My Vampire System Chapter 2055: Troubled Feelings

While at home, Minny was easily able to heal her wounds, and her and her mother were busy relaxing, or at least one of them was. Despite being close to her due date, Layla was up on her feet pacing back and forth, biting her fingernails.

‘It’s been about an hour and he still hasn’t come back. I can’t hear screaming, or sense large amounts of aura in the settlement. Just what is he doing, and being away for this long? I wish I had the shadow power right now and could get to him and pull his ear.’ Layla thought.

“Mommy relax.” Minny said, as she pulled Layla’s hand down to a seat in the kitchen. “Dad has always gotten us out of trouble before. Even if he makes a mess, I’m sure he can clean it up.”

Layla gave a nervous smile back to her daughter, because in some ways, that was what she was worried about. While it was a bit stressful in the Talen household, a certain knock was heard at the door.

“I’ll get it, you just stay here.” Minny said.

“Wait, what if it’s someone dangerous?” Layla panicked.

“Then they will just have to try to catch me.” Minny teased, as she sped off right to the door. Inside the house was one of the places where she could use close to the full extent of her power.

When opening the door, Minny had done so with a big smile on her face, but after seeing who was there, her smile had dropped.

“What are you doing here, Tobi?” Minny asked.

Just like Abby’s father, after the attack, Minny was able to guess the facts of what had occured. Tobi, suddenly saying sorry just before the attack, it was most likely that he was involved.

However, due to how her father was, for one reason or another Minny hadn’t told her father about Tobi, only that he was there during the day.

“Please, Minny, I need help. I don’t know who to go to. You were the only person I could think of… I think my family is in trouble.” Tobi stated.

Minny gritted her teeth, but eventually spoke.

“Your family is in trouble? Your family tried to hurt me, and you hurt Abby… Abby and her family nearly got hurt as well. I… I hate you!” Minny shouted and went to slam the door on Tobi.

However, mid swing it was stopped. She looked in front of her, but Tobi hadn’t done anything and with his little amount of strength, he would have never been able to stop Minny from closing the door.

“Why don’t we hear what he has to say, after all, he came here for his family right, and it seems like he trusts you enough that he thinks you can help his family in some way.” Layla said, with her hand on the door and a big smile on her face.

‘I heard what Minny said, maybe we can get to the bottom of this before Quinn does.’ Layla thought.


Sitting down in the living room, that felt that at most it could host five people inside, was Tobi, Layla and Minny… who didn’t look too pleased by her mother’s decision.

“Okay, so Tobi, can you explain why you went to see Minny?” Layla asked.

“No!” Minny shouted. “Before that, why don’t you tell mum why you suddenly started crying and apologising before those people attacked us.”

Tobi was silent for a few moments, but for some reason with Layla there he felt a bit more confident. She was giving off this peaceful feeling every time he looked at her. Unknown to him, each time he had negative feelings of some sort, Layla was consuming them for him, making him feel more at ease.

“My mum was the one that told me to take you down that alley way. She told me to become friends with you. Long enough so you would eventually trust me.” Tobi answered. “I… at first I was only listening to my mother, but after a little while I really felt like we were friends.

“I didn’t want to do it, but I have to listen to my mother. She is the one that looks after me… but at the same time, you were my friend. Which is why I told you to run.”

Minny was biting her lip as a heavy feeling was felt in her chest. Before she thought that Tobi had just helped out his mother, but now she had also learnt that he was faking being friends with her.

Right now, she wanted to explode with energy, but it was a good thing her mother was here, as she could calm the explosive emotions of hers, with her powers.</>

“I understand.” Layla said. “I understand more than anything, wanting to please those in your family, while trying to keep your own morals as well. It is a difficult place to be in. Tobi, you might be too young for this.

“But I want to tell you something that someone should have told me a while ago. You don’t owe your parents anything. They were the ones that chose to have you in this world, you weren’t the one that asked them to be born.

“In turn, they have a responsibility to look after you. As a child you have an unconditional love for your mother, but you have your own life, you are you, you are not your family.”

Layla wasn’t sure how much Tobi would take from her words, since Tobi was so young, but based on his actions so far, he had already started to rebel slightly against her. It was a little surprising for her, and based on her experience, usually another feeling would allow one to do this.

A feeling that would be stronger than that of just friendship, perhaps although young, Tobi was already experiencing some feelings of love for Minny.

‘The real problem won’t be Tobi, but maybe how do I get Minny to forgive this child. I thought I wouldn’t have this problem at least until they were in their teenage years. Why is everything so much faster with vampires?’ Layla thought.

“Let’s put that to the side for now. Tobi, do you mind explaining what you meant when you said your family was in trouble?” Layla asked.

Tobi went on to explain that his parents were having an argument, he didn’t quite understand what they said, but repeated what they were talking about anyway. He came to trust Layla quite quickly.

“So they were called to the third castle?” Layla repeated.

‘Maybe Quinn has something to do with this. I guess he didn’t go as far as I imagined, but based on what Tobi has said, his mother isn’t the type of person to let this go. For one, there is a good chance the leader now knows about this and will punish the whole family.

‘As for his mother, she won’t be the type to take the punishment and will just be pushed to try something even more drastic than the last time. Quinn, will no doubt know this as well.’

It was a tough one, and in some ways she felt like there was nothing she could do. Now it was all in the hands of the third leader, she would just have to let things play out.

At that moment, she started to rub her belly as she felt a sudden hard kick.

‘I know you’re restless about all this as well. If this gets safely resolved somehow, maybe it’s time for you to come out. Then I can be a little less stressed these days.’

Letting out a big breath, once again there was a knock at the door.

“Is that Daddy!” Minny jumped from her seat excitedly and she just wanted to get away from Tobi at the moment, shortly following her though was Layla.

‘That won’t be Quinn, he would just come in, not knock.’ Layla thought.

When Minny opened the door, all three of them including Tobi were standing by the entrance and they were greeted by about five permanent guards from the castle.

“We are here by the order of the 3rd family leader, Grenlet Toppy! The Balen family are to be escorted to the third castle.”



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