your life, so why did you get involved in mine!” Quinn shouted, and instead of an aura appearing from his body, this time out from behind him, a purple shadow started to appear. It grew in size, and everyone in the room gazed upon it as its form started to change.

The shadow was turning into a creature of its own. Growing large wings, several shadow-like scales on its body and two deadly claw-like limbs for its arms. Without a doubt this looked like a dragon made from Quinn’s shadow power.

“The… power of the shadow…” Grenlet said, as he stared right into its eyes. “But… we were told Arthur was dead. That the Punishers are no more, are you… a Punisher?”

It was natural for them to think this, it was natural for Tinat and Sonia to think this as well. To them the power of the Punishers was more of a mere legend since they hadn’t seen it first hand, but Grenlet knew this power was beyond anything the Punisher’s of his time were capable of.

“I never asked for that title, but I guess I can’t run away from it.”


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