My Vampire System Chapter 2040 Horde Wave And The Settlement (Part 3)

Tobi was unable to use vampire aura in the best of conditions, with no one around him or any distractions. Sure sometimes, based on what emotional outlet the vampire was best at, they would be able to perform something in this type of tense situation, but that wasn’t the case for most and it was the same way for Tobi.

Minny knew this, as she sprinted forward after seeing the startled students, and threw a punch, hitting it right in the jaw and sending it crashing into the wall of the hallway.

“Minny… you saved me.” Tobi said, as his heart started to beat harder again, it was a similar feeling to what he felt from before.

“It’s not dead, so get out of here!” Minny shouted as the vines were coming toward her, and they started to wrap around her arms and legs. It was pulling her in, towards itself.

‘I… I have to keep my promise but I also… don’t want anyone to die.’ Minny thought.

“Please get out of here, and Tobi!” Minny shouted. “You owe Abby a favour, so look after her.”

“Minny!” Abby shouted and went toward her, but Tobi quickly grabbed her hand. “We have to leave… you know Minny is strong.”

Just then, the beast pulled MInny in the air toward it, but she shoved her hands right on its upper and bottom jaw, using her strength to stop it from biting her.

Tobi wanted to help, but knew he was useless as he ran off, leading Abby away and at the same time the rest of the kids had left as well. Minny waited to hear them take another turn, and she knew there was just one final stretch before the sports hall; it looked like they would make it.

Her arms, which were shaking before when trying to stop the beast’s mouth from biting her, were shaking no longer, and Minny stared directly at the dog-like beast.

“You tried hurting them.” Minny said, as she easily used her strength and pulled apart the top jaw and bottom jaw of the beast, ripping it essentially in half and the black blood going over her face.

Her red eyes could still be seen clearly glowing, as she looked annoyed more than anything.


Inside the sports hall, Tobi and the others had entered, two teachers that were by the wide double doors, quickly closed the doors behind them and stood guard. They had made a small peep hole in the door so they could see who was on the other side.

It looked like Tobi’s class was the last to arrive, as all of the other students were present, including the older children as well, and Mr Cripe was at the back of the room with a bit of black blood on him

He hadn’t just been standing around. In the open area that led to the sports hall, there were quite a few beasts on the outside. He had cleared the area so the students were able to get there safely.

“What’s the news so far?” Mr Ihop, the practical lesson instructor, asked the head teacher.

“I received an update.” Mr Cripe replied. “We are under what is known as a beast horde attack. The monsters come in waves, each time stronger than the last. After receiving this information I thought it was best that the teachers band together.”

“Can… the leaders not handle this, even with their strength?” Mr Ihop asked, frightened at the thought if that was the case,

“No, the news I have gotten is that the leaders are doing quite well. The problem in itself is the number of beasts. The waves get stronger and from the looks of it, their numbers are getting larger as well.

“When speaking to someone who was knowledgeable at these events, they stated it was like the settlement was facing three separate horde waves at once. These numbers… are large.” Mr Cripe explained.

The doors to the sports hall were opened again, and this time entering the room was Miss Bedford, she had a few cuts on her body here and there, but they would heal quickly with a bit of blood.

She had managed to deal with the beast, and she was happy to see her students there sitting down on the floor.

Quickly, she rushed over, and the first thing she did was a register, to see if all the students were there.

“22…22?” Miss Bedford had a dreaded thought, and she soon realised who was missing out of all the students. “Where is Minny, is she not with the class, is she somewhere else?”

Hearing this, both Abby and Tobi stood up.

“You didn’t see her miss?” Abby asked. “But… Minny, she was fighting a beast ahead of you. You should have seen her… you didn’t see her?”

Once again Abby was on the verge of tears, and Miss Bedford nearly was as well, but she quickly remembered what she had seen on the way there.

“Minny stayed back to fight a beast, she was protecting us! We have to go help her!” Tobi shouted.

MIss Bedfrod started to think.

‘There was another dead beast in the hallway. I assumed it was one of the other teachers, but what if it wasn’t. Is Minny really strong enough to take out a beast like that?

‘Even I struggled greatly… and if she did, where is Minny right now?’

MIss Bedford had done as she asked and reported the missing children, and Minny wasn’t the only one missing either.

“What… what do we do?” Mr Cripe thought, as he placed his hand on his chin. “There are quite a few missing children. It is our responsibility to keep them safe, but if another big attack were to occur we might need all of the teachers to help protect the students.

“Sending a big task force won’t help. Yet… it is calmer now, maybe sending someone out before the next wave of beasts is the best thing to do.’

That was when a particular student had called out.

“Mr Cripe!” Jared shouted. “I have a proposal, me and Hebe will go look for the missing students. You know our strength, we can deal with these beasts. We might be the only students that can.

“If it looks too hard, then we will quickly come back!” Jared declared.

Jared was the top student of the school, and the most skillful based on the assessments and information the school had gotten. Mr Cripe, as well as Mr Ihop, had seen his skills first hand.

He was a reliable student as well, but sending out a student to do a teacher’s duty felt wrong, but what choice did they have?

“Fine… but do as you said. The second you see a beast or any sign of trouble beyond your capabilities, you are to return here immediately!” Mr Cripe ordered.


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