My Vampire System Chapter 2054: A Reason

The anger that Grenlet felt was building up as he walked through his castle. He wanted to do a lot more to Edvard than what he had done, but knew that it would cause problems with the others.

‘Who does he think he is, coming into my castle and ordering me around! Does he not think of us at the same level?’

Huffing and panting, Grenlet was about to head up his stairs and to his throne room but soon stopped as he couldn’t get something off his mind.

‘Why would he be so pushy about punishing a single vampire? He is not a fool to anger me for no reason.’

With this thought in mind, he soon turned around and decided to gather all the Earls. From what he knew so far, the attack had been ordered from one of the Viscounts.

So the easiest thing to do was to get all of the Earls to investigate the Viscounts.

An order was sent down from the original leader, and the five Earls were quickly working away. They had been informed about what had happened and since the leader was investigating this, they believed it was a serious matter.

Carlson, one of the Earls, was huffing away as he looked through the paperwork. Any official letters or orders that had been sent out would need to be signed.f𝚛𝐞𝚎𝘄𝒆𝚋𝐧𝚘ѵ𝑒𝚕.𝑐𝘰𝚖

There was no need to go through the Earls, but they had access to all this information.

‘The leader doesn’t look too pleased about all of this. One of the Viscounts must have truly messed up.’ Carlson thought, shaking his head.

When reading one of the files, Carlson’s mouth was left hanging wide open, as he had found the order that had been sent. One that was signed by his very own family member.


“What have you done!” An angry voice shouted.

Inside one of the large manors, the Viscount Tinat had leapt down from the second floor of his home and was now standing in front of his wife.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Sonia said, as she was shaking her head.

“I told you not to get involved with that family. When did you do it, when did you steal my seal?” Tinat was beyond angry, as he used his hand to grab his wife’s throat.

He quickly pushed her across the room and slammed her, holding her up against the wall.

“Please..” Sonia struggled to say, as she was finding it hard to breathe.

The doors to one of the reception rooms at the side was pushed open and a boy was seen running through, with tears down his face.

“Please Dad stop it… don’t hurt Mom!!” Tobi continued to shout.

He soon darted for his dad’s leg grabbing hold of it. Seeing his son like so, Tinat let go of Sonia, dropping her onto the floor.

“You have no idea what type of trouble we could be in. The… leader has summoned us. Carlson said it was regarding a letter that had been sent and an assassination attempt.”

Looking at his son, he wanted to apologise, but that’s when he could see that Tobi was full of markings over his face. There were faint scratch marks that were in the middle of healing.

“What…. What were you doing to him?” Tinat asked. “Was it you… again. Did you do this to him? You damned woman, how dare you!”

Tinat lifted his hand again, ready to hit Sonia, but once again Tobi stood in front of the two, bracing himself to take the hit, but his father had stopped just before and turned away.

“Get yourself ready, we leave as soon as we can.”

A short while later, Sonia and Tinat, both left to head to the castle, unsure of what was about to occur.

Tobi was left with a few maids in the manor, on his own.

‘Is this because of me, is Mum and Dad going to get punished because I didn’t do what she asked?’ Tobi thought.

‘I… don’t know what to do. Someone help me..’ Tobi said, dragging his fingers over his face as he covered his tears.

Eventually he wiped them away. He wasn’t sure if this person was willing to see him or not, but there was one person that had helped him before.

They weren’t the closest and he wasn’t sure what he could do to convince her, but it was the only person he felt he could ask.

Tobi soon left the house in search of a particular person.


Inside the throne room, Earl Carlson, Viscount Tinat, and Sonia were all in the throne room together.</>

The leader Grenlet was tapping his finger, after finding out what had happened. Even the Earl felt like he was unable to cover for his family member.

Otherwise, there was a high chance that he and his family could go down as traitors and they would attempt to, not just eliminate him, but his entire generation.

“I am already aware of what has occured.” Grenlet said. “What I wish to know though, is why did you give an order to eliminate a simple vampire child. Surely there has to be a reason?”

It was then that Viscount Tinat stood forward.

“It was a simple petty grudge of my wife’s sir.”

The Viscount went to honestly explain everything that had occured. After seeing what Sonia had done to their son, he honestly couldn’t care less if she was to perish.

At the same time, Sonia felt like it was impossible for her to lie as well as she admitted to everything.

After hearing the full story, they all waited for the verdict from the leader but he had said nothing. The truth was he didn’t really care for this matter.

Grenlet didn’t live all these years to stop or uphold pettiness between vampires. Who was in the right or wrong, who cared about things like that when eventually they would all die of old age.

For the originals this wasn’t true though, they would live on.

‘So Edvard is either trying to help out this little vampire, or he’s trying to help out the father, the guard. All of this for this Balen family though, it makes no sense.

‘Perhaps it would make more sense if I paid them a visit.’ Grenlet thought.

Whatever was enough to intrigue another original, was enough for him as well.


Inside the ninth castle, Edvard was replacing his broken sunglasses with a new pair. When he closed his wardrobe and turned around, he nearly jumped back into the wardrobe because a certain someone was right behind him.

“Well, at least this entrance is better for the castle than your last.” Edvard said.

“Your meeting is over, do you know who tried to hurt my family?” Quinn asked.

Going to his desk, away from Quinn, Edvard decided to pull out some whisky, pouring himself a glass and taking a drink.

He felt like it could very well be his last glass.

“I asked the third leader. He said he would deal with them. As I suspected, he refused to hand over someone else to another family.

“I’m sorry.” Edvard said, taking another large swig. “If you want to kill me for failing, then I understand… but at least let me finish my drink.”

Quinn soon turned around, ready to leave the room.

“Why would I kill you?” Quinn said. “You have done nothing wrong.”

It surprised Edvard, based on past leaders, even the last set of kings who had been woke up and were causing trouble like those from the Muscat family, Quinn was different from them.

“Tell me then, what do you plan to do?” Edvard asked.

“The third leader.” Quinn answered. “If he refuses to send you the guilty one. Then I will just need to go to him.”

Looking at the ground, Edvard was hiding his face from Quinn because right now there was a large smile on it.

‘We will now see which one has run out of luck, Grenlet.’


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