My Vampire System Chapter 2056 In One Place

It had been a busy day for Grenlet and the entire vampire settlement, but for vampires who were hardly ever tired, it was usual for them to experience longer days compared to that of others. In his office, Grenlet was holding onto a flask.

It wasn’t just any flask, but one with Dalki blood in it, with a ‘VI’ Symbol written on the side. He had tried the green liquid before, so he knew the extra strength that it gave and it was beyond what he had expected.

Some of the originals even claimed to get almost a double boost in power.

‘I wonder, is there a need for me to take this with me?’ Grenlet thought.

Soon, a meeting was to be called, one with a particular guest and he had some questions he wanted to ask. Usually, he would never take such a thing with him unless he was sure he was going into battle.

Here though, even if there was a fight, it would be just against the other regular vampire no less, but the words of a certain leader kept ringing in his head. For now, he had decided to take the liquid with him, as he headed for the throne room from his bedroom chambers.

‘I’ve done a little of my own research into this Quinn Balen, and have found he was also part of the group that managed to survive the beast attack.’ Grenlet thought. ‘At the time, I found it a little strange that Edvard would volunteer of all people.

‘So my guess is, for some reason, he is helping out this Quinn person. Regardless whether it’s him, his daughter, or the mother. I will find out the secret between the two.’


A short while after Quinn had left the room, Edvard was looking out, sensing the settlement or seeing if there was any news that would come his way, but surprisingly there wasn’t anything immediately.

However, there was soon an update that had been given to him, from Muka.

“Sir, I have done my best to look out for Quinn Balen like you asked, but I am afraid I can’t do anything with my power right now, which is why I decided it was best to report to you.” Muka said, running in.

“What happened, has the third castle been destroyed, but how?” Edvard quickly rushed to his window, but could see that the third castle was standing just fine.

Muka didn’t know the reason for Edvard’s crazy actions, but decided it was best if she continued with the report anyway.

“It’s not that… the third leader has summoned Quinn Balen, requesting for a meeting. It appears he has already entered the castle.” Muka reported.

There was a raised eyebrow from Edvard as he started to think how this would come to be. Besides the fact that Grenlet had annoyed him, he had just summoned a member of his family without going through him.

This would give Edvard the excuse he needed to complain, but in the end, it would only make the relationship between the two suspicious. Quinn was, after all, just a guard, not even a Viscount.

That was when it clicked, Edvard figured he must have still run his own investigation into things, and now the real target was being dragged out.

‘Oh Grenlet, have you never heard the saying before? Curiosity killed the cat.’ Edvard thought.


The truth was, after Quinn had left Edvard’s castle, he had walked over to the third castle. Often at times like this, Layla said it was best for him to cool his head down by a small walk.

Regardless of the walk though, it seemed it wasn’t working, and he had finally arrived at the third castle. Here he stood just by the border that split the territories of the pooling area.

That was when he was deciding what the best way to enter was. A disguise, use of his shadow powers, a mysterious vampire, what was the best option for him. Or to use brute force and threaten the other. It seemed to work on Edvard, so there was a chance it could work again.

“Hey, you are you Quinn Balen!” A voice shouted out.

When looking ahead, Quinn could see a group of around five vampires that worked in the castle as guards together. It was strange for them to know his name. He wasn’t well known at all, not even the regular guards he worked with all knew his name, other than Ronkin.

The vampires looked down at a tablet-like display and looked up, the image that they had been given clearly matched.

“The third leader has summoned you! Please come with us.”

It was an interesting turn of events, and now Quinn had the chance to be led right up to the person he was planning on seeing.


After being led to the main throne room, the ones that escorted him had left through the door they had entered, and in front of him, sitting down was one of the vampire leaders, an original.]

Quinn had more or less seen all of them now. If not in person, he had done so through pictures. They had lived in the settlement for a while and also he wanted information on all of them just in case anything was to happen.

Although Quinn wouldn’t usually bother with formalities, while he was still playing his role as a guard, he decided to kneel down and bow his head.

“It’s nice to meet you, guard Quinn Balen, you must be surprised as to why I have called you here.” Grenlet stated.

It was true, and that was the cue that Quinn could lift his head, but he stayed down on one knee as he talked to the one in front of him.

“I am sir, is there anything you need from me that you can not get from someone else?” Quinn asked.

Perhaps Edvard had already told him partially the truth, that was the only thing Quinn could think of.

At that moment, Grenlet didn’t even say anything and the door behind Quinn was opened. Being escorted into the room, with two guards by their side, was a man that he hadn’t seen before, but the female it was someone he recognised. It was the woman who had called his daughter a monster.

“I have heard that your family has run into a bit of trouble these days.” Grenlet said. “You see, I ran an investigation and I found out that these two were the ones that were responsible for the attack on your daughter.

“Although, it seemed to have failed due to your daughter’s talents.”

Turning his head, immediately Quinn glared at the two, and his eyes were glowing red. The people he had been looking for were now right in front of him, but whether or not he should act right here, he was partially conflicted.

“For their wrongdoings I plan to give them quite a severe punishment. Their entire family will be banished from the settlement. If they step foot in the settlement again, then they are to be thrown into jail.”

For a second, Quinn’s anger left him slightly. He was still mad that these people had attempted to kill his family and had come close to ruining his life, but with them gone out of the picture, wouldn’t that work as well?

Sonia was biting her lip so hard that blood had been drawn, and as for Tinat, he was just staring off, wondering how had his life become this way?

“I see you are quite pleased.” Grenlet said, judging by the reaction. “In return for this rather harsh punishment I was wondering if you could tell me.

“What is the relationship between you and Edvard?” Grenlet asked.

Of all the questions, this was the one. It seemed that Grenlet was already suspicious of Quinn due to the request that he made, so he couldn’t really blame Edvard.

“I am a guard for the ninth family and we have run into each other a few times. There is nothing more, and nothing less. If there is anything you need to ask, Edvard will be able to answer you.” Quinn replied, in a polite manner, hoping it would be the end of it.

“I thought that was going to be your answer.” Grenlet sighed.

Once again, the doors behind were opened, and a few more people were being escorted in. This time there were six guards that entered with the others. A familiar smell entered Quinn’s nose and turning his head he could see them.

“Now, are you more inclined to answer my question?” Grenlet asked again.

Looking at those that had been brought in, Quinn slowly stood up onto his feet.

“Layla…… Minny… are you trying to use my family?” Quinn stopped there as his teeth were grinding back and forth and starting to grow slightly.

“Are you trying to use my family to threaten me?” Quinn asked, in a low quiet voice.

From Layla’s point of view, smog filled the entire room. She had never, ever seen emotions as rampant as this.


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