My Vampire System Chapter 2046 Infected Shadow

After Quinn used the shadow infect skill, a creepy light purple shadow appeared out of Quinn’s very body. It was a different colour from what it usually would have been when using his shadow skills, and at the same time, the way it came out of his body was also different.

When Quinn used shadow skills before, it would rise up from his own shadow at the bottom of his feet and engulf his back. He would keep a light, almost invisible shadow surrounding his body and grow and lessen it whenever he needed it.

This was what allowed Quinn to use his shadow powers the quickest and also helped him block attacks. Another thing to note was while using it this way, Quinn also felt that if he was in a fight and was to block an attack or such, he could use it this way as well.

It was easy to do because it was almost the same as when he used the second stage of Qi. Combining this with the shadow allowed him to use its solid form in the first place.

As for this lighter purple shadow that was almost brightening up the place slightly wherever it went, it felt like it had seeped through the pores of his skin like this was a shadow from inside him.

That’s when the shadow, as it touched the head of the beast, had gone inside it. The beast started to groan slightly in pain as it felt something changing in its body, but it was too beat up to groan properly.

‘So this is what you meant when you said you had something else in mind?’ Alex asked.

‘Yes, I have had quite a few pieces of demon tier items before, but I doubt there will be anything that can compete against the celestial Red fang set or the guns you created. It would have been nice to learn some crafting from you or absorb them as crystals, but with how things are, I think this is the best option.’ Quinn replied.

‘Best option?’ Alex replied, ‘The shadow infect skill allows you to control beasts by infecting them with your shadow, making them slightly stronger and giving them the ability to infect other beasts as well. You can also take over those that are infected. What would you need these things for? You’re plenty strong enough as it is, right?’

Quinn shook his head.

‘Our opponent has been building up his strength for a long time. Most likely, he has a new type of Dalki behind, some perhaps stronger or as strong as Graham was. But, this time, I don’t have my friends to help me either, they have all forgotten about me, so I have to build it myself. Build my army.’

The infection process was complete, and a slight shadowy mist was covering the beast in front of him. The wounds on its body were slightly healing, but in the area where they would heal, the fur would be slightly patchy, as if not healing fully or partially dead.

Still, the important thing was, now, with the beast in front of him, Quinn could feel a connection. He could feel the shadow flowing through its body.

‘This one had an interesting ability. I will keep him on me.’ Quinn thought as a shadow covered its entire body and was soon placed in the shadow space.

With the shadow space the way it is now, Quinn could easily store more things in it, and it made him wonder what would happen if he were to store someone strong in it.

Technically with him not running out of MC cells, if he were to store someone weak, no matter how many times they attack the space boundaries, the MC cells would restore in time. In simple words, breaking out would be near impossible.

Only those that were strong enough that could outmatch the output of the space could break out. In fact, the total output of the shadow space could have been stronger than the shadow Quinn could create.

Of course, when he isn’t in space, he won’t be able to reinforce the shadow with Qi, nor could he condense the shadow there as he did in battles. If he had trapped the demon-tier beasts in there from the beginning, it was likely that they could break out as well.

Still, it was one of the best storage spaces he had and a good place to keep prisoners who weren’t at that level.

Going to the next demon-tier beast Quinn had done the same by placing his hand on their heads. He believed that the skill would work on all three since he had beaten them close to death and had injured both of them beyond the point where they were unable to move.

This was why unsurprisingly, both of the demon-tier breasts were now infected by the shadow. Just like the other beast, the wounds were now healing, looking different from before but still having the bulk of the same appearance they had before.

Quinn observed both of them as they recovered, and their bodies were fully able and ready to stand again. He wanted to play around with the shadows built, and he did. He could use the infect skill to unlock his other skills and see through the eyes of the green beast.

‘So this is what it looks like to look at myself?’ Quinn thought. ‘It’s a strange feeling. But the main problem is I don’t really know how to use this body. I would be better off trying to control something like this myself, but maybe a few orders will work.’

Queen’s consciousness was transported back into his own body. It was a similar feeling to when Quinn had used the demon-tier amulet to go into the body of the Dalki. But since the Dalki just used their arms and legs to fight and were human-shaped, it was easier to use them than the beasts.

“Infect around half of the beasts on this planet. Focus on infecting the stronger ones. Eliminate the weak beasts,” Quinn ordered, hoping the infected beasts understood his words. “Stay away from the vampires and the vampire settlement. If an infected beast is to see them, then it must run away from them.

“For both of you, you should not appear in front of the vampires. I will make them believe you’re no more,” Quinn added.

The beasts didn’t answer and stared back at him. It seemed like they could not speak like before. At least, that’s what Quin thought until the Green beast opened its mouth.

“As you wish.” The Green beast said.

Nell and Ronkin were still by the side and had witnessed everything. They witnessed the entirety of the fight, Quinn using his shadow powers and then saw him ordering the beasts. They were already beyond impressed and were in a complete daze.

This was sure to become a myth even if they did tell anyone. The guard who saved the vampire settlement in secret, but not only that, he now controlled the beasts of the forest.

Turning his head, Quinn looked at the two of them and thought about the other eight that had escaped as well. Was it inevitable? Could he really no longer live the life that Layla had wished for?

Earlier, he thought he could at least make it until his child was born, or if possible, until it grew up to be as old as Minny and strong enough to defend himself. All he could do now was to prepare for what was to take place because, without a doubt, Quinn would protect his family.

‘How should I even begin to explain this to all of Layla? Well, if I leave now, maybe I can get to the settlement and catch the other vampires before they arrive and remove their memories with my influence skill.’ Quinn thought of damage control methods. He wanted to keep the peace in his life as long as possible, at least until there was no other way possible.

Just as he was about to move, though, a vampire suddenly appeared and landed in the area in front of them. He was wearing sunglasses and a Hawaiian shirt, and only one man that Quinn knew would dress like so.

“Quinn, are you alright? Do you need any help with the…” Edvard paused for a second as he could see the two beasts standing on the edge. He noticed the light shadow covering their bodies, and as soon as they made eye contact with him, the Owl flew away, with the Green Beast following shortly after.

They quickly flew into the distance and entered the forest, but Edvard didn’t chase them because he could tell that the two that just left were Demon-tier beasts looking around the area, most of which were destroyed as well, and there were traces of energy left. It was no doubt to him that a fight had occurred.

But all this confused him. Why did these two demon-tier beasts run away? And what about the three demon-tier beasts that were attacking the area?

With a frown, he turned his attention towards Quinn and the other.

“What is going on? I was informed that there were three Demon-tier beasts here. What happened?” He asked.


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