My Vampire System Chapter 2031 The Beasts Respect (Part 2)

The question seemed somewhat out of the blue for Quinn, because he hadn’t realised how strange everything was himself until that moment. He thought at first that maybe the beast just was like a parrot, repeating the words that it had heard before. Or a message that was sent by another beast. In the past, he had seen beasts working together and even helping humans if the circumstance was right.

Whatever answer they ended up giving the creature, it just wouldn’t reply, and if the owl had stayed longer or tried to attack the others, Quinn had decided he would just have to try to act in a way where the others were unable to see him. With his shadow powers, he could sneak outside, and, possibly with the gun, kill the demon tier beast with a few shots, where things wouldn’t look so suspicious.

The annoying thing was, that Quinn had no way to fully gauge his strength. Since his shadow upgraded, and he had become a god slayer, there were no extremely dangerous enemies for him to use the full extent of his powers on, not that it was a bad thing.

Yet, now that Nell had asked this question, he was putting things together a little bit in his mind. The beasts were certainly acting strange.

‘The beasts, they weren’t attacking me at the time. I didn’t tell them not to attack me, I only told them to go away when they were harming Ronkin.’ Quinn thought.

‘Then what did that owl mean if it was speaking to me? Why did I come here? Does that even matter.’

In the end, Quinn couldn’t quite figure it out, and the best way to resolve it, knowing what had happened, was to speak to the beasts themselves.

‘The most likely case is that the mission is aborted, maybe I should come back and visit the beasts myself afterwards.’ Quinn thought.

Nell had been waiting for an answer and since Quinn hadn’t answered in a while, Ronkin was now looking at him as well. Putting the same things together as Nell was.

“Please.” Quinn replied. “Do you really think a vampire like me would have the attention of beasts? I’m just a guard like you guys.”

The answer had satisfied Ronkin, after all he had known Quinn for a while and he had just been a guard and nothing else. There were a few strange things now and then, but that could all easily be put down to luck.

Nell wasn’t so convinced though, the skills he had seen Quinn display at the time of the fighting tournament. It was most likely because was much more than a simple guard, but the question was what and why.

Whatever situation Nell could think of, nothing seemed to fit. If Quinn was a powerful vampire, the leaders, or somone would have recognised him.

“Okay, everyone I have an important message for you all.” Anton declared to the vampires. Their nervous energy from meeting the beast had disappeared and they were nearly back in the top shape they were in before.

“I have decided that we will head back to the settlement.” Anton stated.

Immediately there were a few groans here and there. Vampires were quite prideful and not being able to complete this would be a knock on their record, and to them as a person.

“The beast, the reader indicated that it was at the Demon tier level.” Anton went to explain. “In the report, the last group had never ran into such a beast, not one at that level. Which means there might be even bigger dangers than the owl that we met.

“I have already passed on the message, and the settlement has asked for the other groups to return as well.”

This was the expected result, and Quinn didn’t mind too much because now it meant he could be with Minny and his family, although there was one strange thing.

Did the leaders really not know about the situation? Edvard, stated that there was a danger to the whole vampire settlement and if there were a few demon tier beasts, that certainly would be a danger. It would make sense why Quinn of all people was sent along.

An entire day had already passed since the group had rested in the large tree and waited for a decision from the others. One of the vampires that were on guard duty had also been killed, bringing the group down to nine plus three, including the guards.

Exiting from the tree, Anton walked out in front, following the way they had arrived from, and at the same time there was another vampire by his side with a type of reader hovering over the scenery to check if there were any beasts in the area.

However, it became quite apparent that something was wrong.

“Are we going the right way?” Stin asked.]

It was the question on everyone’s mind, including Anton.

“We should have already reached the area where we were attacked last time, but I don’t recognize anything, and I can’t even smell blood.”

Regardless, the group continued to head in the direction which they believed the settlement was in, and in the end they all soon saw something that they recognised, the large giant tree.

“Sh*t!” Stin shouted and the vampires started to talk among themselves, second guessing whether they should have turned here or there. Before moving any further, the group decided to have a discussion with each other about what they should do next.

“What do you think this is about?” Ronkin asked.

“I… don’t know.” Nell repleid. “Maybe that beast had infected us all with something, or this entire part of the land is shifting as we move, but I think we would hear or sense it if that was to happen.”

In the end, both of them looked at Quinn as if he would have the answer.

Placing his hand on his face, Quinn seemed incredibly frustrated.

“I just… want to go home and see my family.” Quinn complained.

The group had decided to head off again, and instead of just Anton leading the way, at each point where there was a turn in the path, the group would have a vote about which way to go. What was worrying, was the fact that the vampires were finding it hard to decide as a group, which way was the correct way, and in the end they had to go with the majority vote as they chose their left and right turns.

Once again though, they had ended up back at the big tree again.

“I told you guys, you should have agreed with me to turn left at the strange vine place!” Stin shouted.

“You think your opinion is more important than the rest of the group or something? Why don’t you lead the way, I bet we will still end up at this damned tree, it’s obvious that something is going on!” Another vampire yelled.

Anton could see the infighting continuing between the vampires, but they needed a solution. Otherwise before hunger or any of the other sort kicked in, the vampires were going to end up killing themselves.

“Hey, Quinn I have an idea, why don’t you lead us?” Ronkin asked. “I mean you’re a pretty lucky guy right? I bet if you chose the path we would end up out of here.”

“You think the hunting group would allow such a thing?” Nell stated. “Maybe after we have stayed here a few days, then they will be open to more options, but for now if Quinn says he can get us out of here and he fails, then they would be after his head.”

Shaking his head, Quinn was honeslty considering it. If this group of vampires didn’t figure out a way out of this forest soon, his patience would run thin and he would have to do something himself.

The only thing was, if Nell was right, and the beasts wanted to talk to Quinn, that was probabaly exactly what they wanted.


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