My Vampire System Chapter 2042 Horde Wave And The Settlement (Part 5)

Minny was standing there on top of the beast. She wasn’t next to it, by its side, or even underneath it. It was clear that she was standing on top of it, and there was a large hole through its chest.

At the same time, there was black blood that covered the entirety of her hand, and a lot of it had gotten on her clothes as well. Just moments ago, before the dust had settled, Jared had seen it as well, he had seen her red coloured eyes. A trait that only occurs when one was using their aura, whether it was within or outer aura.

It took Minny a few seconds to look at her surroundings, honestly she was searching to see if there were any more beasts in the area that needed to be taken care of, and when glancing around she saw two figures.

‘I see no beasts… but I see two vampires.’ Minny thought, as she continued to move her head towards the right, but soon stopped right there. ‘Wait a second… two vampires. Did I just see two vampires?’

She soon turned her head again, and now her eyes were locked with Jared’s and soon locked with Hebe’s as well. Minny’s eyes were moving back and forth between the two, she then eventually looked down at the dead beast under her, then at her hands as well.

Both Jared and Hebe felt like they were witnessing a kid getting caught in the act of something. Usually, it would be taking food, or copying someone else’s homework, it was a unique look.

‘Is this for real?’ Jared thought. ‘She had to have taken out that beast in the sky, but then that means also all the fighting the other student heard, all the beasts in school and all the beasts here.’

Looking around, the number of beasts around the school, in total, had to come close to around thirty or maybe even close to forty. It was hard for Jared to believe that such a small vampire was able to do all of that, he doubted the head teacher, Mr. Cripe could do such a thing.

He was so amazed that Jared had let his thoughts slip out from his mouth.

“Did you do all of this? Did you kill all of these beasts?” He asked.

All the cogwheels in Minny’s head were turning, she was trying to think of a way out of the situation. She hadn’t used her powers in front of them, and they hadn’t seen her kill all of the beasts, so surely she could come up with some kind of excuse.

She wanted to speak, she really did, but she started to break down and panicking in the type of situation she was in, Minny started to cry.

“WAHHHH!” Minny cried, tears flowing out of her eyes. “WAHHH! Minny is a bad girl, Daddy and Mommy are going to hate Minny!” she started to sniffle, panicking and taking quick breaths.

“This vampire.” Hebe said with a raised eyebrow. “This vampire who can’t even control her emotions, did all of this.”

In Hebe’s mind she was more worried about the other vampires. The scene in front of them proved that Minny was just a kid, but with such extraordinary power. Didn’t it mean she could easily be swayed and used, or even angered at a click of a finger.

“Minny.” Jared called out. “Let’s… forget all of this happened. That’s what you want right?”

Minny crying had started to slow down as she looked at Jared. Instead of coming up with a lie, it looked like Jared would keep her secret.

“You really mean it?” Minny asked. “I can give you some juice boxes if you want?”

Jared smiled at the comment.

“It’s okay, I have my own juice boxes, and don’t worry, you must have been hiding your strength for a reason right, and I can tell Minny isn’t a bad girl. Look, you did all this because you wanted to protect everyone. Come on, let’s head back and see everyone. They’re worried about you.”

Minny nodded in response as she started to walk over to the other two, still wiping her tears away. She had a feeling that Jared was quite the good vampire, he even had the face of one, whatever that was.

When walking over though, all three of their ears twitched, because they could hear the sound of beasts, and not just a few but many.

“Is it the third wave?” Jared said, as he looked at the sky and several flying beasts were seen in the sky, two headed creatures, long necked monsters, large horned ones and all sorts were flying over, while at the same time there were creatures on the ground that had climbed over the walls of the stadium and were now running down the seats.

“They already broke through the wall and are here, there are hundreds of them… how… how will the teachers be able to defend against this?” Jared thought.

The vampires in their castles, the stronger ones that lived there could survive, but with the sheer amount of beasts, there were bound to be many casualties and judging by the fact that no one had come to help them, it looked like the school was something the leaders thought was fine to sacrifice.

Minny turned around, and looked toward all of the beasts, those in the air, and those stampeding towards them.

‘If I transform… if I transform into my other form… I can maybe defeat them quickly, but I already broke one promise using more of my power. If I transform and use my shadow power as well… Dad will hate me even more.’ Minny thought, as she was hesitating.

“Minny I know you’re strong but there’s no way you can take on that many!” Jared shouted. “Let’s head back and get help from the teachers.”

Minny squinted hard, closing her eyes, what should she do, what was the right choice in the end?

“What is that, what are all those black balls in the air?” Hebe asked.

When opening her eyes again, Minny could see them. They were small black balls that looked like snowballs, but Minny had seen this once before, and it meant that a particular person was here.

As the beasts in the air touched the black balls, and the beasts on the ground ran into them, chains appeared all around the beasts, holding them in their place.

“I was too worried about you, but I’m happy to see you are doing fine.” A voice said, a soft gentle voice that made Minny burst into tears instantly… One of the most important people to her in the world.

The strange woman stood in front of them all, appearing seemingly out of nowhere, with a sword attached to her side and in her hand was a bow, but it looked like there were no arrows, until something had formed onto the bow itself. Five arrows seemingly made out of a strange yellow energy.

Letting go of the string, the five arrows shot out in the air at a fast speed, and using her hand, she controlled them carefully. The arrows pierced the heads of beasts and not just one, but an arrow would easily go through each of them easily as it killed them on the spot.

These arrows were made out of Qi, and they were incredibly strong. At the same time, using the ability of telekinesis, they could be controlled to go through every single one of the beasts while they were chained up like sitting ducks.

“Who… is this woman?” Hebe asked, with a mouth wide open, because with her it looked like the wave would be no trouble at all. The display that was being shown and the strange powers, it was something that wasn’t even read about in history books, but there was no doubt if someone saw this it would have been recorded.

Minny ran up to her, and grabbed the woman on the leg, holding tight.

“Mommy, I missed you!” Minny cried.

“Mommy?” Both Jared and Hebe looked at each other and stated in unison.


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