My Vampire System Chapter 2052: The Return Of The Punisher

This time, when Quinn had entered the room, he hadn’t done so using his shadow powers, but what was perhaps even worse, was the fact that he had brought some guests with him.

Looking at the doors, Edvard could only imagine what Quinn had perhaps done to get up here, and from the intimidating stare alone, he could tell that he was beyond mad. There was bloodlust that could be seen in his eyes which was similar to that of a crazed bloodsucker.

“Quinn, just hold on a second.” Edvard said, standing up and trying to tread lightly. “I managed to get rid of the matter from before. Everything is okay, the settlement is in one piece, think carefully about what you’re doing.”

Looking at the vampires, Edvard didn’t recognise any of them. The good news was that at least they weren’t any high ranking vampires and no one would go looking for them anytime soon.

“I am treading carefully, which is why I brought them here.” Quinn moved from the front of the door, to one of the vampires in an instant and lifted him up by the scruff of his neck. It was the same fast movement Edvard had seen before, perhaps even faster than before.

It made him realise, that perhaps Quinn’s threat about taking out the whole settlement, if it was him, it could be possible.

“Answer the questions I asked earlier, and say them out loud.” Quinn ordered with his eyes glowing red. The influence skill was being used, and there wasn’t even a fight put up by the vampire as it worked without a hint of resistance.

The vampire’s eyes went hollow as he spoke.

“We received orders from one of the Viscounts from the third family. There was a set of instructions with orders to take care of Abby Winturf and Minny Balen.”

The vampire had more to say, but immediately Edvard knew now why Quinn was angry. This whole time, his request had been that he wished to live a normal life for his family, and for some reason an attack had been ordered on one of his family members.

Edvard knew Quinn’s real name was Talen, but Balen had been used as a slight cover up for him and his family, not that anyone knew his real name anyway.

“We had attacked and managed to injure the one named Minny, but failed to achieve our task.”

After the vampire finished talking, Quinn let go of the vampire’s neck and he fell to the floor. The vampires had recovered from Minny’s attacks from before, and Quinn hadn’t done much to them other than grab them and throw them into the room for now, so they were all in good condition.

Which was why they had all stood up on their feet, and were ready to dart for the exit. They knew that their lives would be lost if they stayed in this room.

“None of you in this room are to move!” Quinn shouted.

He only looked at one of the vampires when saying these words, but the mass influence skill made it so it affected them all. Not even an inch, none of the vampires could move from their spot.

‘A mass influence skill to this level… you keep on surprising me, but now’s not the time to be surprised otherwise I would end up on his bad side.’ Edvard thought.

“The letter was sent by a Viscount from the third family. They don’t know who it’s from, I want you to find out who ordered the attack and bring them in front of me.” Quinn said.

This was the expected request, which was why Edvard now felt like he was in a difficult position, he knew that this day might come, but just not this soon.

“Quinn, I will talk to the third family and try to find out who did this. I can make it so they receive an appropriate punishment… but what you are asking of me right now is extremely difficult. This person is a Viscount of the third family, they don’t belong to my family and requesting for me to punish them would be a hard thing even for me.”

There was a pause for a few moments, as Edvard hoped his sweet talking had got him out of the situation or at least had bought him some time.

“I wasn’t asking.” Quinn said. “These people in front of me… vampires in the settlement that I fought for, and protected my whole life, have tried to ruin mine.

“I did everything for everyone, and in return I only ask for so little, and yet they have done this. I’m telling you this now, I wasn’t asking, I’m telling you. If the person responsible isn’t found and brought to me, I will charge in myself and ask the leader to bring them out.”

When fighting against Quinn the last time, Edvard wasn’t afraid as they battled, even though he had lost the fight overwhelmingly and knew that Quinn could beat him at any point and time, but this time it was different.

Edvard gulped as he thought about what he would do, the person in front of him right now made him afraid, very very afraid.</>

“I have a meeting with the other leaders soon, I will do what I can for you. All that I ask is that you wait until that meeting is over, and I will try my best. If I fail, then you can do what you wish.” Edvard said, with a poilite bow.

Even though Edvard hadn’t confirmed the identity of this person, even though he didn’t know if his story was true or not, in front of this person right now, it felt like the right thing to do.

For a vampire, what did it matter if they were officially declared king or not, what did it matter the memories in his head, because to vampires power was the most important thing, and without a doubt this was the strongest vampire in existence.

‘Understand, that I am not doing this for my sake, but for yours.’ Edvard thought, but he wouldn’t say those words out loud, it wasn’t the right time.

“I understand.” Quinn said.

Hearing these words, Edvard lifted his head with relief.

“So that your secret doesn’t get out, I will remove the memories of these vampires and anyone that saw you in the castle.”

“You don’t have to worry about those in the castle.” Quinn said. “No one saw me in here.”

Moving his hand, Quinn had summoned the shadow around one of his arms.

“As for these, although they were only following orders, they were the ones that attacked my daughter. They had attempted to kill my family. Those that have done this once will do the same again, so I can’t let them live.”

Moving his hand, out from it Quinn’s shadow started to form, turning into what looked like a large dragon. Edvard had never seen the shadow being used in a way like this.

When the dragon moved, it opened its mouth wide, going through each of the vampires. They could do nothing but shake as it passed through each of them. For a few seconds, the vampires were confused, because their lives weren’t lost, they were still there and the dragon had disappeared.

“This is their punishment.” Quinn stated as he turned around. “I hope you can take care of this, and make some type of excuse for them.”

A few moments later, each of the vampires felt a tingling sensation on their skin. It started to gradually grow more and more until the pain was unbearable, it felt like they were on fire.


All of the vampires in the room started to scream at the top of their lungs, with their nails, they were ripping the skin from their face and arms, but the pain still wasn’t stopping there.

It was then that Edvard knew exactly what this was, it was the skill that the head Punisher used on those that had been sentenced with the worst of crimes.

As soon as Quinn left the room, Edvard swung his hands, creating a blood slash that sliced all of their heads off, ending their punishment, but with this it was clear. If Edvard couldn’t solve this somehow, then the Punisher of vampires would return.



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