My Vampire System Chapter 2047 Forget Me

Confused was an understatement for the ninth leader, he had tilted his sunglasses wondering if they were messing with his eyesight but it was true. Right now in front of him was Quinn. The mysterious vampire he had met one day that had the power of the shadow.

At the same time, there were two demon tier beasts there before that had suddenly disappeared, but it didn’t look like they were trying to attack Quinn or the other vampires at all.

“Edvard!!! You’re here!” Ronkin stated, as he ran out and slid across the ground on his knees. “Does this mean we can go back?”

Nell, didn’t quite as dramatically introduce himself to the leader as the other, but also knelt down.

“I want to know… what happened here?” Edvard asked.

“Well, Quinn, he saved us, he used his strong powers to save us!” Ronkin stated. “He defeated the three demon tier beasts, and made them run away!”

Ronkin and Nell didn’t quite understand what happened either, but from what they had seen it looked like Quinn somehow was able to control them. Based on the instructions he had given them. This seemed like a dangerous power that could shake the entire settlement and then there was the fact that he had shadow powers as well.

The thing was, Quinn was their saviour, and right now having their lives spared because of him, they weren’t going to reveal his secrets out here and in the open.

“Don’t worry too much you two.” Quinn said, as he walked forward. “This vampire already knows about my secret, he was the one that told me to come here in the first place.”

The ears of the guards were burning. They thought they had imagined it, but Quinn had called one of the leaders, one of the originals, ‘this vampire’ and was showing no sign of respect in his voice as he talked.

Edvard was quite a relaxed leader but even then, one wouldn’t dare try to push the buttons of one of the originals.

“It looks like it was a good that I sent you here after all.” Edvard said, as he looked up. He could tell that it was the scouting teams. All of them had lost their lives and it looks like only the one that went with Quinn had managed to survive.

“You might feel at fault but I would say that not even you could have guessed that there would be three demon tier beasts.” Quinn stated.

There was shock as Edvard heard this, he had heard from the others about there being three demon tier beasts, but Quinn had said it himself, and when one looked at him right now, there wasn’t a scratch that was left on his body.

“You won’t have to worry anymore, the demon tier beasts will no longer attack the vampires or the vampire settlement. The scouting and hunting teams that are sent out should have a much easier time from now on. I have done you a favour, so I hope you will keep my secret.” Quinn said.

It looked like Quinn was about to disappear off into the shadow like last time. Edvard could see this but wanted to stop him. For some reason he felt like if Quinn left now there was a chance that the two of them wouldn’t be able to see each other again.

“The settlement is fine, and your family is fine as well.” Edvard stated. “I got word from the settlement just now. I don’t know if you know, but the settlement was under attack from a Horde wave, but they have recently stopped and there have been only a few casualties. Your family is not on that list.” Edvard explained.

“An attack, what about my family!” Ronkin said, but soon realised that he might have been talking out of place, but he and Nell were both worried about their families.

“I don’t know, but I doubt that they will have been harmed. The amount of beasts that managed to enter the settlement was minimal and those that had lost members of their family have been informed already.” Edvard explained. “But Quinn… you showed your powers, helping the fellow vampires even though you knew that it would reveal yourself, did you have a plan?”

“Plan?” Quinn replied. “I am always prepping for the long term, for the bigger picture, but sometimes in the short term things don’t quite go your way. I know that and have known that for a long time. From the way you are talking though, it seems like you have an idea?”

Edvard smiled, there was no secret ploy from Edvard, other than wanting to learn Quinn’s character, but he had prepared something in advance and it looked like there was a chance it could bring the two of them together.

“The second family practically no longer exist, but there are those that still have their power. Of course, I’m sure you are powerful enough to use your influence skill but that can cause problems and if another vampire notices this, you will be found out.

“I have someone that can make them forget that today ever happened. I will claim that this is due to the beast that they had met. I managed to defeat the demon tier beast, and bring back the others alive. I think this will convince everyone and will make it so they all forget about you.

“The other vampires, they are currently waiting on the bottom of this mountain on my order.”

Listening to Edvard it didn’t sound like he was lying, and for some reason he had kept Quinn’s secret so far. Did this mean that they could continue living the peaceful life, just for a little while longer?

“Wait, remove our memories!” Ronkin said. “But then, does that mean we will forget everything that Quinn did for us today? How he saved us from the beasts, and beat those guys. If your secret is that big, I won’t tell a soul I promise.”

Quinn smiled, as he heard these words. Ronkin was an idiot, but he was a kind fool.

“Ronkin, I like you.” Quinn said. “It’s not that I don’t trust you to keep this a secret, but it’s the fact that knowing my secret will also put you in danger. Don’t worry, even after today, the two of us will still be close and we will still talk to each other as we did every day.”

Nell understood, which is why he hadn’t said anything so far, but there was a lot on his mind and he eventually spoke.

“It’s not fair. We will forget everything you did today. For what you did today I would repay you for the rest of my life, but tomorrow I will treat you just as I did any other day. ” Nell stated.

It was the best option in the end for all of them. Quinn had hurt too many people by involving them in a certain mess, and it was best for them all to forget him.

“I guess the decision has been made.” Edvard said. “I will make the preparations and make sure the other vampires don’t head back to the settlement just yet. It will be a couple of hours, but you will be able to meet your family again.” Edvard stated and disappeared.

Now, it was just Quinn and the two guards up on the mountain, it was a bit awkward, the atmosphere between the three of them. Before they could chat without holding back, but now, after knowing how strong and powerful Quinn was it just didn’t seem right.

Which ultimately made Ronkin let out a big sigh.

“I guess it is the right thing to do. I can’t even talk to you properly.” Ronkin said. “But, if we’re going to forget anyway, can I ask you a question?”

There was a raised eyebrow as Quinn walked over, wondering what the question could be.

“You… you’re really strong and you took on three demon tier beasts. Even Edvard seems to be treating you with respect. Are you one of the vampire originals as well?” Ronkin asked.

Quinn started to chuckle, that would have been a normal assumption but it was anything but that.

“I guess there is no harm in telling you guys now.” Quinn explained. “You see, I lived a strange life, and I was actually human before. It will feel good to get this off my chest because it has been a while.

“I will tell you two the tale of how I was turned into a vampire, and eventually became the vampire king, and why none of you remember me at all. It will be hard for the two of you to believe, but at least you will listen.” Quinn said as he went on to tell them everything, before their memories would be returned to before the hunt had begun.


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