My Vampire System Chapter 2023: A Powerful Ally

After being called into the office, it was close to being the end of the school day anyway, so Quinn had decided that it was best if he took Minny home. He was sure the school wouldn’t mind, and although technically he should have still been working, he was also sure that Ronkin, even if anything did come up, would come up with a good excuse for him.

The entire walk back. Minny and Quinn had spoken no words. Minny had said sorry once again, but didn’t mention anything else, and Quinn didn’t reply either. When they had arrived home, Layla was more than surprised that the two of them had returned.

“You’re back?” Layla had a puzzled face. “I was just about to leave to pick MInny up. Didn’t we agree that you would take her to school, and I would bring her back just for the first day. I know it’s harder for me to do things while pregnant but I’m not completely useless.

“There… was an issue.” Quinn said, as he pulled a chair for Minny, indicating that it was quite a serious thing. Layla sat down as well because she feared the worst.

“I heard what the head teacher said, but I want you to tell us everything that happened in your own words to your mother.” Quinn explained.

Minny told both of them everything, what she had done and why she had done it, and after the story was told, she made sure to go over some points.

“My friend… said her life was in danger… and… and… I only used ten percent of my strength like I promised… Minny is not a bad girl. I didn’t want to fight… I didn’t!” Minny started to cry.

Out of instinct, Layla couldn’t help but rub the top of her head.

“Minny, you were put in a tough situation on the first day. Although I do think you went a bit far on your fellow student, you are not the only one to blame. Where were the teachers during this situation?” Layla said, annoyed. “And why did none of the other kids step in to stop what they were seeing.”

“Right!” Quinn agreed. “I feel like we raised Minny well. She also followed the rules… maybe it’s our fault for not setting out stricter rules, but are the other vampires really that weak? I thought 10 percent was enough?”

Layla was now staring daggers at Quinn instead, and eventually told Minny to go to her room for the time being, while she talked to her father alone.

“I will take Minny to school tomorrow again.” Quinn stated. “The head teacher seemed to give a warning that the other parents might kick up a fuss. At a time like now, there is no need for you to get stressed over things.”

“Stressed?” Layla replied. “I feel like you trying to deal with the situation is the most stressful thing. Quinn, I know you can easily solve this situation with your powers, but if you do anything like that, it will only get worse for you in the future. Find another way to solve this situation. Use your head for once.”

As the day went on, Quinn was wondering about what to do, if there really was a way to solve this situation. He could use his influence skill, but maybe that’s what Layla was talking about when she had told him not to use his powers.

The last thing he wanted to do was apologise though, because then it would admit that Minny had done wrong. He didn’t mind Minny getting a small punishment, but where was the equality in all of this?

Thinking about children, Quinn was soon thinking about Ronkin’s matter. He wondered how the tournament had gone. Did Nell end up winning again, or had the cheat been caught. He could already imagine being asked a 1000 questions tomorrow about why he had left so suddenly.

‘Maybe… there is something I can do to help?’ Quinn thought.

Late that night, moving through the shadows and using his ability, Quinn travelled through the settlement without being seen, and eventually he had found himself at a place he had entered once before.

Using the shadow travel he had gone up to the very top of the tower, and was now standing on a red runway he had once before.

“Oh, I didn’t think you would ever face me again, at least not like this?” Edvard said with a smile on his face.

It looked like he had been doing some annoying paperwork, so he was happy to see the stranger visit him. In fact, there were several days that went past where Edvard would think about this particular visitor, but as promised he allowed him to live the life he wished to live.

“I’m sorry but I didn’t know where to turn and you are one of the few people that I know.” Quinn stated.

“It sounds like someone is struggling to make friends, or perhaps you are purposely staying away from them so they don’t learn the truth.” Edvard said.

Using his shadow power, Quinn had brought out a weapon. It was a hammer, not just any hammer, but a Demi-god tier weapon. There were plenty of weapons that Quinn would store in his space from time to time, even if he wasn’t going to use them.

Before leaving where Alex had been found with all his weapons, Alex had informed him to take a few with him as well. However, he hadn’t found a use for them, apart from selling them when in need of some money now and then.

“Have you brought me a gift after all this time?” Edvard asked. His eyes were lighting up as he witnessed the shadow power once more. During his time there were many with it, but right now it was power that struck deep fear within the vampires, but not for Edvard. “If that was the case, I would have liked it better if you had brought me something better.

“You know, I once had the best armour in the whole land. It was made of dragons believe it or not, but I had to give that away.” </>

Quinn didn’t care for his ramblings and soon threw the hammer over to Edvard, who managed to catch it with a single hand.

“There is a guard, who goes by the name Ronkin. I work with him, he has a sick son. Sell the hammer, it should be able to cover the cost for his medicine or to find someone that can heal his son. He works for the 9th family, so it will not just be a benefit to me, but a benefit to you as well.”

It was strange to see a vampire of this calibre caring about another, a guard of all things, but it was a relatively easy thing for Edvard to do.

“I will do what I can.” Edvard said. “While you are here is there anything else you want to talk about, anything else that is troubling you that I can help with?”

A thought had crossed Quinn’s mind as he opened his mouth and said the words “School.” He quickly stopped himself though. Quinn had already asked for a favour and didn’t want to be in debt to this person.

In this current world, he needed to solve problems himself. Before Edvard could say anything else, he started to sink in his shadow and disappear.

‘That was more of an order rather than a request, but you don’t ask for much do you.’ Edvard smiled as he called a certain person in.

A few moments later, and entering the door, was a heavily helmeted masked vampire.

“Muka!” Edvard shouted with joy. “Another person I get to enjoy and see. Have you been doing as I asked.”

“Yes.” Muka bowed. “I have been gathering information about Quinn Talen and about his day to day life.”

“Has there been any recent incidents, he seems to be troubled by something.”

“Yes.” Muka answered. “At the school’s opening, it seems his daughter was involved in an incident. The other vampire boy that was involved ended up being badly injured and he had been called in. “

At first Edvard thought that only Quinn was a special case, but perhaps it wasn’t just limited to him, but his whole family were special and strong vampires, he wondered why he didn’t think about it before.

“Very well, he is someone that we have to have on our side and I believe we must not upset.” Edvard said. “Do whatever you can, and make sure he and his family aren’t affected by this matter.”

After Muka left, Edvard had a few words he said to himself.

“What kind of life did that person live, to just enjoy being a simple guard now. Even now, troubles are following you, and I will do my best to help from the shadows.”


The next day had arrived, and Quinn was ready to take Minny to school once again. She wasn’t as upbeat as she was last time, she was sure that rumours would have spread about what she had done, and she wasn’t even sure that Abby would still be her friend after what had happened.

“Minny, we are in this together, whatever happens, we will deal with it, trust me.” Quinn said, as he smiled and they walked to school, feeling like they were walking into a pit of fire.



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