My Vampire System Chapter 2050 The Perfect Plan

The vampire settlement contained many alleyways and routes between houses that were all shapes and sizes, and the one that Minny along with the others were in at the moment was smaller than most.

At most, only two could fit through the alleyway at one time together. Abby was walking with her father and Minny was close behind Tobi, following him. All of them could see Tobi turning around, his eyes filled with tears, as he told them all to get out of here.

“Tobi… what is going on?” Abby’s father asked thinking that a child was just having a breakdown, but Minny knew it was no breakdown as she could sense it.

Immediately, she jumped to the side of the wall, and was ready to push off with her strength.

‘Minny… you can’t show all of your powers. You like your life right now, right?’

These words were repeated in her head, the ones that were told by her father and mother, now of all times.

She had already disobeyed them once today, and she was lucky enough not to get caught, but would she be as lucky as she was before? Thinking of this, she pushed off the wall with ten percent of her strength and reached out her arms.

Abby’s father had been pushed out of the way, and while falling down he grabbed his daughter covering her. In the dark alleyway, a glowing red dagger could be seen in the air swinging at Minny.

She lifted her hands up, covering them with red aura, but she was a little too slow to act. Her mind was still filled and conflicted with what to do, and at the moment she just wanted to protect the others.

The red aura that covered the blade was sharp. It was a beast weapon and it managed to cause a deep cut on Minny’s forearm. With her other hand free though, she let out a blood slash that distracted the vampire and caused him to take a few steps back as he held the red glowing dagger in his hand.

Soon though, when Abby’s father lifted his head, they could see that there were three red daggers in the alleyway behind them. Each figure was covered head to toe with their eyes glowing.

When turning to look for a way out, in the other direction near Tobi, there were three more vampires that seemed to have appeared, dressed in the same way.

“Why… Why are you attacking us?” Abby’s father asked. “We haven’t done anything.”

It was at that moment, he saw that there were a few people that were walking by in the streets. He knew what he was about to do might make his attackers angrier, but it was clear with their weapons pointed towards them that they weren’t just here for a talk.

“Help! We’re being attacked, someone help!” Abby’s father shouted, but the vampires strangely ignored their cries and continued walking. With their advanced hearing, even at a normal voice, they should have heard.

From the very top of one of the buildings that were on either side of the alleyway, a certain woman was watching the whole thing. Her heart was racing and the smile on her face was only growing larger.

Sonia’s plan was going perfectly well so far, and it was all thanks to her son leading them here.

‘I can’t believe Tobi broke like that, but at least he did it after leading them to the alleyway.’ Sonia thought. ‘Oh well, things will still all be fine after this. Not only did I manage to trap that brat in there, but also her friend that was involved in this mess.’

In Sonia’s hand, she was holding onto an orb. It was a beast weapon. Vampires had been using beast weapons and items a lot more these days in the settlement, and this one had quite the nice effect for a situation like this.

In a certain area sound was unable to escape to the outside. It was the reason why none of the vampires were answering or reporting their call for help. While at the same time, a few more vampires had been hired to make sure no one else entered the alleyway and blocked the sight of what was happening from others.

Not that this was going to be a long job anyway, it was going to be quick and easy.

‘Today is the perfect day. Most of the vampires are busy recovering from the attack that happened, minding their own business. At the same time, this can be the perfect cover up. We can just say that a beast managed to get through and was still alive in the city, and an unfortunate situation had occurred.’


Back on the ground, Minny was trying to look at the situation. Six vampires and ones that were quite skilled as well. With her strength would she be able to help? No, she had to help, it was the only thing she could do.

The vampires charged in from both sides, and on Tobi’s side they seemed to have ignored him as they came straight for her. It was clear now who the target was, until she could see that they were going for Abby as well.

Abby’s father lifted his hand and swung out, throwing a slash of red aura. The vampire swung his dagger, breaking it. Abby’s father wasn’t much of a fighter in the first place, but it still helped.

Minny was right underneath the man who had blocked the attack, and swung her arm right at the vampire’s leg. The vampire was knocked off his feet, his body spinning on its side, then as she threw her fist through the air, it hit the vampire right in the stomach, sending him back into the two others.

“What kind of strength is this for a vampire of her age?” Abby’s father thought. “Now I understand how she had protected the others.”

Turning her head, Minny could see that the others had their blades up and raised. She pushed off from where she was at again.

‘I’ll keep my promise this time, I will and I’ll still protect them!’ Minny thought.

Moving her hand, she shoved it right into the blade. It sliced right through the palm of her small hand, almost ripping her fingers apart. The pain was great, but it allowed her to grab the vampire’s fist.

Pulling the larger vampire forward, she then kicked him right in the side of the head. The vampire’s whole body slammed against the side of the wall.

“Minny!” Abby shouted, as the two attackers had gathered more aura in the daggers and were looking to attack from further back. It appeared they now understood what type of threat she was.

Just as the vampire was about to do an attack though, he felt something grab onto one of his legs.

“Minny, Abby, everyone… just get out of here! This is my fault, just get out of here!” Tobi shouted, as he held onto the vampire’s leg

The covered vampire wanted to hit the kid, but remembered there were specific orders. When he looked back up, there was a large red slash coming right towards him and it had hit him right in the chest. Sending him in the air and on his back.

When Tobi looked at Minny, he could see her standing there with her glowing eyes, her hand was bleeding badly damaged, and there was a cut on her forearm as well. She had been hurt, and his heart was aching seeing her like this, and for him to be the cause of this, only hurt it more.

“Come on, we’re getting out of here!” Abby’s father said, as he picked up Minny, and was holding his daughter under his other arm. He ran right past Tobi. It seemed he had already figured out why the child had apologised from before, and in his head his priority was his family and the little girl who had saved their life.

They soon got out of the alleyway, but not before Minny swung her arm a few times at the remaining vampires who had gotten up, forcing them to get left behind. They were unable to catch up as they left the alleyway.

“These idiots!” Sonia, bit her lip. “6 fully grown vampires and they were unable to do such a task! That damned brat has made a fool of me again!”


After running for a short while, Abby, her father, and Minny had managed to catch their breath and now were in a more open and public area, near the marketplace.

“Minny thank you so much for what you did back there… I don’t know why they attacked us, but I’ll be sure to report it straight away.” Abby’s father said.

Abby, now somewhat out of the panic situation, looked at Minny. Even now blood was slightly dripping from the wound. It was taking a little while to heal up.

“Minny, I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry you’re so hurt!!!” Abby started to cry out loud.

“We should get you some blood.” Abby’s father said. “It should help with the wounds, and after that, I’ll take you back home and report this. Once again Minny, thank you for protecting us.”

As Abby’s father finished those words, a shadow was cast over him, and a shiver was sent running through his whole body. He couldn’t feel any aura, nor could he actually feel himself getting hurt… but his body was reacting in a certain way for some reason and it took all his will power just to look up at who had come to them.

“Who… did this to you?” A male voice asked. “Tell me Minny, who did this to you?”


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