My Vampire System Chapter 2026: Return A Favor (part 1)

Surprisingly for Quinn, the teachers had stepped in more than he could have ever imagined. The settlement had certainly changed compared to the old. There was of course, always a sour taste in his mouth because of the current leader who seemed to never be there, but since the change of leaders and everyone listening to a single person at the top, it had done so for the better.

Of course, there were always people or individuals that would act out, or didn’t see things in the same way, but these problems, for some reason, seemed small for Quinn.

Inwardly, there was a smile on his face as he thought about what had occurred.

‘I solved the issue without having to use any of my powers. Well, I stopped a single attack, but that wasn’t enough to make me suspicious. With that, I hope that’s the end of that matter.’ Quinn thought.

Eventually, he had reached the start of the route for the guards’ duty for the day. Here Ronkin was waiting for him, his body and face looked nicely healed and it was time for them to start their work.

“So…” Ronkin started the conversation. “Are you going to tell me what happened yesterday? You left suddenly in the middle of the match. After seeing you take part, I thought you were going to win that little tournament of ours. I was excited to see someone else win for a change.”

Quinn had honestly almost forgotten about the tournament yesterday. He was far too focused on the events that had transpired today. There was still a worry in the back of his mind whether Minny was going to be okay.

The only thing that made him somewhat relieved was the fact that the teachers cared, and he felt like his little act was good enough to scare others away.

“Right… I’m sorry there was a problem at the school that I had to attend to.” Quinn replied. “What happened at the tournament yesterday after I left. Did Nell win again?”

The tournament wasn’t a serious event, but he still didn’t like the fact that one of the guards was drinking Dalki blood as an unfair advantage, so he was hoping that at least he didn’t win the prize. With the blood, the others would never win, it was an uneven playing field.

“Your daughter!” Ronkin was surprised. “I hope she’s okay. When I got home I heard that a big incident had happened at the school, as well. A kid had been beaten until his bones could be seen sticking out of his leg.”

It looked like the rumour had already spread around the settlement, only it wasn’t a rumour and Quinn’s daughter was the one that had caused the problem.

“Anyway, Nell actually decided to call the tournament off after you ran like that. He said he was worried that the guards might be called into action and if they arrived at the scene injured like so they might get quite a telling off.

While continuing their rounds at work, there was a commotion at one of the markets. One of the older vampires that looked like an old woman was shouting at two young vampires that were looking to buy some weapons from her stall.

In cases like this, both Ronkin and Quinn were meant to be the mediators, as they listened to both sides of the story and tried to calm the two of them down.

Ronkin was talking to the two young adults while Quinn was talking to the older woman.

“Those two boys bought an advanced tier weapon from me the other day. They came back to return it, and although it’s the same type of sword, they have come back with an intermediate weapon. Asking for me to give them their money back.

“The thing was, I was sure around a week ago I sold an intermediate weapon of the same type. They’re saying that I sold them an intermediate weapon when I’m positive I sold them an advanced weapon yesterday.”

From his experience, Quinn sensed that the woman had no signs of lying, while the others, when explaining their side of the story, had a fast paced heart rate and slight sweat coming from their forehead. Signs indicating that they were lying.

“Just give us back our money and we’ll call it even!” One of the men said.

“Yeah, and in return for trying to scam us, let us keep the weapon as well.”

“Never!” The old woman shouted back. “Let me go to your homes and search for the advanced weapon, I’m sure I’ll find it in there!”

“Are you calling me a thief!” One of the young men shouted back.

The scene and argument between the two was causing quite a commotion and in the end, one of the young men was at his limit, as he rushed forward.

“You can’t just call me a thief without any proof!” He lifted his hand, that started to gather his red aura, and it was aiming straight for the women.

Ronkin was too late in trying to stop one of them, and was only able to stop the friend, but Quinn was close to them both.

Looking at the man, Quinn had an idea to solve this without getting involved. As the man’s hand was swinging in the air, the vampire aura around him was starting to diminish.

