My Vampire System Chapter 2022: Minny’s Anger (part 2)

The students that had been declared involved in the event were Abby, Minny, Tobi, Hebe, and lastly Jered as well. They had all been brought to the head teacher’s office. It was stationed in a section of the school where only teachers were meant to be.

It was where their offices were located, and where they planned lessons and so on. The word had spread around quite fast since it was the first day. At the same time there was quite a panic, because before an investigation had even begun, the teachers were background checking the students, trying to figure out who belonged to which family and who their parents were.

While this was being done, all of the students that had been called were sitting in seats in silence outside of the office. It was soundproof so none of them could hear what was being said, even with their enhanced hearing.

The only one that was involved in the incident and wasn’t waiting outside was Tobi, and this was because he was being interviewed at the Infirmary. It was safe to say that Minny was nervous, and the fact that she was unable to talk to Abby or the others, had made it worse.

Then the door had finally opened and Mr. Cripe had come out, with a disappointed look on his face.

“Okay, I will call forward everyone one by one to tell me the events of what has occurred so we can make a report, and you all better tell the honest truth.” Mr. Cripe sighed.

Just as he said, they were all brought in one by one, strangely Mr. Cripe let them have their say and he asked questions that were only related to the incident. Everyone had told what they had seen, Jared and Hebe were honest as well.

Stating that it looked like the kid called Tobi had started it first, and how hurt Abby was in all of this. For Abby, she was unable to recall a lot of events, so she didn’t mention anything that Minny had done because she had only seen the aftermath and told the story like so.

Then when it was finally Minny’s turn, she had explained the reason for her actions and what she had done.

“Thank you Minny, please stay behind, and wait while we decide how to sort things out.” Mr. Cripe asked.

After waiting a while, Mr. Cripe had gathered all of the reports including from Tobi, but at the same time he had received their background reports as well.

“On the first day of all things. The best thing to do is to involve as few people as possible. Abby, Hebe and Jared shouldn’t be involved in this. Although Abby was hurt, her wounds will heal with a bit of blood before she is sent home.

“We can inform her parents she was involved in a playground accident, but nothing too much to worry her or get her involved. The problem is, Minny and Tobi.

“One of the parents is a simple guard, while the others are Viscounts of a family… they will likely not take too kindly to someone hurting their son. Even if I try to explain to them the situation that had occurred. If only… she hadn’t gone so far.”

In the end, the head teacher had no choice, he was going to have to call her parents. Because when it was an incident involving those this young, parents always seemed to get involved. On the contact form, Quinn’s number had been put down rather than Layla’s.

Quinn had stated that he would solve anything that was to come their way, because he didn’t want Layla to stress about things while she was pregnant. At the same time, when the baby was born she would have to fulfil the duties of looking after a young child.

In the first place, Quinn’s job wasn’t exactly stressful, but he never expected to get a call, and when he heard that Minny was in trouble, he immediately left what he was doing and started to run straight toward the school.

All sorts of thoughts were running through his head.

‘Is Minny hurt, is what Ronkin said true, where people were making fun of her because they found out I’m a guard. Or… did someone hit her. Maybe she used her powers? No, Minny is a good girl. She would keep her promises no matter what. Something had to have happened to her.’

[Nitro Accelerate activated]

Changing his armour, Quinn ran through the settlement in quest areas, and even if a vampire was to see him, he was travelling far too fast for them to even notice anything other than a breeze. When he was finally close, he switched out in the alleyway and made his way toward the school.

Not wasting any time, Quinn had arrived at the classroom that Minny was part of and swung the door open. He didn’t even look at the teacher and looked at all of the children that were there.

‘Minny, she’s not here.’

“Um… sorry, can I help you?” Miss Bedford said, with a red face, as she looked upon a man that was the definition of perfection.

“I’m sorry, but I am looking for my daughter… Where is Minny?” Quinn asked with a serious face.

“Oh… please… if you could follow me, I will take you there.” Miss Bedford answered.

When the two had left the classroom, a lot of the children immediately started talking.

“That was Minny’s dad, the one that is a guard!”

“I guess it’s true, he was wearing a guard uniform.” </>

“Who cares about that, did you see how handsome he was? He looked like an actor.”

Miss Bedford had only led the way a little. But she soon saw Quinn rushing off ahead, and eventually he turned a corner and could see Minny sitting on her own in the hallway.

“Minny!” Quinn said, as he rushed over and hugged her tightly.

“Daddy!” Minny said, as she started to tear up, and choke up. “I’m so sorry daddy… Minny is so sorry.”

“It’s okay Minny, you don’t have to cry.” Quinn said, as he pushed her away and checked to see if she was hurt anywhere. There was a slight mark on her face but it looked to be healing up already. He was thankful that it wasn’t anything worse.

“I assume you are Minny’s father.” A deep voice from behind asked. Which was Mr. Cripe, who had exited out of his office. “Please sir, come in. We have something to talk about.”

When the two had entered, Minny sat in one chair and Quinn on the other. They sat across a desk in front of Mr. Cripe as he explained what had occurred. Mr. Cripe was quite honest about what had occured.

Stating that Minny had acted to try and help her friend, but the problem was the extent of the damage that she had done to the other boy.

‘I guess… she really does take after me.’ Quinn thought. He wanted to smile as he looked at her, for protecting and sticking up for her friends, but he could tell it wasn’t the situation to be in. The air hanging over Mr. Cripe looked tense.

“I see… I can see now why you decided to call me. What is the next course of action?” Quinn asked. “I assume that there will be a punishment for both of the children.”

In Quinn’s mind, the boy Tobi was to be punished and Minny for taking it too far.

Mr. Cripe looked nervous before he answered.

“You see… we think the best thing to do is for Tobi to apologise to Abby for hurting her, and at the same it would be for Minny to apologise to Tobi for her actions. But if I am honest, I don’t think that will be enough.

“You see, it seems that Tobi’s parents have already gotten word of what had occurred, and they are out for blood. They wish for Minny to not just be let off with an apology but for her to be hurt in the same way their son was.”

Quinn took a deep breath, because he was a second away from destroying everything in the room. If it wasn’t for the fact that Minny had quickly grabbed his hand to calm him down, perhaps he would have done so.

“Are they mad?” Quinn asked. “This is a children’s problem, a problem within the school. For just saying words like that they should be locked up.”

“I understand your frustration.” Mr. Cripe replied. “However, both of their parents are Viscounts. I think the best thing would be for your family to directly apologise to theirs. If you were to give them a gift I can imagine it would quell their anger.”

In Quinn’s mind, not in a million years would he give people who said such words to his daughter, a gift.

“If I don’t do that, what would the punishment be for Minny?” Quinn asked.

“There would be no punishment from our end, as long as Minny shows regret and this doesn’t happen again.” Mr. Cripe said. “That isn’t my worry though. To be honest I am looking out for you and your family. I can protect Minny in the school, but whatever is to happen to you outside of here, there is nothing I can do.”

Quinn then stood up, and grabbed Minny by the hand, he walked towards the door before turning to the head teacher with red glowing eyes.

“Then let them come.”


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