My Vampire System Chapter 2029 Lies (Part 2)

Many students wondered, would a single day go by without one of these two students doing something interesting? For one, vampires rarely bowed their heads to someone, unless they felt like they were above them.

For them to get down on their knees as well, this was a big gesture, and here Tobi was doing both to the two girls in front of him.

“I’m sorry, I am so sorry for hitting both of you!” Tobi said again and again, and it sounded like his voice was on the verge of tears.

“I’m just an idiot, I’m sorry for hurting your friend and both of you, but right now no one will talk to me.” Tobi said. “I hate it… and you Minny, you’re so strong I didn’t even realise it. I deserved to be beaten that day. I deserved everything that happened to me.”

There was little sympathy coming from Minny, although the one in front of her was young, she felt like he had made a big mistake, and even now Abby was still shaking because of his actions.

However, Abby was slowly letting go of Minny’s arm, because the Tobi she was looking at now, looked so fragile. Maybe this was all an act, but she could tell that a lot of the words he said, and the feelings that were coming through were true.

“Maybe… we should forgive him, or give him a chance and just let him hang out with us.” Abby suggested.

“Are you crazy!” Minny shouted back. “Did you forget what he did to you?”

Abby shook her head.

“I haven’t, and I think he can pay us back this way by being nice to us from now on. Besides as long as your next to me, you can protect me, right?” Abby smiled.

Abby was such a sweet girl, one that was full of innocence and fluff, that it was incredibly hard for MInny to disagree with her, and Tobi hadn’t stopped his ramblings.

“Please!” Tobi cried. “Be friends with me… I don’t want to be alone.”

The last words, being alone, had struck a chord within Minny. In this world, if no one had any friends, and no family, no one to talk to about anything, it was truly one of the most painful things and living could be a miserable experience.

“Okay.” Minny said. “I’m not saying you are our friend. Friends don’t hurt each other and you tried to hurt both of us. But you can hang out near us. The first thing is to get off the floor, everyone is staring at us and it’s embarrassing.”

Tobi lifted his head, and wiped away his tears, he looked back at his group of old friends before standing up.

‘It worked… just like mom said it would.’

Tobi smiled.

“Thank you.”


The terrain for the hunting group wasn’t getting any easier, the beautiful plants that were under their feet had now turned into thick vines, and they weren’t sure whether they were imagining it or not, but it seemed like they were moving slightly, alive like a snake.

As a test, one of the vampires cut one of the vines, and it snapped just like any other vine, there was no blood or black blood, so it didn’t seem to be a type of beast of any kind.

The good thing was that the area had opened up more and wasn’t so condensed with trees, so there was free movement.

“Everyone be careful. According to the last report, the other hunters had chased a beast into an area where the terrain changed and the ground was made of vines. If I was to take a guess, we are close to where we need to be.”

There was a nervous chuckle from Ronkin, and he was sweating visibly from his face.

“You should relax.” Nell stated. “Look at you, a vampire sweating buckets from a simple hike. Your nerves are making your body act before you are even in the heat of battle. You should take more from Quinn. Look at him, he is as calm as a needle.”

“A needle?” Ronkin replied, but when looking at Quinn, it did seem like he was acting just the same as he would have done if they were walking around the city, as if it was a simple scouting job.

*Beep *Beep

“Everyone ready!” Anton shouted. One of the beast scanners he was using had picked up on beasts in the area, but when looking around all they could see was plants, trees, and the vines on the ground.

The strange trees started to bulge up from the bottom. They were bulging up like they were about to give birth, when they suddenly exploded, shooting out strange bark and a purple substance.

The beasts that came out were human size, but looked nothing like a human. They had four legs on each side, similar to that of a spider, that were red in colour. Then there were two smaller appendages that could only be described as hands that were on the sides of the beasts’ head.

Their body was covered in a strange white fur, which was patchy in areas, and as usual with beasts, they had their razor sharp teeth.

There were multiples of them bursting from the trees. One tree seemed to have at least three of the beasts burst from it and they immediately began to attack the vampires, leaping towards them.

The hunting team used their vampire aura to try to slash through the beasts, and it had hit the beasts clearly hurting them, but they weren’t able to kill them in one hit.

[Emperor tier beast] ]

‘At this level, the hunting team should be fine.’

Just as Quinn said that, he saw Anton thrust forward, his rapier had energy condensed to the tip of his weapon, and it stabbed right through the head of one.

‘The ones I’m concerned about are the others.’ Quinn thought.

“Don’t use your flasks, we are strong enough to deal with this! Save them!” Anton shouted.

Each member had been given a flask with Dalki blood, but Anton knew that these creatures weren’t enough to take down the powerful vampires.

Still there were more of the beasts than there were vampires, and naturally as more creatures burst out of the trees, they started to run towards the guards. Quinn was standing ahead of the other two, but that’s when he noticed something.

When running on their long legs, they were avoiding eye contact with Quinn. That’s when all three of the beasts had run right past Quinn, as if he wasn’t even there.

‘What is this… have even the beasts forgotten about who I am?’ Quinn thought, a little annoyed.

“Hey, should we take the flasks!” Ronkin asked. “The order from Anton wasn’t for us as well, right?”

Nell, had his hands held out wide, and when the beast leapt up to him, he moved and avoided the attack, and managed to climb on top of the beast and was punching away.

For someone who didn’t have much aura, or strength as a vampire, he certainly was skillful, but the same couldn’t be said for Ronkin who had panicked.

The beast leapt up, and jumped, landing on top of Ronkin and pinning him to the ground, the two small hands by the side of its mouth held onto his shoulders. When it opened its mouth wide, Ronkin had no choice but to shove his hands into the beast’s mouth.

The teeth had sunk into his hands, but he had no choice as he was using his strength to pull its mouth apart. From the corner of his eye, Ronkin could see another creature was heading towards him.

As for Nell, after gathering his vampire aura and forming it as a type of blade in his hand, he hit the back of the beast’s head and neck, stabbing right through it and killing it in one go. Now he could see that Ronkin was in trouble.

“That idiot… you can’t die here, you have a family!” Nell shouted.

The creature continued to scurry across the floor, until.

“Stop!” A voice was heard, and the beast had done just that, not only the one running towards Ronkin, but the one on top of him as well. Ronkin wasn’t sure, but it almost felt like the beast on top of him was shaking.

It slowly turned its head, towards the voice that had spoken earlier.

“Get off him.” Quinn said.

Both of the beasts quickly obeyed, running deep into the strange forest, no longer taking part in the fight.

Ronkin finally got up on his feet, and could see that the other vampires were still dealing with the creatures, but more were coming, yet none of them were coming towards the three guards anymore.

Nell, who was a little to the side, was watching it all, and seeing it, he remembered a tale that Ronkin once told.


After the little tournament battles they would face, Ronkin would often talk about his partner that he had and there was one story that Nell believed he had exaggerated.

“Come on… that couldn’t have happened. You’re saying that a large beast had run up to the gates of the settlement, but when your partner stared at it, it decided to just run back away.

“It’s a mere coincidence my friend. The beast most likely could sense the leader’s power and the power of all the vampires in here. Knowing that if it attacked it would meet its end. Beasts have quite good instincts.”


Nell remembered his own words while he looked at Quinn.


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