The old woman raised her hand to block and instead, her aura started to grow to great strength. The man looked shocked as his hit had done next to nothing.

“How dare you try to attack me!” The woman shouted back as she continued to hit the other again and again. Eventually, using his inspect skill, Quinn was also able to find the advanced tier weapon wrapped up in a bag on one of their backs.

“I’m assuming this is the weapon that you sold,” Quinn said with a smile.

The matter was resolved and the two vampires were taken to their families as what had come to light was reported. As for how severe the punishment would be or what it would be, it was up to the families to decide.

As they continued their route around the place, Quinn was thinking back to what he had done. The aura, from a certain distance he was able to control it. When he woke up a 1000 years later Quinn was able to do this. </>

He thought it was due to one of his titles, or maybe the fact that he had become a celestial, yet it was a skill he was still able to do. It was unable to work well against stronger vampires such as the original Edvard, but for certain situations, it was handy.

Quinn had used it on Sonia when she went to attack him, and he had diminished it just now in a scuffle while also raising the weaker vampire as well.

This power, it was a strong power, something that no vampire could do apart from him. In a way, Quinn was glad he had the power because if one was to lead a vampire army, one could make them stronger or the other side weaker if there was a civil war to take place.

Eventually the shift had come to an end, and it was time for the two of them to say goodbye to each other. As Ronkin was making his way home, he was thinking about the dispute today.

“You know, Quinn always seems to solve them quite easily compared to the stories I have heard. There was that time when one of the angry customers just backed down for no reason.

“When that kid fell out of the building, he landed perfectly fine on the floor, and even then. He was able to tell what weapon was advanced and intermediate. I couldn’t tell the difference at all between the two.”

It was because of all of their work and the problems that had been resolved that the 9th family guards had a good image and the handsome guard had become quite a popular vampire among the whole settlement.

‘On top of all that, he’s a good fighter. Why am I only noticing these things now. Is it after I realised he’s good at fighting? Are all those coincidences that take place actually not coincidences… There was even that time that a beast ran away. No… it couldn’t be, I must just be overthinking things.’

Those that actually carried the Fortuna name and ability always had a level of luck, so Ronkin would just leave it to that at the end. Unfortunately for him though, he was wondering just when his luck would start.

Opening the door to his house though, he quickly heard the sound of crying. It was a familiar sound, it was Ronkin’s wife. Immediately he rushed to the room she was in, and could see her crying next to a strange person in a robe, and that’s when he noticed that they were in their son’s room.

“This is…”

“Ronkin!!!” His wife shouted. “The 9th family… They sent a great healer to help out our son. They say they can heal him. They say they can make him better, back to the way he was!”

That’s when Ronkin realised, the tears were tears of joy.

“I can’t believe it… why… why after all this time, would the 9th family send a healer.”

To Ronkin’s knowledge, the 9th family didn’t even have such a healer that could perform such things. There was a human, however that worked for the Graylash family that had the power, but the amount to pay a healer to get to their family or to heal a vampire was too large for them.

It was one of the options that Ronkin was saving up for, and what he didn’t know was this was the very healer. Only they were using a special spray to cover up their scent and there were quite a few vampires that were close to the home sent to escort the individual.

Outside of the home, far away, away from the eyes of the escort, Quinn had a happy smile on his face.

“Edvard, thank you for this,” Quinn said to himself. “I’m happy that I can still help out people even from the shadows.”


Inside the 9th castle Muka had just arrived with some urgent news.

“Jim Eno sends a message to all. A new supply of blood is being sent. They have been improved upon compared to the last. He hopes all leaders will continue to distribute the blood supply to those they feel are worthy.

“The vampire settlement must continue to grow.”

Edvard couldn’t help but smile at the message that had been sent.

“We must continue to grow? I guess he will soon ask for some of us to join his expeditions. Before then it would be great if I could figure it out. Who’s story is real, are you really a fake, Jim Eno?

“We will have to see when you return to the settlement.”



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