My Vampire System Chapter 2033 Disappointment

When the practical lesson finally ended, everyone was starting to realise just how much of a genius Minny really was. Because none of them had even come close to even feeling the aura in their bodies.

Seeing their parents, and the adult vampires use aura all the time, they were desperate to learn it.

When lunch had begun, most of the kids were still trying to practise using aura. All of those in the same grade had the same lesson and some were even asking for advice from the older grades that could already use aura.

In the playground, the usual three were walking together.

The others, although amazed by Minny, were also still scared of her. They were too afraid to ask her, but the two closest to her right now had the opportunity to do so.

“Minny.” Abby said. “How did you control your aura so easily? Is there a trick to it?”

“Yeah!” Tobi asked. “There has to be a trick or something right? Can you please teach us?”

Minny didn’t really know, she had been put in so many dangerous situations and was brought up around so many strong vampires that she had felt her vampire aura from deep within for a while.

It was only natural that the energy she could feel around her constantly that she could easily find from within… but that did give her an idea.

Quinn had taught Minny Qi, and during it she had also learnt to see the vampire aura as well. Perhaps there was a way for her to help these two activate their aura.

“There’s not a trick… but maybe I can help you.” Minny said.

The three went out to an area that was quiet in the playground, between a few buildings where no one could see them. She then told both Tobi and Abby to sit down and close their eyes.

“I don’t know if this will work, but you are going to feel something inside you. It will feel a little icky. That icky feeling you need to feel inside and bring out the icky when you attack, do you understand?”

Both Tobi and Abby looked at each other for a second, but they couldn’t really expect much.

“We understand.” They both said, not really understanding.

As Minny did her thing, it didn’t take them too long to understand, because they could really feel the aura inside their body moving about. Because they could feel Minny moving it about, they now knew what to search for from within.

“I don’t know if that helped.” Minny said. “But that is the only thing I can do.”

Immediately, the two of them tried to search for the same feeling they had just felt. It was easiest to do it right after, and it was the best thing for them to do. For both of them they felt like they were at the tip of the iceberg. They were nearly there but just couldn’t latch on to it.

Then, Abby swung her arm forward, but nothing came out.

“Don’t worry too much Abby.” Minny said. “Keep trying and if you forget the feeling I can do the same thing again for you.”

Abby quickly went to try again, she knew it wasn’t going to be easy but she felt like it was close.

For Tobi, it felt like he could feel the feeling, but something was missing, he wasn’t drawing enough of it out.

‘If I listened to what the teacher said… anger… sadness… fear… or.’

The image of Minny, shouting at the guys from earlier had appeared in his head, and his heart had thumped slightly.

At that moment, Tobi could feel the energy grow, this was his chance, he swung his arm out and a red slash was seen through the air for a slight second, it didn’t go anywhere, but it was there in the air.

“Did you see that… Did you see that!” Tobi said.]

“That was amazing!” Minny shouted. “You did it, I must be a really good teacher!”

Abby was happy for Tobi at that moment and was jumping up and down. Soon all three of them were jumping up and down with smiles on their faces. Looking at this, feeling this moment, Tobi was wondering what this was, and he was wondering, just what was the feeling he had felt before. The feeling that allowed him to draw out his powers?

The rest of lunch the two of them continued to practise, and Abby had eventually managed to create a small flicker, but it wasn’t like the entire line that Tobi had produced before.

However, Tobi never did manage to create anything again. For some reason, he kept thinking of all sorts of things and he was unable to produce any aura. Still he was proud.

When back in the classroom, he could hear all the students talking about how they found it impossible to summon their aura. That they could feel absolutely nothing, but it wasn’t the same for Tobi.

It was safe to say that out of everyone there, he was the most talented student… at least after Minny, but she was a strange one, Tobi thought, staring towards her.

The two of them made eye contact, and Tobi quickly went to stare away.

The day had come to an end, and on the way home, Tobi had been picked up by his father. His mother still refused to go to that dreadful school as he would often hear her say.

“That’s amazing!” Tobi’s father said after learning the news. “I knew you were a talented one. I believe that one day that you will even surpass me.”

Tobi was happy with the praise he had received from his father, and he couldn’t wait to get home to hear more praises from his mother. When they finally arrived home his father went to his office quickly, he needed to because there was always a lot of work for him to do.

Meanwhile, Tobi entered the living room, where his mother was sitting there waiting, and she quickly sat up when she saw her son.

“Tobi!” Sonia said. “So how was it?”

“It was amazing mom!” Tobi said excitedly as he jumped up on the sofa. “Today we were practising how to use vampire aura, and I managed to create a strike in the air. I was the only one that was able to do it.”

“Not that.” Sonia replied. “I mean, how is it going with our plan, have you gotten close with her?”

The excitement had completely left Tobi’s face, this wasn’t what he wanted to hear, he wanted to hear his mother praise him.

“Yes mother… I am getting closer with her.” Tobi answered.

“That’s it, that’s my boy!” Sonia said as she lifted to her feet.” Just a little longer now. Just gain her trust a little more, and then… everything will work out.”

Hearing this, there was a lump in Tobi’s throat, and a large pain around his chest, but he had no clue why.


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