My Vampire System Chapter 2051 The Calm Anger

The voice was one that Minny recognised well, in most situations she was always happy to see this person the most, yet when hearing the voice, she recognised something. It oddly sounded calm, but that wasn’t the case at all.

“Dad…” Minny carefully said as she looked up.

The person who had arrived was none other than her father, Quinn. Running back from the forest after dealing with the beasts, he wanted to look for his family, wondering how they were and what had happened during his short time away.

When going through the settlement though, Quinn could hear the name of his daughter being shouted out a few times. Naturally finding it strange, it had brought him to where he was.

Now his eyes were locked onto the wounds on Minny, he wasn’t even looking at her face. The calm eyes were causing Minny to shake a little, because she could tell that under that calm voice asking a question, he was furious.

“I’m so sorry!” Abby’s father stood up and bowed down as he realised the situation. He had never seen Quinn before, as usually the mother would pick up Abby or she would walk home herself.

Right now, Abby’s father felt extremely guilty. The feeling he felt from before, he could tell that the father was angry, because who wouldn’t be if they saw their daughter like so.

“Even though I was with the two girls, I could do nothing to protect them, and in the end, the one that protected us was your daughter, who was hurt in the process. I’m so sorry again!” Abby’s father said, bowing down.

Next to him his daughter held his hand, and when she looked at Quinn, her whole body was shaking.

“I’m sorry for scaring you.” Quinn said, as he lifted Minny up by her arms and placed her on top of his shoulders. He wanted to hold her hand but the state it was in, it wasn’t the right thing to do.

“I will make sure Minny is okay.” Quinn said, turning to them. “And don’t worry, I will take care of this so both of our kids will stay safe.”

Abby’s father didn’t know what to say after that, and for some reason he felt like Quinn really would make sure this would never happen again.

‘Was he really just a guard, how can he exert such a feeling.’ Abby’s father thought.

With that, the two groups split off, and as Quinn walked with Minny on his shoulders, he started to head home.

“Is Daddy angry at Minny again?” She asked. “There is no need for Daddy to be angry, Minny only used ten percent of her power like you asked. That’s why Minny got hurt.”

A slight lump was felt down Quinn’s throat when he heard these words. Minny was such a good girl and always worried about what her parents would think of her. Were they being too strict with her, were they asking too much of a young vampire?

Soon though, that sadness was turning into anger, because Minny was such a kind hearted vampire, who would even dare to do such a thing to her? People who did such things, attacking young children like that… They didn’t deserve to exist in the settlement.

“Daddy is not angry at Minny, so just tell me everything that happened.” Quinn asked.

Now that Minny knew that her father wasn’t angry, she was happy to tell him everything that happened. After hearing all of the details Quinn was silent once more and they had finally arrived home.

When opening the door, Layla was already standing in the front room, and she had a concerned look on her face.

“What’s wrong?” Layla asked. “You have a dark fog all around you. It’s filling the entire settlement… did something happen while you were away?”

With the strange beast attacks happening in the settlement, Layla imagined that whatever was happening on the outside, it could be worse, but she was never worried about Quinn because of his strength.

However, due to her vampire form, Layla was able to see negative emotions as a type of purple fog and right now, there was a dense and heavy fog over Quinn.

“Look at what happend.” Quinn said as he took Minny off from his shoulders.

Layla could immediately see what he was talking about, because the wound on her hand was still slowly healing.

“Six fully grown adult vampires went and attacked her and her friends. Minny used only ten percent of her strength to fight them off and ended up like this, and even now, she won’t allow her body to heal because it would seem unordinary to those outside.” Quinn explained, his voice hurt.

“Quinn.” Layla said stopping there not knowing what to say next, because even she was confilicted with what they should do. After hearing this, Layla wanted to go out there and hang these vampires up by their necks, but they had a child on the way.

“Look at what they did to our family!” Quinn exclaimed, as he went toward the door.

“Quinn, where are you going, what are you planning on doing?” Layla asked, her heart was racing slighty.

“I am going to protect this family, like you asked me to do.” Quinn almost shouted with his fangs bearing slightly. After that he was gone, and there was no chance for Layla to catch up to him.

‘What’s going to happen now?’ Layla thought.

In the settlement, Quinn was walking around sharpening his senses. Minny’s powers were slightly unique even if others were unable to tell they were. Even though she restricted her power and didn’t use celestial energy to transform, there was still a part of it in each of her attacks.

Only one at Quinn’s level and one that experienced this energy would be able to tell. Since the others had been attacked not too long ago, he was now searching for this energy as there should have been trace amounts of it left on their bodies.

Going through the settlement, searching among the injured vampires… it didn’t take long for Quinn to find what he was looking for.


The whole settlement was only just recovering from the attack of the beasts. The people were calm once more, and most of the damage that had occurred had been rebuilt fairly quickly.

Seeing the settlement in its former form calmed many of the vampires down. The leaders were finally able to relax back in their castles, but there was one more thing that needed to be discussed before that.

They were all waiting on a personal report from Edvard about what had occured. How the matter was resolved and if this would continue to be a problem in the future for them. The thing was, Edvard had claimed he was still busy sorting out a few last bits and that was true, because he was clearing up the details with the rest of the vampires.

After clearing their memories, Edvard had to make it look like he was the one that had saved them, and filled them all in with a probable story, and only now was he finally able to return to his castle.

‘What a tiring ordeal.’ Edvard thought as he sat at his desk. ‘Quinn Talen, you are an interesting person, and it seems you have more power than I imagined. I guess I was right to be in his good books, but I wonder what he will ask from me, in terms of the trade we did’, he thought.

A few seconds after finally sitting down, the doors to the top floor of his throne room were slammed open wide. They were swung so strongly that they had hit the walls of the room, breaking them. It had even shook the entire room for a second.

“What was that?” Edvard thought, because he could see no aura at all, it was almost an invisible force, but seconds later several vampires’ could be seen being chucked into the room one by one.

Soon after, walking into the room, was the one person he was recently thinking about.

“EDVARD!” Quinn shouted, as he walked into the room. “Sort out this mess… and quickly… because I’m a second away from destroying this entire settlement.”


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