My Vampire System Chapter 2027: Return A Favor (part 2)

The second day of school had started for Minny and it was safe to say all eyes were on her, and nearly everything the kids talked about was her father. However, she didn’t mind hearing these words about her father because they weren’t talked about in a bad light, and instead only good words could be heard.

In the middle of the lessons, every time she heard someone talk about her father, about how cool he was, even repeating a few of his lines, she had to force herself to put her head down and smile.

“Does anyone know the answer to this question?” Miss Bedford asked.𝚏𝑟𝘦𝒆𝙬𝑒𝗯n𝙤v𝐞l.co𝘮

One of the boys was waving his hands in the air, and as his name was picked, he stood up from his seat and cleared his throat.

“Miss Bedford, from today on I will always open the door!”

The others in the classroom laughed, as it was clear that he was putting on a voice and imitating what Quinn had said, about always opening the door for Minny.

Miss Bedford couldn’t help but shake her head as she was concerned. Tobi was still in the classroom, he didn’t seem to be bothering Minny or the others anymore and was actually quiet during the lesson for a change.

The thing was, he was only a child, such a large event may have affected his life from now on. Miss Bedford wanted the kids to enjoy their life, but now maybe he was too scared to act like himself.

When break began once again, Minny was looking around the room. She wondered if she should just stay in the class. If she went out, she was afraid that others would make fun of her, but that was when she felt a presence by her side.

“Minny… do you want to go out on break again today?” Abby shyly asked.

“Really!” Minny asked back, over the moon. After what had occured she wouldn’t have been surprised if Abby never talked to her again. Not only did she get hurt because of Minny, but she had also seen quite a cruel side to this little vampire.

“You… helped me. My family says to always stick to those that help you, and you should stick to them when they need you as well. That’s what makes good friends.” Abby replied.

Minny couldn’t help but give Abby a big hug, she felt like, outside of all of the adults that she would constantly meet, that for the first time she had truly made a real friend.

It looked like school would go pretty well for her and her new friends in the playground, and without noticing it, Minny had made quite a few fans. Jared and Hebe looked to always be watching in their direction.

“Are you worried?” Hebe asked.

“No, of course not.” Jared replied. “All the leaders are present at the event. Which means there are a total of nine direct positions. Do you really think none of them will take someone like me up?”

“Oh so that’s your only aim?” Hebe replied. “Because I thought you would have liked to get first place at that little event, but it seems after taking just one punch of hers you have given up. You took the hit, you shouldn’t give up so easily.”

Jared looked at his own fist, he was by the practice dolls in the playground once again. He didn’t gather any aura and threw a punch out hitting it in the head causing it to bend so far back that the doll touched the floor before swinging back upright again.

“What if I told you… I think she was holding back when she hurt that child.”

Hebe couldn’t help but laugh, but there was no smile on Jared’s face.

“That’s impossible, I mean how can a vampire like that even exist. Who even is she?”


The next day had arrived and as promised Quinn had taken her to school. What had come as a surprise or no surprise at all to some was Tobi hadn’t gone in that day, which meant there was no sight of Sonia anywhere.

Still, Quinn led the door open like he said he would and continued his job as normal.

While doing the rounds with Ronkin this time, there was a slight commotion at the gate. Ronkin had wanted to tell Quinn the good news of what had happened yesterday, but the commotion had stopped him from doing so.

A group of local scouts, ones that would hunt beasts on the very planet they were on had returned, but they had done so quite injured.

They were a group of ten, one of them was missing an arm, others were badly bleeding and two at the back looked to be carrying a lifeless body into the settlement.

“Will someone come help us!” One of the men shouted at the front.

Quinn, Ronkin, as well as other guards quickly came to their side to give them a shoulder. Quinn had even gone to the man at the very back that looked lifeless, giving the other two a break from carrying the man.

Unfortunately, Quinn could tell after touching him, there was no presence of life at all.

‘They must have run into a few high tier beasts. As time continues to pass on each planet, the level of beasts and higher tier beasts will just continue to increase. Unless there are those that are strong enough to get rid of them.’ Quinn thought.

