My Vampire System Chapter 2038 Horde Wave And The Settlement (Part 1)

The new vampire settlement was practically a baby. It hadn’t been long since it was fully formed and that included the vampires living their lives under the families.

However, due to how vampires were, as if it was in their nature, they found it relatively easy to follow the originals. The vampires that had created them and of course those that were much more powerful than them.

The final nail in the coffin was the fact that the originals were working under Jim Eno. The vampire hero that had saved them all. For many of them, in their eyes, there was nothing he could do bad so they would trust his judgement and so far, life had been good for them, after all there hadn’t been a single attack, or a threat had yet to make it into the settlement.

Which was why, when vampires around the school, walking around the marketplace, in the shops, and in their houses, found it strange when they heard a large alarm.

It was one long loud beep, that would pause for a second or so, and then beep again.

In the school, the teacher Miss Bedford was in the middle of class when she could hear the strange alarm going off, as a teacher she was more informed of particular drills compared to the rest of the settlement.

“Everyone, please listen to my instructions and remain calm!” Miss Bedford said to them all as she stopped dead with what she was doing. “No one is to leave this room until the alarm stops. Everyone is to stay clear of the windows and the doors and be on alert.”

The alarm, along with Miss Bedford explaining things, was making them nervous, they hadn’t gone through any drills yet. They hadn’t had any time to go through practice drills, but Miss Bedford knew that the sound of the alarm was a warning, stating that the settlement was under attack.

When something had passed one of the gates without the guards permission, the sound would go off. Whether it was from above, how big the attack force was, or any of that information… they were unsure.

“When the alarm has stopped, we will wait until a different noise is played afterwards, does everyone understand?” Miss Bedford asked.

“What is happening Miss, can we go home and see our parents?” One of the kids asked, his eyes were already watering up.

This is what Miss Bedford feared, because these children were incredibly young. The older kids would be able to follow orders a little more clearly, but as for the rest…

“Your parents will be fine, we are doing this to make sure everyone is safe. So please just listen to what I say and you and your family will be okay.” Miss Bedford reassured the student and the rest of the class.

Since the lesson had been put on pause, the kids had moved about in the classroom, changing seats, and sitting next to their friends. It was more comforting for them this way.

“Minny, do you think we will be okay?” Abby asked. “The teacher, she seems worried.”

“Of course she is!” Tobi said, as he pulled up a chair joining the two girls. “That sound, we were told about it when we first arrived, it’s the alarm that the settlement is under attack, but I don’t think we have to worry about anything.

“This is just a school. Whoever, or whatever is attacking us. There’s no reason for them to attack the school. The only thing that we would have to worry about is if a wild beast entered the place.”


At the front gate, where the alarm was triggered, there were a couple of vampire deaths from the guards. There weren’t many, but there were plenty of beast bodies that had appeared by the gate.

The guards were in a panic, as they had never had an attack of this large of a scale from beasts at the settlement before. In fact, whenever the guards did see beasts as they ran towards the settlement, they would usually run away before entering.

“Have you informed the leaders!” One of the permanent outside guards shouted.]

“Yes, they said they should be here any moment.”

Just as the other vampire replied, all eight of the leaders, the original vampires that had originally created the families, were seen walking towards the gate.

It looked like they had arrived at the exact same time, and that was because they had. Moments ago they were in the middle of a meeting, discussing what was the best thing to do.

“From the information we receive this is a beast hrode, a wave or something?” Grenlet asked.

“Yes.” Hikel replied. “It seems like beasts come in waves of a particular level, and the waves get larger and larger attacking the place. I fear that this is not merely a coincidence after we had sent out Edvard.”

“You believe Edvard failed?” Another leader asked.

“No.” Hikel replied. “He hasn’t been gone long enough, but maybe this is a reaction to our actions.”

The original leaders could see the dead beasts the permanent guards had managed to slay. They then walked ahead in front of the gate and stood a few metres apart from each other.

“Did everyone bring their flasks?” Hikel asked.

“Yes.” They replied. “But do you really think we will need it, just against beasts?”

“Your right.” Hikel said as he could hear running, growling and grunting coming from over the meadows in the distance. Another wave was coming their way.

He lifted his hand and bit his thumb, soon forming it into a ball.

“This will be our first battle together, after returning. The first battle of the original vampires to defend their new home.” Hikel threw the ball of red aura high up in the air.

It went far in the distance, over the hill where they couldn’t see and a second later, a large explosion rocked the entire settlement. A dust cloud appeared and beasts were seen flying in the air. This was the power of the fourth Original, Hikel Talon.


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