My Vampire System Chapter 2039 Horde Wave And The Settlement (Part 2)

The shock wave that had been created from Hikel’s blood could be felt through the ground of the whole settlement, and rather than making the vampires worry less, instead they were more afraid than before.

Many of them thought that the battle was so intense that the leaders had no choice but to use this level of power. Yet they were unaware of the truth, now staying in their homes and more until they received the order.

At the gate itself, the second wave of beasts were easy to deal with, due to Hikel’s little display before. The beasts that had survived had come in half injured, and not even all of the leaders had to get involved to take out the second wave of beasts that were mostly at the king tier level.

“This is a wave of beasts?” One of the larger vampires that towered over the others yelled. He was nearly double in size compared to the rest of them and was named Wallace Dawn, the creator of the seventh family, and the vampire that was known to have the strongest defence in existence.

“Why do they come out a wave at a time, why not just come at us all at once!” Wallace declared, as he banged his chest much like an oversized gorilla.

“I’m sure they have their reasons.” Hikel stated. “We should prepare ourselves, we have no idea how many waves there will be. Perhaps they are trying to tire us out before the real enemy arrives.”

The sound of more beasts coming their way was heard, but before they had arrived, each one of them telepathically had received a report. Although the Snacker family no longer existed, there were still vampires that knew the ability.

Regardless of this, there was no intention of bringing their family back. The rules were made quite clear when Jim Eno had awakened them, that he wished to create the strongest vampire group.

If the originals had managed to perish due to their own foolishness, then there was no need to have their name to continue to be carved into history, this was their legacy.

As for the report itself, it was something they had expected but not on this scale.

“Those slimy b*stards!” Grenlet shouted. “They’re attacking the other gates. Just how many beasts are there that are attacking the settlement? It must consist of all the beasts on the entire planet!” His belly jiggled as he said these words.

“The original vampires against the whole planet of beasts, I like this as a first test.” Wallace smiled.

The problem was, the settlement was large and even if the leaders split up and went to the other gates, it would be too late. Some of the beasts would enter the place, and with this being the third wave, the level of beasts would be between King tier and Emperor tier.

Some of the vampires would have difficulty fighting against that.

“We must split now, two leaders at each gate, and when the final wave comes, we will group up once more!” Hikel ordered, as he took charge of the situation.


In the school, the kids had taken cover under their desks. After the explosion that had been created shook the entire place, Miss Bedford had asked them to do so.

“This is an announcement to all teachers and pupils. Please escort your homeroom classes to the sports hall. All teachers who do not have a homeroom class, please help guide students and take a register for all the students as soon as you arrive in the sports hall.”

The announcement that Miss Bedford had been expecting had arrived.

“Come on kids, quickly line up single file, and we will head down the hall.” Miss Bedford ordered.

The kids did as they were told, and after checking the classroom to see that no one was left behind, the kids quickly went down the hall. They could see that the other teachers were doing the same thing, and rather than walking, they were jogging down the hall at a fast speed.

“I don’t like this Minny!” Abby cried. “I don’t like this at all.”

Minny held onto Abby’s hand tightly. They were all unsure of what was occuring right now, but it was clear that they didn’t want to tell the children just in case it would frighten them even more.]

While running down the hallway though, Minny’s ears could soon pick up something, and as she turned her head she could see it, right out the window.

“Look out, Miss Bedford!” Minny shouted.

Due to her warning, Miss Bedford had turned her head and now she could see it, it was a beast. It had crashed right through the glass on the side. Miss Bedford reacted by swinging her arm and delivering a blood swipe hitting the beast in the stomach, but it didn’t stop its momentum as she had to move and roll out of the way.

All of the children could see the beast. It was a dog-like beast, but a fairly large one, around the same size as a tiger. On its back there was a large bulb-like plant, and coming out from it there were several vines as well.

The vines from the dog were fast as they went to attack Miss Bedford, and with her sharp nails covered in vampire aura, she was able to slash through them, but now the dog itself was coming after her as well.

“Kids, keep heading to the sports hall, I will hold this beast back!” Miss Bedford said.

The kids could see that the other teachers and kids were already out of the hallway, most likely already in the sports hall. Miss Bedford knew that none of them could really form aura, they weren’t much help. She was the only one that could fight in this situation, so she didn’t mind… It was a sacrifice that came with the job.

“Come on!” Tobi shouted to all the other kids that were standing there. “We have to move! Or we’ll die!”

Tobi’s loud voice for once was useful in stirring the kids on, and they soon followed him, as they all ran down the hallway. At the back of the group, MInny glanced at Miss Bedford, based on what she had seen so far, as long as it was only one of these beasts at a time, Miss Bedford would be able to win in a fight.

As the kids continued down the hall, they took a right, they needed to then cross an outside path that would take them to the sports hall, but when turning right, all of the children, around twenty of them, had stopped in their tracks up ahead.

“No… no… no!” Tobi shook his head in fear, because in the other hallway there was the same type of beast here in front of him. It wasted no time as it leapt towards Tobi.

‘I… I have to think… how did I summon that aura before… otherwise I’ll die here!’ Tobi thought.

The beast opened its mouth, and Tobi started to swing his hand, but there was no red aura that had come out of it. His hand would hit the beast and simply do nothing.

Until a fist came out from the side, whacking it right in the side of the face, causing the beast to go crashing into the wall.

“Keep… moving” Minny said, standing in front of the other students.


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