My Vampire System Chapter 2041 Horde Wave And The Settlement (Part 4)

After Minny had defeated the beast that had infiltrated the school, she was wondering just what the next best thing to do would be. She stayed there looking at the beast, and with her senses she could hear there were more around the school.

‘What… Do I do? If I leave, I can join up with the others.’ Minny thought. ‘The teachers will try to protect us, but if there are stronger beasts, will they be able to? If I have to protect them then, everyone will know my secret.

‘Without dad here… if dangerous beasts come, then only Minny can help the ones in the school.’

With this in her head, she thought it was best if she roamed around the school getting rid of the beasts, and that’s exactly what she did. Out from the broken glass window, MInny quickly climbed up onto the next few floors.

From here, she hung from the side and could see that in the other hallways, there were beasts roaming around.

‘Let’s clear out the school first of all.’ Minny thought, as she leapt right across from one hallway to another. The school was shaped in a rectangle so she had leapt from one edge of the building to another and quickly pulled herself up through the broken glass.

In the hallway, there were three of the same dog-like beasts that there were on the lower floor.

‘If there are other students in the school, they will still be in trouble if they try to leave from their hiding place.’

Minny ran forward, the strange vines that came out from the dog’s backs moved like whips. They were incredibly fast and would hit most vampires, but not Minny.

The claws on her entire hand were red, and swinging them, they sliced right through the beast’s head, killing it in one go. She didn’t stop there as she continued forward, seeing the next beast. Minny leapt up to the side of the wall, and then pushed off with both her hands in front of her.

Her fists had crushed the skull of the beast, and finally with the last one she swung her arm, releasing a large blood swipe that grazed the top of the ceiling as well as the floor. A large indent was left as the blood swipe tore the beast completely in half.

‘I have to keep going, and maybe I can do the next floor a bit faster.’ Minny thought to herself, enjoying the situation a little. After being restricted all the time, this was a situation she didn’t think would occur often.


Jared and Hebe had been given a list of the students that currently weren’t present in the hall. They thought this would be useful because the most likely case was the students were still hovering around the classrooms or at least on the same floor.

There were students who were always on a toilet break, or had been taken out, maybe even late to class or lost on the way. In total they numbered five, including Minny.

“Can you hear anything?” Hebe asked, as they scouted the ground floor first.

“No… it’s quiet, a lot quieter compared to before.” Jared stated. “Does that mean it’s near the end of the beast wave? We should probably try and find the students as quickly as possible before the next wave of beasts come.”

The two of them had found one of the students crying, hiding out in their classroom locker. They escorted him back to the sports hall with lightning speed.

Another student had been found, just wandering in the hallway of the second floor, saying they had come out after they no longer heard any scary noises.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all good news, as they had found one student, in the grade below there with his neck ripped out. For now, they had placed his body in a classroom and locked the door shut, hoping that the beasts wouldn’t come for it and they could get it back later. Bringing a dead body back to the sports hall wouldn’t be good for morale nor was it something the students should see.

Honestly, even Jared and Hebe were struggling with it, but they forced themselves to continue as there were still two students out there who needed to come back.

The good news was, as they searched through the floors, they could see that on each one, all of the beasts had been taken care of, they were killed.

“Who… did all of this?” Hebe asked. “All of our grade had already reached the sports hall before the attack, including the teachers.”

“You’re right, it’s almost as if someone has been cleaning the floors of beasts, one by one.” Jared commented.

“Jared!” A male student called out from behind. The two were in the same grade so they recognised each other immediately. “I’m so glad you’re here, I thought I was a goner. Let’s head to the sports hall together, that’s where everyone has gathered, right?”

“Yeah, we were looking for you, actually.” Jared replied. “We can head to the sports hall now, but I have to ask, have you seen a little girl, a little darker skinned than usual with curly hair?”

“I’m not sure.” The student replied, there was a lot of noise and it sounded like fighting, so I took a peek to see. I was hiding in the toilets and when I came out, I did see something run towards the training grounds in the back, but I thought it was another beast.”

Both Jared and Hebe had searched every single area of the school halls and classrooms and they still hadn’t found Minny or her body, so this was their only clue.

After helping their fellow student get back, it was time for them to head to the training grounds. This was an outside area where their practical training would take place.

It was somewhat like a stadium because there was a stand that surrounded the whole area, and a large field with training dolls and equipment. Although the two could see no signs of Minny, they could see dead beasts, multiple dead beasts.

They were in the corridor, on the field, in the stands, everywhere. It was clear that someone was eliminating them all.

“Did one of the families come and help protect the school?” Hebe thought as the two stood in the centre of the training ground. They looked, but were unable to see anything, until they heard a slight growl coming from above.

The two quickly jumped out of the way, diving to opposite sides, and a big object had landed right where they were standing, crashing down. It skidded across the floor, uprooting the grass and eventually coming to a halt.

When the two looked at what it was, it appeared to be a winged beast, with white fur and looking somewhat like a giant owl, but there was something else that was on top of it, with two black bloody fists.

“Minny…” Jared said.


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