My Vampire System Chapter 2021 Minny’s Anger (Part 1)

The playground that was usually filled with the noise of kids talking and chatting away and doing their own thing, had gone somewhat silent, as they all were focusing on the commotion that was on hand. They didn’t try to make it too obvious by crowding around the scene, but all heads were turned in a certain direction.

They had seen what a certain male boy had done, and in their minds even they had thought he had gone too far. However, their reason for joining was because they were just children. What were they meant to do? If they got involved, they would get hurt as well and they would be punished.

In fact, many of their parents, beforehand, told their children to be careful about being involved with others. Unlike the past, there was no longer a different school for talented students. Everyone was in one place, which meant one didn’t know who they were to go up against.

At the end of the day, a lot of them thought there was nothing to worry about. Vampires were very resilient compared to humans, they could take a fair bit of punishment more and still come out alive. They could also live a long life that humans could only dream of.

There was, though, something that vampires felt on an equal level to that of humans, and that was pain. The pain that Abby was going through was real. She was unable to breathe, her innards felt like they had been partly ruptured from the hit, and the hair was being pulled out from her scalp, some of it slightly bleeding.

All she wanted was the pain to stop. She just wanted it all to stop hurting. Which was why she had easily listened to Minny’s words a few moments ago.

“YES!” She screamed.

After hearing those words, Minny started to walk over to where Tobi was. She didn’t run, she wasn’t sprinting, but was carefully taking one step at a time. Her head face down toward the ground. Seeing how this worked, Tobi had a smile on her face.

‘Haha, what an idiot. If she tries to hit me, then I’ll just pull her friend in front of me, then when she’s startled, she can get the beating of a lifetime.’ Tobi thought.

The thing was, Minny was already in striking distance, yet she still hadn’t thrown a hit out yet. Tobi was watching her carefully, but she had yet to move.

‘What is she doing… Does she think… I can’t hit her even this close?’

Tobi swung out a punch with all his strength, and hit her right across the face. It was a solid hit, he could feel it, and her whole face swung to the side. However, Minny just stood there in place, her body hadn’t moved, and eventually she spat out a bit of blood from her mouth onto the floor.

Lifting her head up, her eyes were glowing red, and a deep frown could be seen on her face as her eyebrows were furrowed. Seeing this, Tobi nearly took a step back due to the intense heat. He had tried to, until he had heard a cracking noise.

His legs suddenly collapsed, and he fell to his knees, or more correctly he had fallen on his legs.

‘What happened… why am I suddenly at eye level with her?’

There was no pain, so Tobi didn’t even realise it, but when he looked down, both of his legs… they were twisted in a strange direction. One bent toward Minny, the other one out to the other side, and part of the bone could be seen sticking out from it.

“AHHHH! AHHH!! M! AHHH!”f𝑟e𝒆𝘸𝒆𝙗𝑛ov𝒆l.𝑐𝙤𝑚

Tobi couldn’t think straight as he screamed, trying to find words. There was no pain, he couldn’t feel anything in his legs, but the horrendous sight in front of him was clear.

Those that had been watching from the side, could clearly see what had happened. Minny had kicked one leg and then the other straight away, it was a quick, fast, and powerful blow that had broken both of Tobi’s legs in an instant.

It was a speed that most of the children vampires had only seen adults use.

Minny’s eyes were still glowing, her anger hadn’t been satisfied, because even now, Tobi was still holding onto Abby’s hair with his hand. Seeing this, she went ahead and grabbed onto Tobi’s hair pulling it.

“Didn’t anyone ever teach you, you should never touch a girl’s hair without her permission!” Minny shouted.

The cries from Tobi continued.

“Call the teacher… Someone help me, before she kills me!” Tobi shouted. ]

Minny lifted her other hand and swung it down, hitting Tobi right in the elbow popping and breaking the joint once again. It had forced his hand open and finally Abby was let free. As she fell to the floor, at that moment, finally being free, she had fainted, lying there on the ground.

Seeing this, Minny had thought the worst.

‘No… No… this is just like… Sunny… this is what happened to her!’

The image of Abby on the floor, the last time she had seen this, the other person had never gotten back up again. Seeing this, there were no words spoken and instead, red aura had covered Minny’s hand, as she went and threw it out right toward Tobi’s face.

Tobi was helpless to do anything against the attack, and uncontrollably a warm substance started to come from a certain area. When he blinked he thought it was the end, but opening his eyes again, he could see a taller person standing in front of him, and holding onto the fist.

“Jared… She is fine!” Hebe shouted, who was on the ground by Abby’s side. “She just passed out.”

One of the older students, who had been getting the attention of many of the kids in the playground, was holding onto Minny’s punch, but it had taken him two hands to stop the attack.

“Did you hear that?” Jared said. “Your friend is okay. You don’t have to worry anymore. You don’t have to get revenge okay? If you go any further than this, then your family will get in trouble… Do you understand?”

Hearing the words, family and in trouble, it had quelled Minny’s anger, and it soon had turned into panic.

“Oh no… what did I do!” Minny said. “Dad… and Mommy are going to be… so angry with me!” Minny started to cry on the spot.

Jared found the scene weird. There was this little vampire, clearly younger and immature, yet she had great strength. Originally he thought to block the hit with one hand, but getting close he could sense the aura was too much and there was the need to use two hands.

Little did Jared know, Minny was still sticking to the rules that her father had set out for her… of using a maximum of ten percent of her strength.

A few moments later it looked like three of the teachers had come running out onto the playground looking at the scene in front of them. Jared had asked one of the older students in his class to call the teacher, just in case things got out of hand.

When the teachers arrived though, they were a bit perplexed at what they could see. One of the boys looked to have gotten seriously injured, beyond what would be expected of a playground scuffle.

One of the teachers, a male who went by the name Mr. Cripe, was in charge of the older students, and was head of the teachers. One of the higher positions in the school. He had grey hair, which was colored, but he seemed to like the older look, even though his facial appearance put him in his late thirties.

“For something like this to happen on the first day. The parents aren’t going to be pleased about this.” Mr. Cripe mumbled. “Quickly, take the student to the infirmary. Also all students that are involved in this will be taken out of lessons and are to report what happened immediately.

“We will get to the bottom of this and for those of you who think this is a small matter and are thinking of doing the same… We will be informing your families!”

Minny had stopped crying, and instead gulped because she was more afraid of what her parents would do than the school.


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