My Vampire System Chapter 2037 The Power Of A Guard (Part 2)

“Are they pointing at the guard?” Stin was confused.

“Why are they pointing at him out of everyone here?”

“Didn’t you hear what they said, they said he’s the only reason why they hadn’t attacked the settlement.”

Ronkin and Nell were perplexed by this as well, even if Quinn was lucky, or could communicate with beasts, why would they pick him, why would they not attack such a place because of an unknown vampire?

At that moment, Quinn decided to drop the bag of supplies that was on his back on the floor. Before he walked over, he went to Ronkin of all the people that were there.

“Don’t worry, Ronkin, I will make sure you get to see your family.” Quinn said.

They were confident words, they weren’t shaky at all, and it was those words that made Ronkin realise, out of everyone there, Quinn wasn’t afraid at all. With the supplies off his back and him wearing the guard-like uniform, he confidently walked past Nell, finally he walked past Anton as well, and stood in front of the vampires.

“You wanted to speak to me, I’m guessing?” Quinn said, with his hands raised. “So speak, and I warn you, I’m not in the best of moods right now.”

With everything that had happened, how was he going to explain himself out of this one, it would basically be impossible.

“Why the hell is that guard talking to demon tier beasts like that!” Stin said in a shaky voice, after everything that Anton had done to calm them down, he thought this guard was going to blow it all.

“Why did you leave!” The owl asked in the same dreaded voice it had before. “Why did you come here?”

Nell, realised that he was right, the questions the owl was asking before, was directed at Quinn. For some reason, these beasts had great interest in him.

“I am a simple guard that works for the leaders of the vampire families. Due to the recent killings of several groups that have gone hunting for beasts, these scout teams were sent here, and I am sent here to carry their bags.” Quinn answered while pointing at his back.

“You seem to have a sense of humour.” The Green beast stated. “I am able to sense energy on this entire planet, and there is no energy that is greater than what is at that settlement.𝗳𝘳𝗲𝘦𝑤𝐞𝚋𝚗𝚘𝘷𝘦𝚕.𝑐𝐨m

“We never attacked the settlement, we stayed away because we knew you were there. An energy that is so large that it engulfed the entirety of that settlement, but then the energy moved away… you left the settlement for some reason. You say you are a simple guard… that is ridiculous.”

‘Have the beasts made some type of mistake.’ Anton thought. ‘The energy from the settlement has to be coming from the vampire leaders. Do they think it is coming from this guard for some reason. Maybe the guard has realised this.

‘The beasts aren’t attacking because they can sense great power and they think it’s coming from the guard. If all things fall right, he can bluff his way out of this.’ Anton saw a ray of hope.

While Quinn was thinking about what the beasts had said, they had sensed his energy. Maybe this beast was just more sensitive than others, because he was sure he was keeping it in, but it did explain one thing, why waves of beasts hadn’t attacked the settlement like they had done on the other planets.

“I gave you my answer.” Quinn said. “If you didn’t attack the settlement because of me, then that’s fine. So let us go, and we will go back to the settlement. Just like that man said over there.

“Maybe we can strike a deal, as to where the vampires can hunt, and a place for you guys to stay.”

The three beasts turned their heads at that moment, and when they looked at each other there was a big smile on their faces.

“A deal… you don’t seem to understand the situation.” The green beast replied. “Your power is strong but there are also strong powers at the settlement. The truth is we never thought that you would leave this place, and because of it, we never thought of attacking it either.

“Now that you are here, there is no one to protect the settlement. We will keep you here, you will be trapped and killed, and we will take over and become rulers of what should have been ours to begin with.”

The negotiations seemed to have failed, and Anton could see this.

“Everyone get ready to fight for your lives.”

Hearing these words one of the vampires tried to run back, and began to throw his red aura at the vines. They broke, but there were just more vines underneath. He swung his hands, firing out blood swipe after blood swipe, but the vines kept regenerating and there was no sign of them being able to break free.

“An attack on the settlement?” Quinn smirked. “You are greatly underestimating the vampires that live there. I assume the three of you are the strongest this forest has to offer, if that’s the case, I’ll tell you now, your beasts won’t even be able to make it in the settlement.”

The two headed, antler beast laughed once more.

“You are awfully cocky for someone who can’t even get out of this place.”

The vampires were all trapped, and the three demon tier beasts looked as if they were ready to pounce on them at any second. The vampires’ lives were flashing before their eyes as they thought about their loved ones, the mistakes they had made in their life.

? On top of that, Ronkin started to pray once more.

“Hey!” Quinn called out as he lifted his hand in the air, red aura was gathering in the palm of his hand, it was condensed and a large amount of it was all going to one place. Soon the shape of the blood was forming and turning into something large.

“I’ve… never seen so much blood aura… and such powerful blood aura.” Nell said, his eyes were amazed. This was something he never thought he would witness in his lifetime.

“I told you, there’s no need to pray. You will get to see your family.” Quinn turned around and held onto the pure blood formed spear, and hurled it as hard as he could behind him.

It went past all of the vampires and the second it touched the vines, it ripped them apart. Unlike the blood attack from the vampires, Quinn’s spear continued to break through all the vines, ripping them apart and burning all of the vines even though the spear wasn’t touching them.

The spear continued until it eventually reached the bottom of the path they were on and crashed into the ground, shaking the entire mountain. The pathway back was now clear and the vampires could escape, but for Quinn he had no intention of escaping as he turned his head around to look at the beasts.

“You should have listened to your instincts to not mess with me.”


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