My Vampire System Chapter 2036 The Power Of A Guard (Part 1)

Edvard had left the vampire settlement but didn’t change any of his clothes, he was still wearing a bright green coloured Hawaiian shirt this time, that somewhat blended in with the plants, and his sunglasses. What he did take with him was one of the special flasks that had been handed out by Jim Eno.

He was rushing through the area trying to find the others, but it was going to be tough when he didn’t exactly know where the others were.

‘Quinn, I know you’re a strong vampire, and you are hiding your identity, but I was hoping to know what your character is like.’ Edvard thought. ‘When your colleagues, your fellow vampires’ lives are on the line, would you just stand by and do nothing or help them?

‘However, I never expected things to get this dangerous. I feel guilty for sending you, and I never wished to send my own group of vampires to their death. So while I’m not there, all I can do is rely on you.’

The three beasts were standing on the edge, side by side with each other. It was quite an intimidating sight to see, because unlike the beasts the group were used to facing, none of them were moving forward.

A sound was soon heard from behind them, nothing drastic or loud. Just a few rocks moving, and when they turned their heads to look reluctantly, because they didn’t want to look away from the beasts in front of them, they could see that they had been trapped.

The pathway behind them was filled with vines once again. The group was quite high up on the mountain, so they imagined that even if they tried to jump off, they would suffer a bit of damage. On top of that, there was the owl with the strange wings and they were unsure whether or not it could fly, so the vampires were reluctant to test it out.

In the air, most of them were at a disadvantage. Entering the large rocky-like ground, ever since they had entered the open area, the vampires hadn’t moved from their positions, in the end, Anton the leader of the group, decided it was his duty to act.

He walked ahead, the beasts still not moving, and he was practically sweating already, still he went in front of the three guards and was now in front of the entire group.

“What are we going to do!” Stin asked, his voice was cracking as he spoke. The confident cocky vampire wasn’t cocky anymore in front of these three. “Are we going to move, fight for our lives, or just stay in a staring match all day.”

There were a lot of thoughts going through the vampires’ heads, some of them for a brief moment even blaming Quinn for leading them here, but they quickly disregarded that idea as it was clear he had no control as to where they were heading.

“Attack?” The green headed humanoid beast had spoken. One thing was clear now, that it could speak and understand them as well.

“I don’t think that will be in your best interest. You see, you’re not the first group that has arrived here, and well, they had the same thoughts as you but it didn’t end well for them.”

From the top of the mountain area they were in, vines had dropped down, and at the end of them, tied by their ankles were all the other vampires, wearing the same uniform as the hunting team.

Anton recognised them well.

“That’s… the other hunting teams that were sent out at the same time as us. That’s every single one of them.”

Anton quickly realised that they were the last hunting group, the only ones that were still alive. If the rest had been killed and by the looks of it quite easily, then they could only imagine that their fate would be to meet the same end as the others and very soon.

“Please!” Anton shouted with distress in his voice, as if he was almost begging. “Tell us what you want. We can help you.”

The two headed antler-like beast started to laugh loudly, it was a strange sound that was almost piercing to the ears so the vampires had to cover them up with both of their hands.

“All of you are the same, you say the same things when your life’s on the line.” One of the heads spoke. “When hunting beasts do you ever think of our lives? Sure many of the beasts don’t have the capacity to think. They just hunt on instinct, fight each other and survive.

“However, there are some of us here, who can. We are the ones who evolved to the position we are at, so wouldn’t you say that we are the rightful kings of this planet? Yet for you… what do you call yourselves… vampires? You come here, and start taking us out, without even thinking about any of this, you didn’t try to speak to us first, so why should we listen to you?”

Quinn looked at Ronkin to his right, his lips were quivering and his legs were shaking. He could hear Nell’s heartbeat also raise slightly as well.

“We can talk!” Anton declared, and all of the vampires were nodding their heads. “We will stay out of the area. We can respect each other’s territories!”

Although Anton had said this, the most likely thing to happen if they did return, was the leaders to strike out and get rid of the beasts. Beasts evolved with time, and judging by the way things had occurred, with more time there would be more demon tier beasts and the vampires hated having a threat especially at the place that they had decided to call home.

“That’s why we have brought you here, to talk.” The green beast stated.

Anton saw that there was a glimmer of a chance.

“If you let us back… if you let us go back to our settlement, then we can pass on your message to our leaders or talk.”

“Your leaders?” the green beast replied. “So there is nothing you can do yourselves? I guess your lives are meaningless then.”

Turning his head again, Quinn could see that Ronkin was praying under his breath.f𝑟𝒆ewe𝚋𝒏૦𝐯el.c𝗼𝑚

“I’m sorry Lun that I won’t be there to see you grow up, I’m sorry that this happened right after you just got better. Please Betty, look after him well.”

“Please!” Anton shouted. “If you kill us, then there will be no chance for us to talk. Our leaders will be angry and come here to try to battle. I know you’re strong but our leaders are strong as well.”

The two headed antler started to laugh once again.

“Your leaders don’t scare us. There is only one reason why we haven’t attacked your settlement so far and that is to do with him.” The green beast spoke.

The green beast’s hand was raised and a sharp finger made of vines pointed at one person. The vampires, including Anton, turned to where the finger was pointed, and of all the people it was pointed at Quinn.


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