My Vampire System Chapter 2024: Stop The Monster!

Vampires rarely sweated unless they truly over exerted themselves, and since Minny and Quinn were doing nothing but walking it meant one thing, she was nervous. So nervous that the palms of her hands were getting slightly sticky.

Despite Quinn’s words, Minny was feeling quite sick as they were getting closer and closer to the school. When they had eventually reached the gate, the other children were looking towards the two, including the other parents.

It looked like word had spread to nearly all the vampires quite fast, but what had surprised him most was what was happening the second they had entered the gate and were in the open area.

Standing around a 100 metres away, directly in front of the door, were quite a few adult female vampires, while in front of them were a few of the teachers. Mr. Cripe, the head teacher, Miss Bedford and a few others as well.

The students had yet to enter the school as they stood outside off to the side, wondering what was going on, and it was the same with the parents that had come to drop off their kids at school.

Abby was among those people, and she too stood to the side, away from the others, because the students that were behind the whole thing were standing next to their mothers in a line.

‘What is all of this?’ Quinn thought, as he walked forward still holding onto Minny, and they were now 20 metres away from the parents.𝚏𝘳𝑒𝑒𝙬𝒆𝙗n𝙤vel.𝑐𝙤𝘮

“Miss Harbour, we have told you that this incident took place in school, so the school will be the ones to exact the appropriate punishment!” Mr. Cripe was almost complaining as he said these words. One could see he was tired and he must have said something similar a few times already.

“Appropriate punishment?” A female vampire said, who could only be assumed to be Tobi’s mother. She was standing there in a black puffy dress, her black hair tied up, holding her son on his shoulders.

The mothers next to them were doing the same with their children, and like mother, like son it seemed that Tobi’s friends had some family connection with the others as well.

“If you really had done the appropriate punishment then that monster that hurt my child wouldn’t even be here right now!” Sonia Toppy said, the mother of Tobi. “This is why me and other concerned mothers of this school are here to take a stand. We shall not allow that girl into the school!”

The words were fierce and this was what Mr. Cripe feared would take place. The teachers would be unable to intervene if a fight was to break out, so he was hoping that he could calm the mothers down before the others arrived, but nothing seemed to be working.

He had offered to put Minny into a different class, and more, but it just wasn’t enough.

The crowd of parents and students stood by the side, wondering what would occur next, and Hebe as well as Jared were in the crowd of people as well.

“I thought we had intervened before it got too bad yesterday.” Jared commented.

“I told you we should have stopped the fight earlier.” Hebe replied. “And now look, that poor girl is probably going to be threatened out of the school.”

“I’ll be honest, considering how strong the little girl was, I was hoping her father would be someone of enough significance for this not to happen, but it looks like the rumours are true, he’s just a simple guard.”

Many that were watching thought the same thing, because a lot of the kids that had witnessed the event had told their parents what had really occurred. However, they were unlikely to get involved in other people’s business and not put out their neck for a guard of all people.

On top of that, Sonia was well known among the parents. She would constantly brag about how her husband was a Viscount for the third family. He even had the Toppy name, meaning he had the bloodline of the original and the family.

It was safe to say that it was a risk for anyone to help.

Holding onto Minny’s hand, he could feel she was getting upset, her heart rate was beating faster, and she was holding back the tears in front of all of these people.

For such a young girl she sure could hold herself back when it mattered.

‘It’s a shame… I can’t say the same for me.’ Quinn thought.

“Mr. Cripe!” Quinn shouted. “Am I correct in thinking that the school does not wish the same for Minny. She has not been expelled from the school.”

Quinn shouted the words loud and clear making everyone in the area hear him well, but the words Mr. Cripe was hearing didn’t give him confidence, after meeting Minny’s father the other day, he also feared this was how he would act.

Still, this was his job so he would answer. </>

“Correct!” Mr. Cripe said. ” The school board has already come to a decision. Minny Balen will not be expelled.”

The mothers behind the teacher had faces of shock.

“You see this!” Sonia shouted. ” This is exactly why we have to take matters into our own hands.”

“Then, that means that Minny is allowed to go to school, and the only ones that are here to stop her, are those that are in front of me correct?” Quinn asked.

“Correct… but…” Mr. Cripe didn’t know what to say. At this point, was Quinn going to try to force his way through? Perhaps he thought that the teachers would help him if they were to be attacked by these parents, but the teachers wouldn’t do that either.

They too were part of this settlement, they didn’t have higher positions than some of the parents that took their kids to school. They would have to go through the proper procedures and ask the family’s leaders to punish them… only if the circumstances were severe would they step in.

It was too late though, as Quinn decided to walk, holding Minny by his hand, toward them all.

“So, the school has decided not expel her, and have decided that a monster that harms our children is allowed inside. For the sake of the children, and for the school to be a better place, we will take matters into our own hands.” Sonia let go of her son, and so did the other mothers, letting their children run off to the other side.

Seeing what was about to occur, Tobi had a smile on his face as he looked toward Minny.

‘She deserves everything that is coming to her. You said your father was stronger than the leaders right, then let’s see it!’ Tobi thought.

Some mothers were guards in their family, part of the scouting team and more, but in the case of Sonia and the others, they had decided to take a more political role in their families.

However, even though they weren’t part of the everyday action, their husbands, who were in high positions, wouldn’t just take anyone to be their wives, they too would attempt to take the best they could in hopes that they could create the strongest son and daughters their family had ever seen.

Which was why, Sonia and the other mothers had great confidence, seeing that they were to only take on a guard.

“Stop where you are! Or we will use force!” Sonia shouted, baring her fangs at Quinn.

Continuing to walk forward, some of the bystanders were finding it hard to watch what was about to happen next, because Quinn didn’t slow down.

When they were five metres away, the women acted. Some of the teachers stood in the way of the other mothers, but Sonia was skillful, being able to get past Mr. Cripe and went straight for Quinn, swinging her clawed hand right towards his face.

Lifting his hand, Quinn grabbed onto her wrist stopping it in its tracks, and suddenly Sonia felt like all of the power and her aura had diminished on the spot. Lifting his head he looked right into her eyes, with his eyes shining bright red.

“Minny… is going to school.” Quinn said in a soft voice, but suddenly he tightened his grip around her wrist, applying pressure.

‘A guard stopped my attack… and why can’t I use any of my aura, is this a type of ability?’ Sonia thought.

“A warning to you and your friends,” Quinn said carefully, making sure she heard each word as he stared deep into her eyes. “If you call my daughter a monster one more time, then I shall show you a real monster.”


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