My Vampire System Chapter 2032 A Popular Father

The two girls had agreed to let Tobi hang out with them, and that was pretty much what they were doing out at the moment. Minny was practically ordering him around, asking him to get their food for them at lunch and when they were on the playground, she would ask for him to draw the hopscotch on the ground for them.

Minny did also let Tobi play with them, which he did and found it quite fun due to the rules that Minny had implemented. Regular hopscotch would have been far too easy.

So numbers were called out quite quickly in succession and the vampires had to move quite fast over the numbers. They also played it twice as long, allowing them to go over the numbers at an incredibly fast speed.

While playing Tobi was having more fun then he would have liked to admit, and in some way he felt like it was training his skills as he heard Minny call out numbers.

“1,5,12, 9, 6, 2, Fail!” Minny said, as Tobi’s foot had landed in between the two and three.

“Ah man!” Tobi said lying on the floor. “How are you so good at this? I could call from 1 to 20 and you can still jump that far. Your pretty amazing.”

Minny didn’t say anything and looked away, but Abby could see that she was happy from the kind words. It turned out she had two weaknesses: compliments and juice boxes.

If only Tobi knew, if he had apologised and given a juice box, then maybe there would have been no need for him to do so much begging.

“Haha, look at him. He was talking so much trash about them before, and now he’s complimenting them.”

“Yeah, what a flip flopper. I can’t believe we looked up to that guy.”

The comments weren’t made loudly, but the group of kids that were speaking were quite close. When looking at who was saying such things, it could be seen that it was the group that Tobi had originally hung out with.

‘It’s none of my business what they say about him, and besides he deserves everything that is happening to him.’ Minny thought.

She took a peek at Tobi who could clearly hear the words as well, and he was clenching his fist while looking at the ground in the distance. It was normal for such words to affect young people.

When the school day had come to an end, Minny had been escorted home by her mother, but she wasn’t in the best of moods because of what she had just heard.

“Dad still isn’t back!” Minny complained. “What is taking him so long! If it’s dad, can’t he just deal with the problem and come back. I wish he had the ability to teleport, then he could see Minny and then head back.”

“It’s only been a day.” Layla stated, stroking Minny’s hair. “You know your dad’s strong. There is nothing to worry about, just keep on enjoying school. As long as there are no problems for him to come back to, I’m sure he will be over the moon.”

Minny nodded and understood, this time she would do whatever she could to stay out of trouble, unless she felt like her life was truly on the line then she would fight back. Unlike the loophole she had used last time.

The next day, school had begun and lessons were going as they normally would, apart from the fact that the group of friends that Tobi had originally made were continuing to tease him.

They had written words such as a flip flopper on his desk, as well as suck up, and a few other things. There was no proof of who did it, but from the laughing and giggles it was clear who had done such a thing.

After the morning lessons were complete, the three were playing during their break once again.

“Hey look, Tobi is hanging out with the two princesses again. Maybe his d*ck will fall off soon.” The kids were more confident with their teasing and spoke even louder as they said this.

They were playing the same game as they had yesterday and it was Tobi’s turn, but after hearing this he looked at the two girls and smiled.

“I don’t feel too well. I think I’m going to sit this out this time.” Tobi said, as he started to walk away.

Both of the girls felt strange about this, and could hear the others still laughing as Tobi walked away.

“Hey, shut up!” Minny shouted at the group, and it made them flinch slightly. As ‘Minny the Monster’ had become quite the nickname that had been spread around since that day.

“If you say more stupid things like that, then you will all get beaten up, by a girl!” Minny shouted as she turned away.

The children were frightened out of their boots, because Minny’s eyes were glowing red, the images of what she had done to Tobi had popped up in their heads and it made them wonder.

She had done that to Tobi and now she was sticking up for him, what happened?

As for Tobi, although he had walked away, behind a wall he had heard it all, he had heard Minny stick up for him.]

After break had ended it was time for them to participate in another practical lesson. They were out on the field again, only this time the lesson wasn’t about their physical strength and instead it was about using the vampire aura they had within them.

The teacher displayed the vampire aura covering his hand, and then soon displayed the first basic strike that nearly every vampire knew, which was the blood slash.

“The truth is, a blood slash is easier for vampires to do than to constantly control it around their arm like so.” The teacher explained. “For every vampire, they harness their blood aura in different ways and there can be a trigger which is different from person to person.

“For example, one person’s aura might form due to different emotions. I wish to protect this person, I want to hurt them, even sadness. Of course, once you become experienced in blood aura, you no longer need to rely on these triggers but discovering which of these emotions will bring out the strongest in you is a good way to perform your first blood swipe.

“After that, you just need to try and remember the feeling of the aura when producing the swipe.”

For children, concentrating on their emotions was quite difficult, so the teacher never expected any of them to be able to do a blood swipe on their first day, but that’s when he noticed sitting there among the students, all the kids were staring at a little girl, who had blood aura covering her entire hand.

‘She… She’s a genius.’ The teacher thought. ‘I have to know who she is, and who her parents are.’

All of the kids were beyond amazed. However, because they saw MInny doing it so easily, they quickly thought it would be the same for them as the lesson had started.

Each of them was trying to gather their blood aura, swinging their arms to create the blood swipe, but not a single vampire from Minny’s class had managed to succeed.

At the end of the lesson, the teacher named Mr Ipop asked to speak to Minny. The teacher, Miss Bedford took the others to class as this occured.

“Minny, I have to ask, you have incredible control over your vampire aura. Have you ever had a teacher of some sort?” Mr Ihop asked.

“Teacher?” Minny thought about it, and she had her father as a teacher but thought that was a strange answer. “My father has taught me sometimes. He says Minny is very talented.”

“I bet he does!” Mr Ihop had a large grin on his face. “With your skills, any one of the leaders would snatch you up to become one of their disciples. This class is a bit too easy for you, so we might have you join the other classes for your practical lessons, how do you feel about that?”

Minny didn’t mind too much, she liked using her powers, and she could tell that although some thought her powers were cool. Others were looking at Minny strangely and were saying all sorts of things.

It was jealousy. At first what was admiration, was now turning into jealousy.

“I think it would be cool.” Minny answered.

“Great, I have one more question to ask you. Your father, who is he? Does he work in the castle?” Mr Ipop asked.

Minny shook her head.

“No, he is just a guard.”

There was a worried look on Mr. Ihop’s face when he heard this. He thought with this much skill, her father was surely in a high position. If that was the case then the family her father worked for would most likely choose her to become a disciple.

However, since her family was quite low, the leaders themselves might fight at the opportunity to make Minny to become theirs.

‘I don’t know who you are, but soon, Minny’s father, you will become a very popular man among the leaders. Nearly all of them will try to win your favour.’ Mr Ihop smirked.


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