My Vampire System Chapter 2048 Thanking The Little One

In the settlement, the beast waves had finally come to a halt. The leaders stayed at their post for a little longer just to ensure there were no unexpected surprises coming through their walls, and not long after, they received a slight update from Edvard, who informed them that things should be okay for them for the time being.

Edvard didn’t get into the major details of the event, but since the wave of beasts had ended and there wasn’t any enemy movement, they were inclined to believe him. The leaders then began to focus on damage control, checking if everything was okay in the settlement and so on. The leaders knew the recovery might take some time, as it was the first attack the settlement had experienced in its new form.

Inside the settlement, in the large outer fields where the combat lesson at the school would take place, the beasts had been dealt with, thanks to a certain young mother who had arrived in time.

“Mommy, you are so strong and cool with your powers!” Minny exclaimed in amazement. She hadn’t seen Layla fight much before, but she believed that not just anyone would be her father’s wife and the leader of the red vampires in the past, but she didn’t imagine the latter would have this much strength.

Layla turned around, and now in full view, the two students, Jared and Hebe, who were outside with them, could see that the woman had a rather large belly. It was clear she was pregnant, of all things.

Everything was so strange what they had seen, but that’s when it clicked in Hebe’s head about the powers she had seen.

“Could it be? Are you a Hanyma subclass?” Hebe asked.

Layla was still wearing the hat that would cover her horns, but even though her subclass had been found out, she just smiled as she walked towards the student.

“Oh, we have quite a bright one. A lot of the subclasses were eliminated in past battles and wars. Subclasses, in general, are quite rare these days, and yet you know of an even rarer subclass? That’s impressive, and since you are such a smart girl, I don’t think I need to tell you that you never saw me here, right?” Layla smiled.

Hebe could feel a slight pressure on herself even though they were far away. She didn’t know what it was, but simultaneously, a dreadful sense of emotions was circulating in her head. For a moment, it was like she was staring at a predator, and she was the prey. Naturally, she didn’t like this feeling at all.

‘This woman…is she telling me to keep quiet about what we saw, right? I guess it makes sense for a rare subclass like her. I didn’t know they were this strong either.’

“We will keep quiet about everything we see.” Jared stepped forward and slightly pulled back Hebe. “We should head back to school with Minny before the teachers start forming a search party. From the looks of things, the situation has cooled down quite a bit, so we should hurry as well.”

Layla smiled at the two kids and then walked forward. She knelt down next to Minny and gave her a big hug before going toward her ear and whispering inside.

‘We will keep this a secret from your father, okay? In this case, I don’t think Minny did anything wrong. You just wanted to help the people around you, but keep an eye on these two if you can.’

Layla didn’t know if her threat would work and if the two would keep the secret, but she had no choice, just like Quinn, just like MInny. When she had the chance to help and the power to, she couldn’t just let things go by.

Bidding them farewell, Layla quickly left the area and allowed the two to take her back. But, little did Layla know, the two had no intention of saying anything about what they had seen because if anyone with the power to take out a beast wave like that, the two were intelligent enough not to want to get on their bad side.

‘This little girl certainly is interesting.’ Jared inwardly smiled. ‘With a father and a mother like that, no wonder she’s so strong. But this also makes me wonder about who they are. Wouldn’t I at least know them if they are so strong…also, how come her father is just a guard? Such a powerful person is just a guard. Are they hiding? If yes, then from whom?”


Minny and the three others had finally returned to the hall, which was a relief to Mr Cripe and the rest of the teachers as they saw the small Minny coming in safe and sound.

“Minny!” Tobi and Abby shouted at the same time as they rushed toward her.

“Are you hurt? You were out there for so long and fought against that dog monster alone.” Tobi wiped the sweat on his forehead as he came running and searched her body from top to bottom to see if she was injured.

It was strange/ Mini felt strange being touched by someone who she hadn’t asked not to not too long ago, which is why she quickly shook her body, realising herself from Tobi’s grip, but she didn’t push him away.

“I’m okay. Jared and Hebe protected me.” Minny lied with a big smile.

The other two felt bad for taking credit when in truth, they had done nothing to help Minny. But they knew when to keep their mouth shut, so they continued to play along.

“We hid.” Jared clarified, “We hid while the new wave of beasts came toward us, and when we heard there was no more fighting and concluded it was safe to walk out, we came back here.”

The explanation was simple, and the teachers believed it. Once again, Mr Cripe saw their star pupils, Jared and Hebe, in a good light. However, there still was a loss, and the school would have to deal with that.

Due to the situation, the school would have to wait for reports from the leaders for instructions on what they would do next. However, the school allowed parents who were worried about their kids to arrive in the sports hall.]

Soon, the parents were filling the sports hall bit by bit. The parents hugged their kids and checked from head to toe for any wounds, but not all parents had arrived.

There would be those that were busy working or were busy due to what had occurred in the settlement. Knowing that their kids were saved, they felt like there was no reason for them to come and check for themselves.

Eventually, Abby’s father also arrived. He was a thin vampire who looked to be wearing a lab coat. However, he turned out to be one of the vampires that worked for the research department.

“Oh, Abby, I’m so happy you are safe!” Her father gave her a big hug that almost squeezed her inside out.

“Stop it, dad, your embarrassing me,” Abby said. “And it was all thanks to Minny. She thought about the beast that was in the hallway so we could all get away.”

When Abby said these words, quite a few other parents in the same class had heard them as well.

“Is it true what she said?” One of the parents asked their kids.

The kid nodded.

“I didn’t see her fight the beast, but she stayed behind, letting us all through.”

The kids in Minny’s class started to say this one after the other, and eventually, Abby’s father was the first to act as he approached her.

“Thank you, brave young one. You risked your life for the others in your class. I can’t thank you enough.” Abby’s father wasn’t sure how much Minny helped, but either way, he wasn’t so ashamed not to thank someone younger than him.

After that, a few of the other parents came up and said their thanks one after the other as well.

“Thank you. I wish I could also meet your parents to tell them what a strong girl they have raised.”

They were looking around, but it looked like Minny’s parents hadn’t turned up. Regarding this, Minny didn’t mind since she knew it was most likely because her mother had already seen her and knew she was safe.

A short while later, though, coming through the sports hall doors, there was a surprise to most of the parents as Tobi’s mother, Sofia, had stepped in. The people looked her way and soon turned their heads to avoid making eye contact.

Ever since a certain incident, she hadn’t been turning up, and the father had instead, but the Viscount was incredibly busy after the attack.

As soon as she came in, she immediately scouted the room and could see Tobi next to Minny and her friends. She then ran towards him, hugged him in dramatic fashion, and said loudly for others to hear.

“I’m so glad you’re not hurt.”

Closing in, she then slowly whispered a few words in his ear.

“Great job, my son, great job! You two look incredibly close.”


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