My Vampire System Chapter 2049: Moving Up

Quinn recounted his life’s story to the two guards, and he remained uninterrupted as they listened to every detail. But, of course, it was impossible for him to say everything he went through in a short time, and some details weren’t so important, so he chose to skip them.

While telling the story, he also felt a bit sad about all the lives lost during his journey, those he was unable to save and those that had been forgotten the same way he had now. In some ways, he wished he could make it so their names would be remembered forever.

Things such as him once being a celestial and a Godslayer were left out as well, as it would only make the story more confusing without other details, but what he had done during that time, closing the gate to another world and such he did in that state, and that’s when the two guards realised something, that the tales that Quinn told them, they had heard them before, not in so much detail but knew about them, only the vampire wasn’t Quinn it was someone else.

Eventually, Quinn had gotten to the last bit of his story, which explained why that was. Stating that he was in a temporary slumber after closing the gate, and when he woke up, no one knew his name, apart from his family, and instead, his name behind the great deeds had been replaced by Jim Eno.

The two were silent for a bit after hearing everything. They were processing what they had heard and trying to come to a conclusion of their own.

“Everything you told us…is so hard to believe.” Nell couldn’t help but let out a sigh in the end.

“Yeah, and you must have lived some crazy life with everything that happened to you.” Ronkin also agreed, “But I’ll be honest here because I might not have believed you if you told me before what we saw today.”

“You believe me?” Quinn’s expression uplifted. He felt like if he told this story to others, with the altered memories they had currently, no one would believe him, and maybe that would certainly be the case for many, but with those he had spent quite a lot of time on, and made an impression on, like these two, they had gained quite an impression of Quinn’s character.

“Why would you lie?” Ronkin asked. “We saw your strength and also noticed how much Edvard respected you. Honestly, if you had told us anything else, I think it would have been hard to believe, but when you told your story, I could feel it.

“The words were hard and detailed, and your emotions were shown as you went through life in your past.”

“I agree,” Nell added. “While we still have this knowledge, I wish I could help you as much as we can, but I doubt we can do much, so I will perhaps try and help you in another way. I think you already have an idea of who changed the memories.”

“Really?” Ronkin asked. “Who?”

Nell almost slapped his head. Most people from hearing the story could guess.

“Jim Eno,” Nell answered. “In our memories right now, we have him as the one that did all these things, and now Quinn is just living as a peaceful guard, but does Jim Eno have the power to do that?”

“Jim Eno,” Quinn repeated. His powers in the past were equivalent to exchange, but Quinn was sure he had killed the former back then in the past. The most likely case was that Jim Eno was now a clone, but from his knowledge, clones couldn’t have the same power.

However, Jim Eno also knew the secrets of the Equivalent exchange. Perhaps he taught someone or got the power himself. Another guess was that Jack Truedream, who he was working with, put the power in one of the Clones, or something like that, which would also be possible since Jack could transfer powers beyond races.

“Wait!” Ronkin said. “I know I’m just catching up now, but someone has the power to change memories, but not only that, could change it on such a wide scale that everyone on earth and the vampire settlement forgot you? If Jim or Jack had these powers in the past, then why didn’t they do it before? Why did they wait till now to do something like this? I doubt they knew you were going into a slumber, so there had to be a different reason.”

The only thing Quinn could think of was the large headache that everyone felt, but there certainly was a way he could do such a thing because he had done it twice with Layla as well. So there certainly was a way.

“Someone with such power, they didn’t exist, but that makes no sense. This level of power is on the level of a god, or maybe even stronger.” Quinn blurted out, but in the end, without all of the pieces, he was unable to figure it out, but now with Edvard owing him one, maybe he could get closer to the truth soon.

A few moments later, Edvard had returned. With him was a female, but she was blindfolded. There was a saddened look on the other two faces, but they understood that it was something that needed to be done.

“You are free to head back ahead of time.” Edvard said to the others, “I know how much you miss your family. I would suggest running back though, rather than using your powers. There is always a chance someone can see you.”

With that said, before Edvard could really finish his sentence, Quinn was off running through the woods with no fear hoping to head back to his family.


At the settlement, the leaders had finally given the public the clear. The beasts were cleared up, and most of their bodies evaporated after the guards had taken out the crystals from their bodies for a while.</>

There were some emergency repairs, but more permanent guards could be seen around the settlement to calm down the general public, and on top of that, the schoolkids were told that they could go home.

The school was ending early for the day, and with most of the parents gathered anyway, the school had declared that the parents could take their children home. The only thing was Minny’s parents hadn’t arrived.

“Minny, would you like to come with us?” Abby’s father asked. “We can walk together, and I can talk you home. After that, Abby and I will walk together. It’s the least that we can do.”

Vampires didn’t need their parents to walk them home, even at a young age. After all, they were superhuman, those with great straightness and speed. Even internal disputes would usually be solved easily, and if one was hurt, one would heal their wounds anyway.

A lot of kids walked home on their own, but it was a special occasion, which was why Abby’s father was offering.

“Umm…Sure.” Minny said as she walked over, a little shy as she didn’t really know how to act in this situation. Abby’s father wasn’t a kid she could offer her juice box to.

“Oh!” Sofia’s voice was heard as she darted over with her hands over Tobi. “I’m sorry to be a bother, but I’m just overhead, the two of you speaking. I have an urgent matter to attend to at the castle. If you don’t mind, could you take Tobi home as well? There are servants inside, so he won’t be on his own. If you do us this favour, a Viscount’s family will owe you a favour.”

Abby’s father was in an awkward situation, and hearing the word Viscount he felt like it was a request he couldn’t really refuse, but when looking at his daughter, she didn’t seem to be too bothered, even if it was a boy, and he had seen the three close together before.

“Sure, I hope the business that you need to take care of goes well.” Abby’s father replied with a polite bow.

After that, Sofia left, and so did the rest of their children, going their certain ways. As for Tobi, he didn’t say much and was silent. The three continued to walk, heading to his home in his direction.

“We take a left here,” Tobi said.

“Here? Are you sure?” Abby’s father asked.

The direction Tobi gave was in an alleyway between the back of a couple of houses. There were many of these; one could use them to take a shortcut through the streets to head to the next.

“Yeah, it’s a shortcut. I don’t want to waste your time, sir,” Tobi answered.

It was then when Tobi spoke, Minny, who had better hearing than most vampires, could hear it, his heartbeat started to flutter as he talked and led them into the alleyway. While they continued to walk, sweat was running down his face, and he thought of his mother’s words before she approached Abby’s father.

“Change of plans, let’s move it to today,” Sophia whispered in his ears.

As they got to the midway point, Tobi finally turned around to the others, and there were tears in his eyes.

“I’m…so sorry…please…run,” Tobi said.


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