My Vampire System Chapter 2025: Untouchable

They were simple words that were said, by what should have been a simple guard, yet it shook Sonia to her very core. Her whole body was weak and her legs felt like they were about to buckle any second.

When Quinn did let go of her wrist, that was exactly what had occurred. Sonia fell to the floor there and then, with her head held down. The other mothers who had seen this had stopped causing a fuss.

The teachers had managed to hold them back quite well, but seeing Sonia in the state she was in, they were more concerned for her, which allowed Quinn and Minny to walk directly to the entrance door of the school.

He then pushed the door with one hand, and finally let go, allowing her to walk into school on her own two feet.

Turning to the others, Quinn had one more thing to say.

“From today onwards, I will always be here to open the door for my daughter.”

It was clear, he was telling everyone there that he would protect her, and although many still didn’t see him as a strong vampire, since he was wearing the guard uniform, they felt the pride of a father. Someone who would do anything, even risk his life, for his daughter.

Miss Bedford quickly rushed to the door and held it open in place for Quinn. Now that she was next to his daughter, he looked at her before heading off.

Once again, he walked past Sonia on the ground and headed out of the school gates. He soon quickly ran off, as he had work to do, but left the others wondering what they had just seen.

“What happened, why is Sonia on the floor?” One of the parents asked.

“He just stopped her attack, but there was no attack back, was she possibly afraid?”

“That would make sense why she fell on the floor like that. She probably thought a guard would be easy work, but I guess for her it wasn’t.”

All of the gossip from the parents, the eyes of them and the children all of it could be heard and seen by Sonia as she was still sitting there on the ground. She clenched her fists, breaking part of the hard floor and crumbling it in her hands.f𝑟𝘦𝘦𝙬e𝗯𝗻ov𝐞l.𝒄𝘰𝒎

‘That damned vampire… he embarrassed me, in front of everyone! Does he really think he can just do something like this and walk free!’

Sonia eventually stood up from the ground and walked off without saying anything to the others. The mothers quickly had decided to follow her, as the kids began to enter the school.

The morning event would soon become the gossip of the entire pooling area, that was for sure.

“What an exciting morning!” Hebe commented, as they walked through the school halls.

“Your right!” Jared replied. “And who would have thought she would have a father like that. Now I guess we see where she gets her guts from.”


Sonia had headed straight home, to the third family castle area where her family lived. Her head was filled with rage and the more she thought about what had happened, the angrier it was making her.

Worst of all, she herself couldn’t make sense of what had happened, but either way, that wasn’t important.

‘I will get my revenge on you, and I know the perfect way.’

Looking at her wrist, there was still a strong visible mark. She had never been held so hard before by another vampire, but it was what she needed.

Bursting into her house, she started to yell a particular name.

“Tinat! Tinat! Come down here right now!” Sonia shouted.

Out from his office located on the second floor, one of the Viscounts of the third family had come out from his office. A dashing vampire dressed to impress. He and his wife were the same, as they had quite an interest in the clothes and fashion of vampires that were similar to the Victorian style back on Earth.

At first he thought his wife was going to just brag him about what she had done today. He already knew about what his son had been involved in and her plans for the day.

However, when he could see that there were tears in her eyes, he quickly darted down to her in an instant.

“Tinat!” Sonia started to weep. “The father of that dreaded Mo-” thinking about saying those words again, it nearly caused her legs to buckle once more, so she changed mid-sentence. “The father of that little girl who hurt our son, he did this to me! We have to do something!”

Sonia showed the marking on her wrist, and now his head was burning as well.

“How dare he… how could a man touch another man’s woman, especially of me, a Viscount!” Tinat declared.

“On top of that the man was a guard!” Sonia claimed. “We have to do something, not just to him but his daughter as well. We need Tobi to be raised in a good environment, that is why we came here in the first place, is it not?”

Tinat stroked the cheek of his wife.

“Don’t worry. I have the perfect plan. I am close friends with the Earl, and he is quite close with the other Earls as well. It will be simple for us to ruin his life.”

After a quick kiss on his wife’s cheek, he headed outside, and started to walk toward the castle where the Earl currently lived. Tinat wasn’t going to waste a second. </>

After arriving at the castle, Tinat managed to meet the Earl, an older gentleman with a well combed beard.

“Earl Carlson!” Tinat called out, and quickly went to his side. “You know, I have completed many tasks for you, and at times you have stated that I am your favourite. Well, I wish for you to do me a small favour.”

Carlson stopped and turned around, but quickly smiled at his nephew.

“Well certainly.” Carlson said. “As long as it is a small favour like you say.”

“You see, there is someone from the 9th family. A guard who goes by the name Quinn Balen. His daughter harmed my son, and he himself harmed my wife. So I think an appropriate punishment would be for him to lose his position. We shouldn’t have someone like that working as a guard for our Settlement?”

The Earl paused for a second.

“You are right. This is quite urgent. Come to my office and we shall give a call to the ninth family immediately.”

Following the Earl, everything was going well, and now in the office, on a particular device it had connected to the Earl of the Ninth family.

This time a woman could be seen on the screen.

“I have information that a guard has been deemed dangerous, and I recommend that he be removed from his post immediately.”

“Ah, Earl Carlson!” The other replied in a cheery voice. “Of course, of course. Thank you kindly for your report. We owe quite a bit to you and your work. If there is a problem with one of our guards, we will deal with it immediately.”

Carlson and Tinat both had big grins on their faces.

“Please do so, the name of the guard is Quinn Balen.” Calrson stated.

After that, the two of them said their goodbyes and the video call had ended. The large smirk on Tinat’s face couldn’t be hidden. It was as simple as that. This is what one could do with a high status position, and it wasn’t the end for what he had planned for the guard.

Since his nephew had come to visit him, Carlson and Tinat had decided to catch up on a few things, and it was then that they had received a call back relatively quickly.

When answering it this time, on the screen was not the Earl, but instead was a black armour knight with a large helmet covering its head. Immediately, Carlson knew who this was, it was Muka, the second in command at the ninth castle.

“Your request has been denied.” Muka immediately said. “There is also a message from the ninth leader. There shall be no further involvement into Quinn Balen’s life. All matters to do with Quinn Balen are to be forgotten about.

“If the third family does not follow this order, then it will be a matter that the leaders will have to deal with. From now on, we hope the 3rd family can participate in allowing Quinn Balen to enjoy his family life.”

The call had ended there, leaving the Earl stunned in silence.

“What was that… involving the leaders!” Tinat shouted. “Why would they care about a lowly guard!”

“Shut up!” Carlson shouted. “Listen to their words well boy. If the leaders are involved, then the first heads that will be rolling will be mine and yours. The fact that Muka delivered the message herself proves this. Just do what they say, and never bother me again with something like this.”


Entering the door of his own home, Tinat was still shocked about what he had heard. His wife had run up to him with the biggest smile on her face but could see her husband looked like he had seen a ghost.

“What happened?” Sonia asked.

“Leave… leave that family alone.” Tinat said, walking up the stairs and not saying anything else.

‘Leave that family alone! What does that mean… could not even a Viscount do anything, but that’s not possible! Tinat has family connections with the Earl?’ Sonia thought.

‘If you can’t deal with him, then I will deal with him myself!’

When thinking of Quinn once again, her body started to shake uncontrollably once more. Her weakness when thinking of such a person just angered her more.

‘Fine… I can’t touch him… then I will just have to go after his family instead. You hurt mine, so I will hurt yours!’


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