My Vampire System Chapter 2035: Our Planet (part 2)

The vampires got up as they had been asked, but none of them had much hope. All of them had failed and they doubted that it would be much different this time.

Walking ahead of the rest was Quinn and by his side were the other two guards. Quinn had told the two of them to stay close to him just in case anything was to occur.

The thought of what Nell had asked earlier was still very much in his head. If things did change with him leading the way, then it meant the beast from before certainly was talking to him.

“So… Do you have any idea of where you’re going.” Ronkin asked, fearful that if they ended up back at the tree again, that their heads would be rolling on the floor.

“No, I am just going to go the way that I remembered.” Quinn stated. “Just be ready for anything. Remember the beasts attacking us last time, it’s the only attack we have experienced so far, and I doubt the other hunting team failed because of them.”

Ronkin was shaking his head, because he obviously thought it was going to fail, but he would never mention that to the others, he could already sense the pressure from behind them.

“As long as we don’t run into that owl beast again, I’ll be fine.” Ronkin replied.

However, as they continued to walk, Anton and the other vampires noticed something, they were now walking by scenery they had never seen before.

“Is this real?” One of the vampires said. “It’s a new area.”

“Yeah.” Stin softly replied. “That’s the problem though, it’s a new area.”

The vines that were on the ground were surrounding them completely, making a type of wall on either side. It was an area they hadn’t been to before. When turning around as well, it looked like it was the same thing, the forest they recognised was no longer there.

Pulling out his rapier, Anton tried to cut the vines that were covering the sides, his red aura along with the weapon had easily ripped through them just like they had before, but there were even more vines behind and he could see that the vines he had cut where reattaching themselves.

“Keep moving forward. We have no choice now.” Anton stated. “Be prepared for anything.”

Anton thought this would eventually happen, there had to be a reason why this part of the forest was acting a certain way and now it looked like they would get their answers.𝘧r𝗲𝘦𝒘𝘦𝙗𝚗ove𝙡.𝐜om

Eventually, as they continued walking forward, the vines had somewhat stopped, and they could be seen walking up a path. It almost looked like they were walking up the side of a mountain.

They could see the forest off to the side of the mountain but there was no sign of the settlement, making them wonder just how far they were.

“Maybe we should try jumping off the mountain and into the forest from here?” One of the vampires suggested.

The vampire wasn’t the only one that thought about it, it looked like a good way to escape, but on the very edge, where the strange vines were, it was quite obvious what would happen. If one was to jump off into the forest, it would lead them back to where it wanted them.

“We should stick together, we don’t know what will happen if one of you were to test it out.” Anton replied. “I don’t want any more of us dying, not for a useless test like that.”</>

“We could always just push one of the guards off, and see what happens.” Stin commented.

HIs comment received a stern look from Anton and he quickly shut up.

Going up the side of the mountain for a while, they eventually reached a large platform, where one could see nearly the entire forest plant-like jungle, but in front of them there were three large beings out on the edge.

“It’s the… owl from before.” Stin said, a bit of fear in his voice.

“And it looks like it’s not alone… this situation, it’s looking extremely bad for us.” Anton said.

That was because right next to the owl there were two other large beasts of significant size. The owl itself, now its entire body could be seen. Its feathers were mostly white but blackened towards the end.

Its deep black eyes were visible and one could see that it had long muscular arms and legs on its body as well.

As for the creature next to it, it was equal in size, with two heads on its body. Sticking out from the top of its heads were large antlers that curved and pointed out towards the direction of the vampires.

Then finally, in the centre, was a beast that had a human shaped body and stood up on its two legs. It had a green coloured body and even now its body was constantly moving, shifting about all over.

That’s when they noticed that its body looked similar to the vines itself. As for its head, there was a single horn sticking out from where its nose was, it had razor sharp teeth, and its eyes were mystic, almost a blend of colours swirling around in its place.

It became apparent to all of them that this beast was the one, the one that had been controlling where they were going this entire time. The vines could even be seen wrapping around behind him. It was clear that this beast had great power.

“They’re all, beasts right?” Ronkin said as he gulped, never witnessing such frightening beasts in his life. The strange thing was, these beasts weren’t even the same type, yet they were working together for some reason.

“They are… all three of them are Demon tier beasts.” Quinn answered.


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