My Vampire System Chapter 2034 Our Planet (Part 1)

An unusual situation was occurring at the vampire settlement, so much so that there had been a meeting called between the nine leaders. Just like before they were meeting in the large garden that was placed behind the castles and linked all of the castles together.

“I believe we all know why we are here.” Hikel, the fourth family original and current leader of the 4th family stated. “This planet is not like the one that we were originally on, and it seems the beasts have grown not just stronger since our time, but also more intelligent.”

“Is that a roundabout way of saying that the multiple hunting teams we sent out still haven’t returned?” Edvard stated.

The original leaders were all looking at each other with concerned looks because it was true. They had all received similar reports and after that there seemed to be next to no communication from them.

“Which is why we are here to make a suggestion. I don’t believe the matter is important enough to involve Jim, nor to worry the people just yet.” Hikel continued to explain. “At the same time, which is what I am here for, we need suggestions as to what to do next.”

Vampires being unable to hunt on the own planet that they lived on seemed a ridiculous idea, even for the originals. They were a group that was to be feared and they couldn’t even handle the situation.

Some of them thought that they should keep sending out vampires until a team succeeded, that way it would weed out the weaker vampires, but not all of the original vampires cared about strength as much as others.

“The last report I received. It stated that they had encountered a demon tier beast.” Edvard finally spoke up among all of the leaders that were talking to each other. “Send out a weak team and they will be eliminated. Based on the conversation they had, it is also probable that there is more than one demon tier beast.”

“A demon tier beast.” Some of them gulped.

The vampires, even the originals, although they were strong, knew the strength of the beasts, because it was a single demon tier beast, the two headed dragon, that I took all of their strength to take on.

At the time, some of the originals had even been woken up to take on such a thing. The strength of a demon tier could vary. In some cases perhaps one original would be enough, in other cases it would take a few of them.

“I have sent important men out.” Edvard stated. “If you don’t mind, I wish to go out there myself and attempt to deal with the problem. You know my luck, if it is a serious matter I am unlikely to die and I can give an accurate report.”

The originals were unsure as they looked at each other, and eventually one of them had a question.

“Are you sure?” Grenlet asked, the original belonging to the 3rd family, the Toppy family. He was a vampire with a large belly, one of the few, but his most distinctive feature was his long dangly fingers that were incredibly thin despite his body. “You no longer have your armour, you are not as powerful as you once were.”

Edvard stood up from the table, as it seemed the meeting was coming to an end, and he smiled as he lifted the sunglasses off his head.

“That armour never belonged to me in the first place, but remember it wasn’t just that armour that made me the strongest original out of all of you, it was my skill as well.” Edvard smiled and walked away.

One of the originals was furious and stood up, as if he was ready to fight with Edvard, but Hikel quickly calmed him down.

“Stand down, be happy that he is going out and not us, and besides everything he said is true anyway.” Hikel commented.

Just what strange events were occuring on the planet? The one saving grace so far, was that the settlement had yet to be attacked. In a way it was a sign that the beasts felt like they were weaker than the settlement and it was why they hadn’t touched it.


How long has it been? Was the question that was running through Quinn’s head. Had it now been two days since they had left the settlement? It was hard to keep track of time with the sky always being dark, but Quinn was sure of it, his family had spent two days without him and they were still stuck in this forest.

The group of vampires were sitting outside the large tree, taking a rest. Anton had declared it after there was already a scuffle between the two vampires over directions.

In the end, they had asked each vampire to lead the way out of here with their instincts, no one would distract or say what they were thinking. Every single one of them in the group had tried leading their way out but they always ended up back at the tree.

Frustrated, it had caused a large argument between the group.

“Are we going to die here?” Ronkin asked.

Hearing those words, Quinn finally stood up, and started to walk towards the leader of the group, Anton.

“Hey… is he actually doing what I think he is?” Ronkin asked.

“I think so.”

Anton saw who was approaching him and honestly he was fed up as well, the last thing he wanted was one of the guards to complain to him.

“Sir Anton, I have a suggestion, why don’t you let me lead the group next time.” Quinn suggested.

“You lead the group, do you think the rest of us are incompetent.” Stin shouted out after hearing these words. “We are all tired, are you that stupid to not know that something is controlling this forest and forcing us to be here.”

“No.” Quinn replied. “I figured it out the first time we arrived back here. Only a fool would realise it after the 12th time.”

The other vampires laughed at this. Stin had been so confident before that he could lead the way, and he was one of the last vampires to get a turn. In the end, after leading them back to the same place, he was embarrassed and was one of the vampires that was involved in a scuffle from before.

Hearing the others laughing at him had caused Stin to stand up in frustration.

“You think this is a joke!” Stin ran forward as fast as he could from his position and threw a punch right at Quinn, but moving his head, Quinn had avoided the punch and grabbed onto his wrist.

“I want to go home, so shut up.” Quinn said.

Anton quickly got in between the two so no more fighting could occur, but he and the others were quite impressed with what Quinn had done. A guard would never be able to match the speed of someone from the hunting squad, yet that just had occurred.

Quickly rushing over were both Nell and Ronkin.

“Please sir, I think you should give him a chance.” Nell stated. “It seems like Quinn has the luck of the Fortuna family and I believe we can use it.”

Nell winked at Ronkin when saying this, because neither of them believed such a thing, it was just something that Ronkin blurted out now and then.

“Besides what else are we to do, to just sit here and wait. Every vampire has tried to walk through the forest path, so you should at least let us try. Wasn’t it you who said that we were part of the group as well.”

Anton certainly remembered saying those words. In this situation he probably would have said no, but after seeing what Quinn had just done, maybe he did really have the luck of the Fortuna family, otherwise how was he able to stop the attack from before.

“Okay, everyone, Quinn, the guard, will be our guide for this!” Anton shouted. “Get ready to move out.”


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