My Vampire System Chapter 2044: For The Future

In the vampire settlement, the incoming wave after wave of beasts was still somewhat bearable. The leaders were doing an excellent job as they took care of the bulk of them at once. But the only problem was just a large number of enemies, so large that they couldn’t even see the end of the beast wave.

Hikel, the leader of the fourth family, was defending the front gate along with one of the other leaders, and had just shoved his hand right through the chest of a beast as humongous as a dinosaur. He had a small cut on his hand, and the next moment, the entire beast’s body exploded on the spot, causing its blood and parts of it to scatter everywhere.

“Can’t you find a cleaner way to kill the beast?” The other leader asked out of frustration as the blood from the beast had covered half of his face.

“I am finishing them off the quickest way, you see? But even then, more and more beasts are getting into the settlement with each wave,” Hikel let out a sigh while staring at the endless wave of beasts, “Just when is this going to stop?”

“I’ve been thinking about something for a while, and I believe we should change tactics.” The other leader replied. “Don’t you see this is a different case from the waves that occurred on Earth? What if the beast waves this time around don’t stop? Especially if there are several Nest crystals in the area where the beasts are coming from? If that’s really the problem, then no matter how many beasts we kill, it won’t change anything.”

“What do you suggest? Are you thinking of what I am thinking?”

“Yes, if you’re thinking the best thing to deal with them is to head out and find those nest crystals, or at least the beasts or whatever it is that is behind this attack. If we head out of this place, we can deal with the problem quickly.”

Hikel just then noticed a humanoid beast. It was at the king tier level, which meant it wasn’t a drastically high-level beast, so he wasn’t afraid, but he saw an opportunity to do something.

Staring at the incoming beast, Hikel smiled, “Maybe we won’t have to head out all the way to the crystal.”

“What do you mean?”

“Wait and watch.”

Running through the other beasts and ignoring them, Hikel hit the arm of the beast away and shoved his fist through its chest once again. However, instead of exploding it straight away, Hikel looked into its eyes.

“Run back into your army of beasts,” Hikel ‘chanted’ as he used his influence skill.

Taking his arm out, the beast started to head back to where the others were coming from. He could use the influence skill against intelligent beasts like humanoid ones, but it still was harder to use than a human or a vampire unless one’s influence skill was great, and Hikel had just done that.

A few moments later, when Hikel believed it was time, his eyes glowed red as he activated his ability and off in the distance, a large explosion went off, killing multiple beasts.

“We will wait for now,” Hikel replied to the leader, walking back. “The waves are still increasing in strength. When they stop, we will decide what to do. We need to trust and believe in Edvard. However, if he doesn’t report back in 2 hours, then we will make a move in the break of waves.”

Although Hikel said this, he didn’t want to move out because it would mean the settlement would have to face the wave of beasts on their own. At the moment, he wasn’t confident they could do so, and he was unaware of the situation from the inside.

From the reports the leaders were getting once in a while though, there had been minimal damage to certain areas. It seemed like the vampires were more capable than he thought. The only thing he could think of was the Green blood. Perhaps the vampires inside were using it to power themselves and fight off the beast of intruders. Or maybe, there were just some talented vampires in there that the leaders didn’t know about.


A group of vampires ran through the forest as fast as they could. Their legs kept moving, and they weren’t stopping. They felt like they had just got away with death. But, without a doubt, they were extremely lucky today.

Once in a while, as they ran through, though, beasts would appear, and the group would have to stop and fight them off. It was difficult, as they could not judge the whole situation clearly, and some vampires had injuries here and there.

Ultimately, they had to use the green liquid to power themselves and deal with the beasts, but that was it. The green blood would only give them a boost for so long, so if they ran into any more dangerous beast on the way, they felt like their life would be done for.

“Who was that guard…why was he with us?” One of the vampires asked.

“Who knows? All I know is that Edvard was the one that recommended the guards to come with us.” Anton explained. “Maybe he had a feeling something was coming up. The leader of the Fortuna has bestowed luck on us once again by sending him with us.”</>

Stin just grunted hearing this, he was thinking back to all the words he had said to the guards, all of the talks, and now because of the Guard, he was getting live.

“If he lives….if he manages to survive, I promise I will apologise for everything I said.” Stin hated that he was saved in this way and by the person that he looked down upon. He had great pride but knew where respect was and when it should be given.𝒇𝚛𝑒𝘦wℯ𝑏𝑛𝑜νℯ𝑙.co𝚖

“Finally!” One of the vampires shouted. “We are leaving this place!”

The vampire’s excitement was due to the fact that they saw different scenery. They had arrived at the forest of trees that had torn trunks. It was clear that they were now in the same place as they were before. Finally, they had broken the chain.

“A beast…that was so powerful that they could change the landscape of the forest…will that person really be okay? Even if he is a powerful guard.” Anton thought as he was starting to regret leaving the vampire alone, but he soon realised they could have done nothing to help.

“We must get back and inform the leaders of everything as soon as possible,” Anton said, having calmed down a little as he was about to get out his communication device. While trapped in the loop, the devices had malfunctioned, but now he guessed it would work. As he pulled out a special communication device similar to a small square attached to his uniform, and after pressing it a few times, he was ready to make a call.

“There’s no need for that. I’m already here myself, so you can report to me in person.” A voice was heard.

When Anton looked up along with the rest of the vampires, they saw a brightly dressed vampire in front of them.

“9th leader!” All the vampires immediately went down on one knee, with a fist on the ground, as they greeted the ninth leader, Edvard.

“Report what you have seen to me so far,” Edvard commanded as he noticed quite a few missing people.

Being the group leader, Anton reported everything, including what the Guard known as Quinn was currently doing or what they assumed he was doing.

‘So…he decided to reveal his powers after all, but from the sound of it, he didn’t use his shadow powers in front of them, but these people certainly will find him suspicious.’ Edvard thought.

“I can’t say you didn’t do the right thing,” Edvard stated. “But we are in a tricky situation than I originally thought. All of you are to lead me back to where the beasts currently are. I will support the Guard to the best of my abilities. If it turns out that he and I are not enough to defeat the beast, then you will be in charge of reporting back the state of the beast to the others.”

Some of the vampires looked nervous as Edvard said this. To go back to the beasts, was Edvard telling all of them to die? Surely, they would need more than just one of the vampire leaders to face these creatures. Yet none of them would ever be brave enough to tell a leader that he wasn’t strong enough to their face.

Since there were no objections, Anton took the lead, and the group headed back to where they had just come from.

‘Truthfully, I only need one to lead the way.’ Edvard thought. ‘But…I will do my best to keep your secret. You did the unexpected and chose to save these men’s lives, so I will do as you asked and keep your secret safe.’

While heading there, Edvard just hoped he would get there in time to provide support. The last thing he wanted to do was to be the cause of Arthur’s pupil’s death. If things were really true, as Quinn stated, it was best that he was left alive.

‘I will look after him, wherever you are, Arthur.’ Edvard thought


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