My Vampire System Chapter 2045: The Shadow Of Darkness

Both Nell and Ronkin had heard about the shadow powers. Their history was known in two ways, one was more recent coming from the Red vampires, who a lot of the vampires in the settlement used to be a part of.

The ones that knew how to control the shadow were one of the vampire leaders Laxmus, and the others were the guardians. This knowledge wasn’t forgotten, but at the same time, many vampires had been told the history of the old vampires during their time, a time when the first settlement used to exist.

A lot of vampire’s parents would talk about this as a matter from the past as if it was something that would never happen again. Due to certain circumstances here they were again and there was a settlement, but in the old times there were vampires that were known as the Punishers that also had the power of the shadow.

“Who is Quinn?” Nell asked, staring off from the sidelines after seeing him block a powerful attack from the three beasts.

“I’m… really not sure anymore, but all I do know is, he’s living in this settlement, and he’s going to kick those beasts’ arse!” Ronkin stated, happy for his friend’s power.

With both guns in Quinn’s hands, he was looking for a way to finish off the beasts that were coming toward him. He wanted to test out their power originally, to see what abilities they had, but in the end, the comments made about attacking the settlement worried him a little and it was time to end this fast.

Which was why he had brought out the strongest weapons he had in his arsenal, and was wearing the armour at the same time.

Flying toward Quinn, first was the large owl-like beast, but instead of using his vampire aura, or any of the swords to strike it down, from above Quinn had created a large shadow portal.

With his new powers, within a certain range, Quinn could create solid shadows and they were easier to create in the shadows themselves.

Not only that, but due to Quinn’s unlimited amount of MC cells, and his large amounts of Qi, he could do things like so. A large shadow hand had come out from the portal above and grabbed the winged creature.

The shadow hand was tight and strong as it contracted the owl’s wings, and soon pushed it right onto the ground, holding it in place.

‘The Qi amount I have is large since having absorbed that of the others… combining it with the shadow, it allows me to use a solid form like this… and it’s something that not even the demon beast can easily break out of.’

Seeing this, Quinn pointed his gun towards the owl, aiming right towards its head. He pulled the trigger letting out a regular strong blood bullet, two shots one from each weapon.

At the same time, the green beast had appeared and was right by Quinn’s side, its arm, along with the vines, had turned into a type of spear, and was aiming right towards Quinn’s head. As the bullets travelled though, they didn’t hit the owl, and instead they went through another shadow.

There was a shadow surrounding Quinn’s body that he would hover around himself, and from his body itself, not even from the guns, the red blood bullets had come out hitting the beast twice. They ripped through its body with ease, and from the beast backing up, it was clear it never expected something like this.

“Are you trying to run away now!” Quinn said, looking towards the green beast. The shadow from his back started to form another arm, it looked like. Weak at first, but it was heading straight toward the beast.

With the gun again, Quinn shot out a few more bullets, one after the other, hitting the beast’s leg, piercing through it. He continued to fire at the vine-like body until it looked like one of its legs had been separated from its body.

At that point, the beast stumbled and the shadow hand was able to catch up with it. Seeing this, the beast opened up its mouth and a strange pink beam was ready to come out. It exited from its mouth, but as it hit the shadow hand it did nothing and it eventually grabbed him as well.

Pulling the green beast in the air, Quinn used the shadow to put one of the guns away, as he moved the beast right towards him.

“These guns are strong and useful, but nothing beats the feeling of giving someone a good pounding right to the face!” Quinn said, as his entire arm glowed red and he punched the green beast, sending him off to the back of the mountain, causing him to crash into a hole.

As Nell and Ronkin watched the beasts, demon tier beasts being dealt with like they were next to nothing, they had to remind themselves that these weren’t just any beasts that Quinn was fighting against, but Demon tier beasts.

Quinn could feel part of his shadow disappearing a little, even with the Qi, he turned around and could see the two headed antler beast glowing a light blue. For whatever reason, perhaps some power of light of some kind was affecting his shadow.

Quinn tried to move it, but even with the Qi, it was unable to reach the two headed antler beast.

“Ha ha ha!” The antler beast laughed with one of its heads while the other started to speak. “It looks like your shadow that you have trapped the others with won’t work on me! No wonder you were so confident before, now it’s all starting to make sense!”</>

The antler beast then prepped its horns, and focused some of the light blue energy towards Quinn, it charged in kicking large pieces of the mountain, sending rocks falling to the side. It was a bust of quick energy straight toward Quinn.

“So my shadow doesn’t work against you? Well that’s a shame.” Quinn stated.

[Nitro accelerate activated]

The beast looked up, and suddenly Quinn was no longer in his view, but soon after that, he appeared from behind and punched the beast right in the middle of its back with a red filled energy aura fist. A crack was heard as the bones in the beast were shattered.

Not letting up, Quinn quickly moved to the other side, using his strength, aura, and Qi, all in one to deliver another devastating blow on the other leg. He had slowed down the beast’s movement, but it didn’t seem to be the end, the beast was pretty resilient.

Leaping up in the air, Quinn started to gather the aura, and gather multiple swords in the air, he used his shadow to create wings that were moving, allowing him to float slightly. After that he summoned the guns once again.

That wasn’t the end of what Quinn was doing though, he knew that the other beasts would recover, they were demon tier beasts after all, which was why his shadow was used to create portals everywhere, in every direction from where the beasts currently were.

“It’s time to do some damage!” Quinn stated.

The hundreds of blood swords were sent through the portals, Quinn started to fire his guns away, and as they went through the portals they exited out from different areas, hitting the beast’s again and again.

They did their best trying to avoid the attacks or use their powers to destroy the swords, but it looked like it was doing nothing. Quinn continued to fire at the antler beast with his two guns one after the other.

Creating large wounds on its back, and when it looked like everything was starting to settle down, he placed the guns away once again, and kicked off the ceiling of the cave and slammed his fist right on the antler beast’s back.

Dust kicked up in the whole area, and part of the mountain seemed to have tilted slightly to one side. When the dust finally settled, both Ronkin and Nell were now staring at the vampire standing right on top of one of the beasts.

They looked around and saw the owl’s wings were bloody full of holes, it was clear it wasn’t going anywhere. As for the green beast, its whole body was practically missing, only having a head left.

“You!” The green beast shouted. “You cruel person. You have so much power… and yet, you don’t even kill us!”

Quinn jumped off from the antler beast, who could be seen that it was slowly breathing. He then placed his hand on one of its heads.

“You are right, I am not killing you, and there is a reason for that. Perhaps what I am going to do is truly cruel, but I think it’s the best way to solve the current situation and future situations” Quinn stated.

[Shadow infect has been used]



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