My Vampire System Chapter 2043: Good People

A vampire aura of unimaginable strength had just been summoned, and the next second a large spear had been thrown, destroying the blocked pathway of vines that were behind the vampires. Even if there were a hundred vampires, all using their blood slash skill on the wall of vines, Anton and the others felt like they would have never been able to break through such a thing, yet they had seen it happen with a single vampire in front of their very own eyes.

“What are you guys waiting for?” Quinn said. “You were complaining the whole time that you had no way of escaping this place, now you can escape, so leave.”

The vampires were slightly confused and left in a daze. They were worried moments ago that if they moved their lives would be lost to the dangerous beasts, and now that the exit was open in front of them, they wondered if it was true or all an illusion.

“You are strong, but we demon tier beasts are on a level that you can’t even understand, just because you destroyed some vines, you think you can beat us?” The green beast declared.

The owl beast was the first to make a move, as it flapped its wings, it was a strong powerful flap that moved the wind creating a gust that blew towards them and rustled their hair. If they were a regular human, they were sure some would be taken off of their feet by this.

Opening its wide mouth though, it looked like a large gust of wind was gathering in its mouth and it was a strange dark greyish wind, the next moment a large tornado had shot out from the owl’s mouth.

‘I have to block this, so for now let’s match power for power.’ Quinn lifted his hand and the red aura started to gather again. As he swung out his hand, a vortex of blood came out and crashed into the tornado. The two powers were colliding, but the blood wasn’t done just yet.

It seemed to have somewhat consumed the tornado, as red strikes were breaking it apart, both attacks seemed to have joined together in size and creating an even larger attack. With blood control, Quinn swung his hands moving it, and aimed it right back at the owl.

It was inches away from the owl beast, the two headed antler beast stood in its way and its body started to glow with a slight blue energy around it. When the tornado hit the beast it started to disappear bit by bit, causing the attack to vanish.

‘I can see why these beasts were confident, they are stronger than the typical demon tier.’ Quinn thought. ‘The vampire aura I am using isn’t just a regular aura, it was enhanced by the demon’s from the other world. That was how my blood was able to outmatch even the originals with the Dalki enhancement. With three of them, it would be easier if I took them all out at once.’

The vampires were amazed at what they had just seen, a large vortex of blood. Was this power something that the leader’s could even perform? They were unsure, but they were certain now that Quinn wasn’t just an ordinary guard.

“This is the last time I’m telling you to get out of here, otherwise I will no longer care about your life.” Quinn said.

There was something about the words that shook Anton, because he felt like there was some truth to it. With this much power, why didn’t Quinn just defeat the beast when it came to the tree trunk that time.

Also, he could have volunteered to have been the guard, and saved one of their vampire’s lives? Yes he was saving their lives now, but it didn’t feel like he truly cared about what happened to them. If they overstayed to watch this battle, Anton had a feeling Quinn wouldn’t protect them from an attack.

“Let’s get out of here, this is our chance. We can’t do anything to help him anyway!” Anton shouted and he was the first one to lead the way.

When the other vampires saw this, it allowed them to move as well, and they were soon running down the side of the mountain at a fast speed. The only thing was, not all of them had run away.

“Quinn, we can’t leave you alone. You should come with us and we should escape!” Ronkin shouted.

“He’s right, you are a strong guard, the strongest I have seen, but with the leaders we can win this fight with 100 percent certainty!” Nell added as well.

Quinn smiled, of all things, he never thought after displaying some of his powers that he would still be referred to as a guard, and they stayed back because they were concerned about him as well.

‘Although, through my journeys I have met very bad people in the world. I have also met many good ones as well.’

“You don’t have to worry about me, if I can’t get rid of these beasts, then there is no chance that the leaders would be able to do anything.” Quinn stated.

“Then… we’re staying!” Ronkin shouted. “We can’t just abandon you here. You said you were strong right, you said we have nothing to worry about right. Then it would be fine if we stayed here.”

Quinn took a quick glance at the two, they were quite far away from him, and there were only two of them. He tried to eye up the strength of the beasts in front of him as well. One thing was for sure, after taking one of their attacks, Quinn was sure he could deal with the three beasts. They were not at the level of the two headed dragon.

If they were, and all three of them had that level of strength, it would be a large issue for him.</>

‘I’m excited for this! Maybe we can absorb all three of the demon tier crystals and make some more bullets. Or I can start teaching you how to forge weapons and create a new set of demon tier weapons!’ Alex said excitedly in Quinn’s mind.

‘I’m sorry.’ Quinn replied. ‘But I have another idea for them.’

“You seem to be awfully relaxed about the situation.” The green beast stated. “You are that confident that you allow your friends to just watch? If we had known you were this foolish, we would have attacked the settlement a long time ago.

“And, those vampires you saved, you have just delayed their fate. While you are here, your settlement, as you call it, is being attacked, I’m sure you have those you care about that live there and now you are stuck here.”

The smile on Quinn’s face continued as he looked up.

“You beasts have it all wrong, my daughter… her mother. They both could deal with you. It’s just unfortunate that the one you have to deal with right now… is me.”

The beast seemed angered and they hadn’t just been talking for no reason, they were gathering their energy. The two headed antler beast charged up its mystic glowing blue light and all the energy was stored in its antlers.

Around the green beast’s hand, a pink energy was swirling in his palm, and the owl was creating the same attack as before. Three demon tier beasts were using a lot of their energy and were ready to combine their attack into one.

“I know Quinn told us not to worry… but I can’t help but worry when I see that.” Ronkin stated.

Nell felt the same way, but Quinn stood there, still confident and it was at that moment, a strange shadow rose over his body. It covered him from head to toe, and when it vanished his armour had completely changed to a darkened red.

“Did you see that?” Nell asked, his eyes almost popping out of his head.

“See what?” Ronkin replied. “I’m worried about the beasts right now!”

All three of their attacks left their bodies and combined with each other. They were aimed at one point and started to swirl around each other. Quinn lifted both of his hands that were by his side and as he moved them, instead of red aura, the shadow was seen instead.

The shadow grew in front of Quinn, creating a large wall and as the attack hit it, it was unable to go through the shadow at all, and soon the shadow started to grow, as it slightly wrapped around the energy. Then the shadow had disappeared and so had the attack.

Shadow then appeared in both of Quinn’s hands, and two guns had soon appeared.

“I’ll say it again, you should have trusted your instincts.”



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