My Vampire System Chapter 2028: Lies (part 1)

Several feet were planted onto the ground as the flowers were crushed beneath them. A large group of vampires, around ten in total, were trekking across the planet.

The place where the vampire settlement was currently located, was a beast planet in the past, one that a faction known as the Daisy faction, who were working for the Cursed faction, was based.

Although their time on the planet wasn’t long, a lot of the planet had been changed. Many of those in the Daisy faction had abilities related to plants, and even if they didn’t, their love for different plants was unreal.

Despite the lack of sunlight, it seemed like life on the planet hadn’t faded at all. There were giant swirling and intertwining trees, colourful petals that gave off a faint glow, and prickly vines all over the place.

The difficult terrain was actually one of the reasons why the vampires found it slightly difficult to hunt on their own planet, or at least get rid of the more dangerous beasts.

Right now, the group was walking through a brightly lit and coloured forest, all of the plants were giving off a strange glow, and there were even giant plants with thick bottoms that loomed over them blocking the sky with their big leaves.

In some ways it was like a jungle, in others it was more like a forest. As for the group of vampires, they weren’t just any vampires, they were talented ones. Fighters that were a mix of strong vampires and some were even at the noble evolution level.

Since the last few scout teams had suffered a few losses, a strong team had been sent out this time, heading to the same location as they had done last.

“Remember everyone, we are to save our energy!” The vampire at the front, who was a noble, wearing black with his hair slightly spiked up, and looked middle aged with a few stripes on his shoulder, was leading the group.

His name was Anton. He carried a rapier as his weapon of choice, but even though his weapon was thin like a needle, he swung it and cut through some of the tricky plants they had encountered so far.

“We are to come back to the settlement with good news, but more importantly, we will come back to them in one piece. I don’t wish to lose anyone on this trip.” Anton exclaimed.

Some of the vampires towards the back chuckled as they heard this. This scout team was a little overkill in their mind. They were stronger vampires and a slightly bigger group. To top it off, they weren’t alone, as there were an additional three members with them, although they weren’t part of the hunting group.

“I need something to drink, can you guys stay next to us!” One of the hunters shouted and asked.

A thick set of vines were being pulled apart by a pair of hands, and soon a vampire wearing the guard uniform pushed through with a large bag on his back.

“Sorry… we were having a little trouble back there.” Ronkin said, as he pulled a flask out of his pack and handed it over to the vampire. This flask didn’t have any numbers on the side.

Shortly afterwards, coming out through the opening that Ronkin had made, was Quinn, who also had a large bag on his back as well as one more person, Nell.

The three of them had been asked to help out with the scouting mission. The vampire hunting group honestly didn’t know why, but there was more than just one vampire hunting group that was out there searching the planet right now, and they had been given a few guards to help them.

Still, due to their two positions and the difference in strength, the guards were basically being used as bag holders. Holding the supply of the others and marking their route while writing a report.

The good news was the three guards weren’t alone in this and at least they had each other.

“Hey, I’ve never seen you this upset?” Ronkin said, looking at Quinn. “Do you miss the settlement that much, it hasn’t even been a full day yet.”

“We are going to be here for days, they said.” Quinn replied. “Days, do you really think I want to be away from my family for days. To do what? To carry things?”

Quinn was never like this when they were on guard duty, and he wasn’t the type to moan either, but he soon realised that he was missing his family life that he was enjoying quite a lot.

At the same time, he was worried about Minny. She had just started school, got into a commotion and Quinn had said to her he would take her to school everyday, and now he was out here, on a hunt for a few days.

Of course, he wasn’t too worried, because for one, Minny was strong enough to fight nearly anyone and she had her shadow ability that he could use to connect the two.

But there was also the worry about his newborn, it was close and that was something he certainly didn’t want to miss.

“This should be quite a short task.” Nell added. “Besides, maybe this task can change our positions.”

Ronkin was nodding along as well.

“That’s right! We are in the hunting team right now, even if we are guards. There could be a situation where we need to step in, and when that happens if we prove ourselves, when they get back maybe Anton will recommend us for better positions. This is a life changing position for us.”

Quinn looked up into the sky as he imagined Minny’s face and squeezing her cheeks, he just was hoping that she was doing better at school now. pand(a-n0vel.c)om</>


Minny had been dropped off at school by her mother. After Quinn had explained it was a request form the leader, Layla was insistent that he went on ahead, and that she could look after Minny.

After all, even with a big belly, the weight of a child didn’t really affect her and she was able to move just fine.

The lessons went on well, and as with kids, there was always something new to talk about, and it seemed like the big thing was Minny’s father… and what she had done to Tobi was quickly becoming forgotten about.

What was a slight surprise, was that Tobi was actually in the school today, but his mother wasn’t the one that had brought him in, and instead it was his father. Not many expected that Tobi’s mother would come back to the school again after what had happened.

Minny and Abby were both still close to each other, they still hadn’t tried to approach others, but what they did notice was that Tobi no longer had anyone around him while in the park. HIs group of friends were hanging out with each other, but they had shunned him for one reason or another.

Others were also afraid to get close to him, they had seen he had a cruel side and were worried that maybe Minny would act out as well.

There was one thing about today that the students were looking forward to and that was the fact that it would be their first practical lesson they were taking part in.

After break, all students in the same grade as Minny had been gathered in the outside training area. There were multiple dummies this time just like they had out on the playground.

“Now, as this is your first lesson, I just want you guys to go out there and have some fun!” A man with a potato looking head said, swinging his arms. “Use your physical abilities as a vampire to swing your fists, kick, bite or do what you want!”

The instructor simply wanted to see what the little vampires could do, and since everyone was the same age he didn’t want them to worry about competition so much.

The kids were excited as they hit the doll whacking it, but it was more sturdy than it looked. The doll was sturdy, making it hard to be pushed all the way back, before it would rise again.

However, the same couldn’t be said for Minny. She punched it in the chest, using her power to the limit that her father had set, and the doll bent backward hitting the bottom of the floor before heading back up again.

“WOW!!! Did you see that!” The other kids pointed, and started to talk about Minny more and more.

Shortly after the lesson had ended, many of the students were surrounding Minny asking her how she had managed to get so strong, but Minny decided to ignore most of them and walk with Abby. They weren’t interested in her before so why would she be interested in them now,

When lunch finally arrived and they were outside in the playground again, both Abby and Minny were talking on the large log they sat on as usual, and that was when a certain someone started to walk toward them.

-n0ve1、com Abby pulled in closer to Minny, grabbing onto her shirt.

“What are you doing here!” Minny asked, almost baring her teeth.

Tobi stood there in front of the two of them.

‘I hope mothers plan will work.’ Tobi thought.

He got on his knees, and bowed his head down.

“I’m sorry for everything I did, I’m so sorry please forgive me, and please… If it is possible, can we be friends?” Tobi asked.


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