It wasn’t a rare sight to see injured scout groups, but it was rare to see one of the local ones look like this. The news and the scene had worried the local vampires, making them think that the settlement wasn’t so safe after all.

Yet, they still had yet to suffer a single attack, or a wave of beast attacks like the other planets received. The theory was the beasts could sense the strong power radiation off of the settlement, after all there were beasts with some level of intelligence.

—— </>

A short while after one of the scout teams had returned, all of the guards had been called in for a meeting, to head in front of the ninth castle. Quinn and Ronkin had arrived and there were around fifty of them all wearing the same uniform.

What surprised them though, was Muka and the leader himself, Edvard, was out during this meeting.

“I have a message for you all!’ Edvard stated. “I’m sure you have all heard about the recent scout team being hurt on their last hunt. Unfortunately, this has been happening more regularly than I would like to admit.

“The families are worried that the current beast situation on the planet our very settlement is based on is getting out of hand. Which is why soon, a strong force will be sent out on an expedition. While they are away, you guards will have to do more than just patrol the area.

“There may be some of you that will be called out, to even join the others on hunts as well. I want you all to be prepared no matter what position you take, but please bear in mind that this will be a temporary measure.

“In return, you shall be given two level three flasks for the task. If they do not need to be used during this time, then you may keep them.”

Rather than sad news, many of the guards looked pleased. They were not only happy to receive the Dalki flasks but happy that they would be doing something different for a change.

While Quinn was wondering, why didn’t the leaders just leave the place and solve the matter themselves, were they truly that lazy, or did they think the second they left someone would attack the settlement.

When everyone was ready to leave, one of the permanent guards had come up to Quinn.

“Sorry, but the leader has asked you to stay.”

Ronkin, was wondering what it was about and wanted to stay as well, but everyone was soon moved out of the area, and now it was only the permanent guards, Muka, and Edvard in the area.

“Please let’s head inside for a talk.” Edvard suggested.

Quinn shook his head, thinking that all of this special treatment might eventually get the two caught, but he was in a slightly good mood ever since Edvard had done what was asked.

Entering the castle, the two of them went into a quiet room and not even Muka was allowed, it looked like a study room. An office with several books on the side.

“I will cut to the chase.” Edvard said. “I would like you to go with the next scout hunting team, and join them on their expedition. You and I both know your strength, and I am afraid that the level of the beast might be one that not even they can handle with the boost of the flasks.”

“No.” Quinn replied instantly.

“I’m sorry?” Edvard said, raising an eyebrow, not expecting to hear that answer yet. “But you haven’t even heard what I am proposing?”

“I told you the most important thing to me is my family, and my family is here in the settlement, so I will stay here.” Quinn said.

“You know, recently there was someone that aimed to cause some trouble for your family and I had put a stop to them.” Edvard stated. “I am quite the capable person when it comes to protecting your family. I have done so for the last couple of months.

“I will continue to do so from the shadows like I have been doing. If you are worried about your daughter I will have people watching her. Ah… perhaps the one you are worried about is not her, but your wife?”

Quinn smiled at this comment, worried about his wife, just like him, she could perhaps take out nearly every leader including the originals. As long as they didn’t take any Dalki blood to make themselves stronger.

“I don’t think she will need looking after, but I would still like to stay by her side.” Quinn asweared.

Edvard sighed as he knew this was going to be a tough one, but maybe there was a way.

“The leaders can’t leave the settlement to solve this matter. There is something stirring up that I can’t quite talk to you about. Not unless you wish to reveal yourself to everyone, of course.

“But you see, I truly think that something will disturb the lives of those in the settlement. If that was to happen, then the peaceful life, of not just yours but those in the settlement, will be distrubed as well. Don’t you agree?

“I will look after your family, I promise my whole life on that, and from your own words, they aren’t even ones that need looking after. They can take care of things themselves.

“I am a fair person Quinn. I promise, if you do me this favour now, then I will return the favour back to you. Even if it involves me finding out about a certain someone.”

A link… a link to Jim Eno, this was perhaps what Quinn needed… a safe way to gather information.


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